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  1. I bought it today 6 october

    Like Myst said, make sure you are launching the live client and the game seemed really really low in population yesterday probably because the chat server was all bugged out
  2. My Crowfall suggestions

    I agree that if you have your skills properly trained up you can still harvest in winter but it's still not as lucrative as having the spring buff. The whole point of the suggestion was to create an event and additional point of interest that PvPers and harvesters could take part in.
  3. First off, I apologize if this has been suggested already. With seasons introduced, there has been a decline in the active player base (Both harvesters & PvPers) when fall and winter seasons start. Please consider introducing random parcel hotzones in the fall & winter where a single parcel will still have the spring buff for a very short period of time before it goes back to normal. Maybe put in a 1-2 hour cool down before another random parcel goes hot. It may not even be the worst idea to make the parcel spring buff exclusive to a randomized faction each time so as if there is a dominating faction on the server, they can not continuously farm this hot zone but can still try to keep the other faction from farming it. This would be an incentive for harvesters to continue playing while also introducing another POI for PvPers. There could even be a message broadcasted to alert all players that the hotzone is in progress - (possibly turn the parcel red on map?)
  4. i would like to see quest

    There is a quest...... Find the enemy and kill them
  5. Most MMO games today rake in the dough with skins and cosmetic items. I can't see them not doing it from a business stand point. *They may want to make them character bound or account bound*
  6. That meme is just as funny the 2nd time around.. haha
  7. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    No one ever pays attention to us pugs
  8. 100% Assassin free! And no MSG!

    That was a fun fight! It's like running through a minefield with you Druids and your healing orbs.
  9. Most people probably know the work around to fix this bug when it happens but I figured I would post it anyway for the people that do not know since I could not find the fix quickly with search. Overflow bug- I have personally seen this happen after respawning and you had either 3 rings or 2 amulets equipped or you had one of the minor plate or mail proficiency disciplines equipped but it was removed prior to death but you were still wearing the armor that required this discipline. The first fix was the only way I knew until recently when I ran out of SB imports. Fix 1- Import an item from your spirit bank and destroy it. Fix 2- Make a new character at the crypt and than switch back to your old character. Hope this helps anyone that encounters this bug
  10. You can also pick a new faction if you didnt like your old one
  11. State of the Assassin

    What's hes trying to say is buff the confessor and nerf all other classes.... especially assassins
  12. Adventurer Starter Pack - No Parcel for Manor

    I had the same problem when I bought the keep. When I emailed support they responded that all parcels can be crafted in game as the parcel I needed was not for sale in the store. There should really be a disclaimer on the larger buildings advising that they cannot be placed immediately unless you also own the correct parcel, know someone that has one and will let you place in their EK, intend to craft one or buy a retired kickstarter package from a trusted trader.
  13. A separate harvesting leveling system doesnt sound bad. Give harvesters something to work toward. I'm not saying scrap the time training system, but just an additive to harvesting stats.