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  1. Downloaded TEST just perfectly, logged in, saw no campaigns online after putting skill points, logged out. Downloaded LIVE, keeps deleting the launcher on itself, saying something about breakpad.dll, no permissions/access etc, really fast download then says restarting and deletes itself. what is happening?? I have alpha access..
  2. Yes I did full uninstalls of both, it just takes 10 attempts of installing and uninstalling and extracting it everywhere on my pc before it finally works properly. I got the TEST server to let me log in but 0 were online when I was running around so I tried to download the new LIVE and I can't seem to get that 1 lucky install. I have to go through this trial error process every time it becomes a new patcher :/
  3. yes extracted it to different drives and everything trying to get it to work running it as admin
  4. Alpha 3, I can get into TEST but not LIVE.. so confused with this whole download procedure. Keeps restarting mid-download, or saying no access for breakpad.dll or can't rename a file. I'm sure it will work if I download it properly but it is always trial and error to find out to do that.
  5. I'm pretty much at 50 wins 0 losses now (lots of people I let walk away at 1 hp, I dont loot them anyways) between my templar and hamster, the closest I've come to death was 1500 hp after winning a 3v1 on duelist against a champion, knight, archer. (yes they all had weapons) I love the non-laggy combat (but sure is a lot of targeting bugs, what is up with retaliate missing so much if its a cone and I'm aimed at someone 3M away) Censure is stunning/damaging at 38M away with proper aim? I found out stuff from EU Seige transfers over in spirit bank AFTER i spent hours looting RNG chests for hides. I think after you harvest rank 9 stuff it has a chance to be rank 5 for a while? or they are just at separate sides of the map around different center shards? There is no way to get silver or gold ore, or hunger shards. Hides are chest loot only, along with animal meat. I don't exactly know what happens when you die, but my weapon and armor hasnt degraded in like 3 days now. OPINION IS ITS MY FAVOURITE TYPE OF SERVER!!! PURE PVP, WITHOUT THE 2K MSG PING LIKE TEST <3 I really hope test server gets a stable version of this
  6. I feel uncomfortable logging in and playing knowing within 15 mins my combat will have huge 2k+ msg ping spikes, and after 1 hour my frames will drop so low I crash or am forced to relog. Support said these issues are being addressed in the next update, so like 3 months? TROLLS BE GONE!
  7. sure would prefer that over my 180 quick scoping every time I jump through someone
  8. Just fought all 7 hellcats at the crystal with no lag spikes or choppiness, 10 mins later I was 3k- 8k ping fighting only 2, ended up dying because nothing would cast lol checked in at 9gb out of 16gb ram usage when i logged out (maybe 30 mins playtime) up 3gb ram usage since login good night!
  9. https://imgur.com/a/bdggh idk how to post it as a pic
  10. The part where he starts talking about crowfall logo tshirts and fair use, then I see him in a Purrasic Park tshirt wondering if that shirt is within the jurassic parks guide lines
  11. should people be allowed early advantages to stats and mechanics through money? no. should people be allowed to play and level more class than 1 at a time that will happen eventually anyways? yes. neither account should have an advantage, if you can main 3 accounts go for it. if you just want to main 1 and have 2 mules go for it.
  12. actually that probably is the reason. I haven't even seen double digits online for live server and I easily had that many people on test casting abilities and fighting within 20 feet of me. Plus I think I had the eagle eye passive that increases my view by 25M lol, durp.
  13. I wish more people did, the ping seems wonky in combat for test server. I disconnect in fights and have zero bars for msg, but live server feel smooth for 1v1ing even on EU and I'm from NA with 200 ping there. Maybe its because I had 10+ people on screen and 1-2 other duels happening at the same time, so that wouldn't be a fair judge on the Pre-Alpha test server. But that 5.3 is gorgeous and the harvesting update.. makes me not care how rubberbandy the pvp is I fight trees for the same amount of fun lol interactive harvesting is a first for me
  14. What if they created a passive that reduced or negated friendly fire damage? That way it is zerg at your own risk, and zergers should at least be punished for grouping up massively in 1 way or another for balancing, either by damage from friendlies or sacrificing a part of your strength to reduce your risk to that. Personally never enjoyed the "50 people jump 1 person" part of large scale pvp, it is funner in 1v1 or small skrim groups, maybe 10v10 at the most so your actions are still MEANINGFUL. it does not feel like pvp to me if everybody clicks 1 button once per kill. Yes, that take coordination and some skill, but not as much as smaller scale battles would. I never really knew much about the friendly fire aspect of crowfall but I would love it just as a zerg deterrent.
