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  1. Synergy Gaming is recruiting! Synergy Gaming is a new community, with members from all parts of the world, and all backgrounds of games. What do we want to do? Synergy Gaming is looking to expand ourselves to multiple games, and becoming a community that appeals to casual and hardcore alike. We want to offer Synergy Gaming as a place for like minds to group up and play multiple games, with multiple people. We also offer positions of advancement, for those who wish to step up to the opportunity and control a section and help it grow as an individual amongst the other sections. What do we have to offer? We supply a paid teamspeak server, a relaxed atmosphere, involved players, and relaxed rules. We aren't here to make this a second job, we are here to have fun. If you can follow basic rules of simply not being completely toxic the whole time you are playing with people, you'll be fine! We cover multiple games, and will be addind many sections in the future as they are requested. Games we currently play, but not limited to; Overwatch World Of Warcraft H1Z1 Rainbow Six: Siege CS:GO Battlefield 1 Tom Clancy's The Division Heroes of the Storm League of Legends We are looking to begin our Crowfall section very soon, and hope to start out strong! What do you need to do? Message me or stop by our teamspeak server at clansynergy.typefrag.com:4105, and we will begin setting you up!
  2. This isn't official though, it's you suggesting people join yours.
  3. The Collectors Edition looks fantastic! Great to hear new servers already overseas too!
  4. Because the KS pledges made them get off the ground. It had incentives of stuff people WILL NOT be able to achieve unless they backed on the Kickstarter. No one prevented people from ordering on the Kickstarter, except the financial/level of risk they wanted to take, of the buyer themselves.
  5. The feeling of Shadowbane and SWG achievements, EVE skill learning system, and an actual world with players not all instances of AFKed separating themselves from everyone else.
  6. As long as I can trade in EK I'll be happy. I want a trade station.
  7. Time to form a rag tag band of baddies for some FFA fun!
  8. Omg beta should transfer to launch, its only fair to us testers! Can't wait to hear it
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