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  1. Hey everyone, not sure this was the right spot to post this. If anyone is interested, we currently have a small group of players that are actively playing on the Order faction. With 5.6 about to release, I figured we would share the discord link for anyone that is looking for a group. I did not post this in the guild thread because currently none of us are in a guild and this is more directed at anyone who is currently playing. Whether you are new to the game, unguilded or in a guild playing alone because your guild is not active yet you are welcome to join us. Discord rules are posted on the discord page We are- *Currently a small group of 4-7 active players *On mostly nights EST - All timezones are welcome though *Most of us are older gamers and have been active on the Order side
  2. 5.6 patch live or not ??

    It would be great if the new patch drops this Memorial Day weekend.
  3. Market Concerns

    Something tells me if someone's EK is Sloppy and inconvenient, they will not get many return visitors. They should also allow a block EK option so you can slowly weed out EK's that you would never want to visit again
  4. Market Concerns

    How hard would it be to add optional fields each person can check off under their EK options just like the enable PVP option. Put in a vendor check box that opens a whole list of additional boxes, EX -Ore vendor, armor vendor, wood..etc Allow search filters that correspond with these categories with the option to only display EK's online.
  5. Stealth counter?

    I'll have to test again later, maybe I was bugged. I did try the elk passive and the illusion one with no luck. Thanks for the helpful replies.
  6. Stealth counter?

    What is the best counter right now for stealthers? I had a buddy jump on the opposite faction, go stealth while standing right in front of me and still could not see him with reveal shadows. Flare also does not seem very effective because of the radius. Any tips?
  7. New EK housing?

    Im not sure what you mean by multiplied by the SN but what ever it is hopefully its a very very long painful grind to make those structures in game. It wouldn't be worth investing that $$ if they can be made easily. I never mind supporting games that I feel like I will be playing for a long time but at the same time if other people are getting the same stuff for free it doesn't justify spending that kind of money.
  8. New EK housing?

    If the value is $1930, I wonder how much of a grind and materials are needed to make structures like this in game. Is this something a few guys can grind out in a few days to make or would require an entire large guild to grind for weeks?
  9. 5.6 patch live or not ??

    Low population is not always bad. It allows you to farm/craft in peace and test different builds/combos on mobs without getting ganked. I'm sure as the population starts to increase, alot of people will miss the time where you could harvest the best materials uncontested. I would use this downtime to test as much as you can while you can.
  10. New EK housing?

    Thanks again Kraahk. I did not know about the MarkeeDragon site. Would you happen to know what the difference in the castles are? I see you can purchase castles from 2015,16 &17.. There is a price difference, not sure if there is a difference on the actual cosmetics or why it would effect the cost. I also see a small, medium and large castle. Are all the castles the same size and the only difference is the quantity of walls they give you?
  11. New EK housing?

    Any word if new structures or items will be coming to the store anytime soon?
  12. 2 Weeks In.

    He meant in dog years
  13. PvP Options Outside of CWs

    Very good points but I'm sure there would be a good portion of people that would be content with an arena that is class imbalanced vs no arena at all. There would be many benefits of having an arena that is normalized when it comes to training and gear though. A huge benefit that I could see is to allow someone to test multiple classes before committing to one that they invest training time into. I bet a lot more people would be playing this game right now if they could just jump right into battle and test different classes even if they were imbalanced. The "You can do this now in an EK" is not a good argument for obvious reasons that were already listed. "This is not the game for you, go play PUBG or Fortnite if you want to get instant battle" is also a narrow-sighted response. Everyone is trying to offer constructive advice that would be advantageous to retaining players and attracting new ones. If they are worried that a ton of time will be spent on arena balancing, ACE could throw up a disclaimer stating that arena is imbalanced and for testing purposes only... Enter at your own risk.
  14. PvP Options Outside of CWs

    Dilly Dilly!
  15. So does this mean the server wipe is incoming in the next 24hrs?