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  1. While cradling a freshly harvested puppy skull, you must suckle the milk from the guild mother's teat during a lunar eclipse... only then will you be worthy Or Nyamo could just invite you
  2. I agree, wait until 5.8 since so much has changed and there should be a nice turn out of players. Good luck with your streaming though, unfortunately there will be players on here that will surely use it to find you.
  3. I personally dont have a problem with the new system but I hope they can balance skill/training/talent/gear fairly. I hope this game primarily relies on skill mainly. There is no bigger turn off for a new player or group of new players that come into a game for a couple of weeks and their entire group gets 1 shot killed by someone who solely relies on his gear/time training and zero PvP skill to kill others because all he needs is a bad ass weapon.
  4. I could see your dissatisfaction and concern with the game if you just logged in recently, I was the same way almost a year ago when I purchased the game and logged in to see hardly any people on (I also jumped in at a bad time between patches). I decided to stick around for the patch and I'm glad I did. This is a pvp game that needs players to experience what it's about. Alot of players are taking a break until 5.8 drops. 5.8 looks like it will bring alot of new content and hopefully ALOT of players back making the PvP even more awesome. It kinda stinks this is your 1st impression because if you bought this game in a couple of months from now and like PvP, you probably wouldn't be requesting a refund. Goodluck on finding a game you enjoy.
  5. Here's some action I caught the other night...
  6. Like Myst said, make sure you are launching the live client and the game seemed really really low in population yesterday probably because the chat server was all bugged out
  7. I agree that if you have your skills properly trained up you can still harvest in winter but it's still not as lucrative as having the spring buff. The whole point of the suggestion was to create an event and additional point of interest that PvPers and harvesters could take part in.
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