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  1. I keep watching these youtube videos hoping to get the itch to play again but most have been pretty harsh on the game and dont inspire any type of will to play. This review atleast pointed out some positive points instead of just negative. There was also some optimism that the devs will make some improvements. Pretty funny to, good job.
  2. Fair enough. If the server population is sustaining those numbers and PvP is as plentiful as you predict. No PvP set time incentive event's would not be necessary.
  3. You cant compare a siege to an event such as this. There is alot more to lose or gain during a siege so yes you want to be there. I've already explained the reward is not game impacting. You don't want to show up.. fine. Run some pigs. If roaming/ camping POI's is your cup of tea to find your daily PvP. Thats fine, you do you. However there may be a percentage of players that may like the idea of planning their time around a scheduled event to get their PvP fix in.
  4. Why not both? I never said your idea was a bad one. More reasons for player's to engage the better. Roaming becomes tedious after awhile when you want to find a fight.
  5. I'm not looking to make the game Archeage. The main content of this game is PvP. Give players a time and place and I think alot would show up regardless of the resource award. For many, the PvP would be the reward.
  6. It wouldn't dictate your life. The event would only last X amount of time and not mandatory to attend to stay competitive. Make it equivalent to what a full group or 2 can farm in that same amount of time. The moving aspect of the wagon was to constantly change the battlefield and include outposts making them more beneficial to fight over.
  7. Groups farming or doing caravan runs off peak hours uncontested are more of a threat than what the reward would be from such an event like this. The whole point is to promote PvP at a set time and location. Some people may actually like the idea of being able to log on at a certain time and being able to find PvP quickly over roaming the map or scouting POI's. If they dont win the event, its not really a game changer. But atleast they got their fill of PvP with an objective.
  8. I don't think thats a fair comparison. Most of those event's you listed were to obtain items you could only get at those events (honor, dragon scales, gilda stars, etc..) This is just an event equivalent to doing X number of carvan runs. It would just drop resources (Not special gear).Its intended to promote PvP encounters. No one is forced or obligated to participate.
  9. More set timed events should be created to promote more battles and encourage people to want to participate. I thought a cool one would be a heavily guarded NPC controlled moving carvan wagon through each of the adventurer zones. It would start each time in a random location, move on a set path from one end of the zone to the other passing guard posts and camps. The resources from this carvan would need to be significantly higher than running individual pack pigs as an incentive to particpate. This would encourage guilds to want to capture outposts in anticipation of the caravan path. During the event, all guards in outposts jump up a few ranks. All NPC guards guarding the wagon would need to be killed in order to take possession. Maybe set it up king of the hill style. Whoever controlled possession the longest in the end wins.
  10. I hear ya, but should considerably less risk equal same rewards?
  11. Would be cool to randomly place a chest in war tribe camp tents or houses. You could even have treasure maps drop from mobs where you could only dig up the chest if you have the map in inventory and gives the shovel an additional use. Bigger loot chests require longer digging increasing risk.
  12. This may have been suggested before but I couldn't find it with a quick search. What are thoughts on implementing a Harvesting Debuff that scales with server population. If server population is very low, the # of drops and quality from a node would be greatly reduced. The higher the population it would return to normal drops. Seasons would still be a thing. This would help with uncontested free farming during off peak hours. It could also be done with mob drops as well as even increasing the amount of time an outpost can be taken when server pop is low.
  13. Edit- Sorry, I should have been alittle more clear. I'm not asking for the devs to wipe today, tomorrow or next week. I'm only asking for a estimated full wipe date for anyone that is not interested in playing the game right now until one happens. A full wipe will eventually happen, just curious if anything tentative on the calendar yet.
  14. What would it take to get you playing again? * Character customization cleavage slider Nothing like a good set of knockers to get me back in the mood
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