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  1. Didn't realize this was going to be such a hot topic. Came to turn off my reply notifications, the spam.. Might want to keep your replies/ t r o l l (Why is this blocked?) posts handy. Going to be seeing a lot more people making posts like mine. Didn't care read all your trolls and I'm not bashing anyone. The purpose of my post was to convey my distaste for what they think is "good" for a pvp focused game.
  2. Yeah just realized that after I made the post. Got my $300 back at least. Big Vision - Todd's vision is great however; I don't think he understands what makes a pvp game good, if passive skill points that take 3 months to complete and action combat with telegraphs is your "go to" for an ideal game then this will end up on the shelf of GPotato. Not my ideal game sir, not today. Good luck Crowfail/artcraft
  3. The more they release the less and less the game seems to stay true to the original statement made on the play to crush site. Time based passive skills points, telegraphs and numerous other things I'm seeing and not liking. Current path of trajectory for this game is the dumpster. Stop promising so much in the kick starter packages that has little to no effect on the game. MAKE THE GAME GOOD THEN WORRY ABOUT FREE UNICORN MOUNTS PLEASE My 2c's
  4. This Part of this statement got my funding. or too much button-mashing).
  5. HELLO? VIP TICKETS = IN GAME CURRENCY FOR RL MONEY I paid rl money in excess( 1500 bucks worth of tickets) now I'm in town WTT 100 VIP TICKETS FOR YOUR CITY
  6. Worst name ever, try again. All you people and this is the best name you come up with? You can certainly do better than "Lantern Watch". HORRIBLE.
  7. I'm super confused can someone help me? FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS | PRICING 1. What is the pricing model for Crowfall? Crowfall is a “buy once, play forever” game. That means that you buy the game once (estimated retail price of USD $50.) and you can play for the life of the game, without ever paying us again! We also offer an optional VIP membership, details of which are provided below. 2. Can I spend real world currency buy in-game items or currency? No. The only things that you can buy from ArtCraft: - VIP membership tickets - Cosmetic items that do not affect gameplay - Account level services (such as increasing your number of character slots, or the size and population caps of your personal kingdom). VIP members can use passive training for all 3 character slots (not just 1) Seems kinda mandatory to me. Looks like they forgot about the statement of their model of never pay again.
  8. Play shadow bane on magicbane.com. Just make a character to see what it's like to build one, there are guides etc all over the place. The best way to describe it is, you start with X number of creation points each choice you make costing X number of points. Depending on your choices of race/class/special traits depends on what your starting stats AND ENDING stats look like. You also apply "Runes" in game to boost the Cap on certain stats or add abilities. There are defined rules/bonuses/penalty's for each choice you make as well, such as bonus resistances at the cost of run speed and only certain races can promote to certain classes etc etc. **Also to add This game type is perfect for casual play. You can log in at any time and find people to fight and/or fight with your guild for resources at the same time every night. There is no "catch up" to be done because as soon as your character is leveled(fairly rapidly I hope) and geared your set. Log in for an hour kill some peeps. Log out. Just as long as they don't do some raid gear/bound equipment lameness like most of the mmo's around.
  9. I vote Max level in 6 hours if you have power leveler's. This would be a lot longer to solo or when a server first starts, not to mention the constant threat of being killed by other players. This would also increase accounts/copies sold/ $$$$$$$$$MONEY$$$$$$$$ No quests all grinding. No binding gear, so you can have your items before you make your char if you want. One Persistant Character. Although you can have multiple on one account, all you need to do is open a tab to switch between char types. No need to remake a new char every time, you can access the char creation screen via something in-game. It just makes you level 1 and adds that "Character" to your list. Make it so this cannot be swapped unless in safe zone.
  10. Lineage 2 Thanks bartz for all the moneys!
  11. how is this guy not banned? What a sham **I'm joking btw, not braking the sacred COC"
  12. -Death Shroud -inv only not gear - No This just makes things a hassle/annoying. Adds 0 depth to the game. -See above. - No quests = No cut scenes - Must have safezones. Even if small
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