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  1. Confessor blues

    Thanks ACE for putting the book and focus orb in the third / fourth tier of crafting.
  2. Still better than what we had. Last night I've seen more campaign PvP than we had in a couple of weeks. I'm glad they pushed 5.7 live, if they wipe again so be it. Everyone is running around in intermediate and almost no skill training anyway.
  3. I dont think there is a need to apologize for a well deserved vacation. People that are complaining will get over it.
  4. Edit- I hope you had a nice relaxing vacation. Max out everyone's skill training on test and everyone will be happy
  5. I think we would even be lucky to get it 8/9. Seems like alot of bugs being reported.

    Here is some actual footage from this past Friday night fights.

    Always good fun on those Friday fight nights. Grats ZeFx and thanks WB for kicking my @ss over and over. Hopefully we get some new blood going forward to join in on the fun.
  8. App for Skill Access

    Great idea! Hope they can make it happen.
  9. Elken Assassin ? ? ? ?

    ACE must be listening! Ghillie suit for Elken confirmed!
  10. Training in Test Enviroment

    I agree. I played for ten minutes yesterday and decided it's not worth running around with 400ap when mostly everyone else is geared out. You can level to 30 with unlimited gold, craft whatever you want with unlimited resources if you have crafting trees trained but if you dont have that combat or crafting training , it's not even worth getting steam rolled by the ones that do. If you want more people to join in on this test, you should allow people to train up quickly.
  11. I'm Just Confused

    Did you create a Confessor as your first class character? Joking aside, I felt the same way when I initially joined. When I logged in for the first time, I rarely saw other players, had zero clue where to start and what to do. I gave up, logged out and played another game. I decided to give this game another shot a couple of months later. This time I started reading the forums, watched the tutorial videos and asked for game advice for those willing to help. I have been playing ever since. If you just joined yesterday (campaign), the server is a ghost town because 5.7 is about to drop and a majority of the playerbase is playing test. Mostly because the new update though, no one is interesting in playing because everything will be wiped. This is actually good news for you because you can use the next few days to test out which class/craft you like best, test all disciplines on test dummies, brush up your game knowledge and nail down your training plan for the new 3x training. Redbeard_14 does a EK fight night every Friday at 10pm CST. Its alot of dueling in basic gear so it's a great place to test, learn and have fun. Either way, coming from someone who originally shared the same opinion of this game, I hope you give it a chance because the game is constantly improving and is fun.