  15. you should have seen how stuttery your character looked walking around lol.
  16. was literally about to make a forum thread asking this. had 50 ping on left, 2k+ ping spikes without my frames dropping below 50 in 1v1 combat, and it is only on test server for me. live the combat feels fluid, on test server I was missing retaliates and stun charges that land right on top of the person, then rubberband teleport forward or backwards. Even had my stun charge on templar teleport me forward THEN backwards, then i crashed to home page and called it quits lmao
  17. haven’t had that happen yet I tried zooming in on a fort to see if I could tell what banners were flying, and to see if it was a stone or ore node about 2 hrs ago. my only issue as of now seems to be this slow but deadly memory leak
  18. I was running around, using all my movement abilities, crafting, fighting boars, my ram usage stayed at 6.6-6.8gb, the same amount i logged in with. Then I pressed M, it did the usual laggy freeze then loadup for me, and my RAM usage went to 7gb, it has been climbing ever since and I'm standing afk in the beachhead right now watching it hit 7.5 and climbing 100kb/sec. My game now goes choppy on most of my turning and movement, and I drop to 30 fps or less while in motion. I'm not saying the map is the problem, but it seems as soon as I pressed M my game went to crap. (I did not have the browser open at the time of it going choppy, I opened the browser to email support after finding issues with my game when my map loaded) Also I don't know what hard faults are, but the RAM hard faults graph spiked suuuuuper high on my campaign log in, and I always have to log in a few times because when it says feeding crows and welding armor to chest, I crash to main menu 1-2 times. It took 5.6gb of extra ram to go from main menu to log in (first attempt crashed to menu) I use 16gb ram, with 6gb nvidia 1060 and an i7-6700HQ with game saved to 128gb SSD 44% CPU 41% memory 36% GPU in use as of right now
  19. has anybody found a fix to this? I have to relog every hour for 10 mins of smooth gameplay and 50 mins of "crap i should relog soon"
  20. I am REALLY missing my health bar, stam bar, and resource bar all on the bottom of my screen like it was in TEST. As a pvper I find those 3 bars crucial, especially on combo champions. I feel like as the templar right now I spend more time bouncing my eyes between opposite corners of the screen than being able to look at the center, you know, where the dude I'm fighting is. Please at least give us a toggle option in settings.. Sure the people who like to remove UI and take screenshots for ERPing or whatever don't want screen clutter but some of us want the bottom bars back. Knowing you are half health and 4 pips AT THE SAME TIME is more important to me than the huge hassle of moving my screen 1 inch lower to screenshot that dandelion in 4k res. PvP game is it not?
  21. the TEST server is a whole different game haha the harvesting updates are amazing. I am seriously becoming more of a crafter than a pvper now
  22. Ok, I've done more research into the game and it seems there are 2+ other different versions of worlds in this game that I haven't had access to yet. So when we were talking about the ease of access to certain materials, I was referring to the empty LIVE servers me and silky were actually fighting each other in, with many different skill mechanics towards crafting as well. So I will retract my comments based on you actually having truth in them on the servers you guys were playing on. Sorry for not knowing about the eternal kingdoms and that the test server is a completely different world as well before speaking, I was saying what was possible for us on an empty server with a lot less shiny crafting updates and half a weeks worth of skill points. My b But now I've upgraded to alpha and I'm still going to hunt ya! I don't know why everyone has 50k hp in youtube vids while I have 8k, but I'll figure it out haha, won't stop me!
  23. for DAYS i might add. its been almost 3 days of morning day n night asking people to fight me for my purple loot.
  24. I've pretty much killed everyone I found on the LIVE servers repeatedly, nobody leaves the beachheads anymore. I can confirm that because I have stood outside of both balance and chaos beachheads asking in global chats for 1vX's saying that I'm risking multiple purple mats. People just don't want to fight anymore and I can't practice new classes on LIVE so I had to go upgrade to try TEST server so I can find people who aren't hiding in the city walls anymore.
  25. So it seems your equipment is safe from being looted? So only the harvesters and crafters having a risk is unfair, and I call for any ballsy pvpers to start a fight club with high-stakes 1v1s or 3v3s etc. can be public or private, each person brings agreed upon loot worth X amount, fight to the death, winner claims all. That is the only fair way. I didnt buy a full loot mmo to steal peoples apples. who else would be interested in this type of thing on release?
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