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  1. Okay this i just dont agree with you on. Im my experience it works just fine to keep up with people by using disengage and engage plus dodges. But ofc you might have another experience. Im not sure but if you land a engage, does that not slow your taget? Cant remember.
  2. How about their disengage ability? Turn your back to your fleeing enemy press disengage, then turn around and face them again press engage, plus you have two dodges? @SoulreaverAny input?
  3. I thought about giving the Secutor a go. My only problem is the knight have no way of self heal, like the Ranger has.
  4. You are mentioning barriers on the brigand, is the brigand actually more tanky/brawler than the warden, even if the warden gets mail armor? Im looking to find a brawling/front line class/build, but I really dont wanna play pit fighter. Any suggestions?
  5. Think mino is still frontal cc immune, Mino gets a little more Dex than Elken (18 base stats i think) but Mino also gets less con than Elken (26 in base stats i believe) Elken also gets Gestalt, Trailblazer and +25 perception. But then Mino gets the bloodthirst which is interesting. I think as an anti stealther the Elken is best, but for a brawler kind of playstyle I think the Mino might be best? Even though the Elken gets more Con as a base stat, the frontal CC immunity could save your ass when fighting up close. I honestly think its a difficult choice?
  6. So following up on the warden, what race would you run with, and why? Personally I think the smart choice would be elken? But I can see some interesting builds with the mino πŸ€”
  7. This sounds like a great idea. πŸ‘
  8. Excatly my point, thank you πŸ‘
  9. Thank you very much 😊
  10. Please do tell what those games are? Asking honestly 😊 That idea of yours also could be quite awesome, arena enemies have to join together in order to not get wiped, or the duelling mechanic with bets on it is also not a bad idea. Again my suggestion is ofc not flawless, that's not what im saying, something similiar to your ideas might also be a solution, or maybe somewhere in between? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ I understand its not the focus of the game, but down the line i hope i will see something in that direction of "skill based PvP", how the final result should be I dont know, but I have ideas regarding it.
  11. For the last time i dont want to remove it, I want a place within the game where you can test your individual pvp, without any input from vessels, gear etc. Im not takling about removing it all together of course not, im talking about a place where people can go to of their own free will if they want to test out their own pvp skill on an even playing field, and still get a small amount of points for your guild/faction if winning If this game is mainly played by people who want sieges etc. and that's the factor in which the game will be adjusted towards, i cant see how a single arena, where a small group of the player base, can go and do their niche thing? There dont be so many "arena junkies" since the game is not revolving around that, the game is a faction vs faction game firstly, but I fail to see how a nichΓ© gameplay within the game will suddenly make all the other players experience worse? If you dont want the arena fight simply dont? Just like if you dont want the sieges, simply dont. This idea should only serve the purpose of giving something to the players who likes a skill based pvp experience from time to time, honestly cant see the harm in that?
  12. Okay that was a lot. Im gonna try answering it in sections using numbers: 1. I dont mind improving gear, once again I would just like there also was a place in the game where gear didnt matter and skill matters. 2. I liked the look of it, and thought I would like the big scale fight, but it turned out that I didnt, I enjoy individual skill matters. Now i stay because i like the open world PvP in the game. 3. I have also played around 2500hrs of MOBA's so you are not wrong. Again i like the open world PvP in the game though and that's why i stick to this mmo. 4. Again honestly I thought i would enjoy big scale fights 5. Im not saying zerg = no skill, it takes tactical skill. Not individual PvP skill though. Other than that i understand what the game is about, just cant see why it cant also have small scale available for players wanting that? I dont understand why one has to rule out the other? I might be missing something though? 6. I would argue that small scale fights is nothing like you just wrote it out to be, but ill take your wording as a means to highlight you dont like fights where individual skill matters as much, and that's fine by me. 7. See answer 2 8. Atm i cant find any other new mmo with action combat, open world PvP and a class build that is anywhere near as good (IMO) as crowfall, and I dont want to play 10 year old mmo's 9. I think i come of more critical, in this topic, towards the game that I actually am. Because i do for the most part love the game, the open world PvP, the class builds etc, i find it fun running around in the world and fighting people you meet etc. I like the fighting over certain mobs etc. So there is a lot i like, i would just love for a place to test your PvP skill on an even playing field. Its not like i want to remove the sieges or anything, if people enjoy that laggish button mashing zerg fest let them have it, I honestly dont care, i was simply trying to suggest that there might be players that would enjoy a skill based pvp experience within the game? Im enjoying the game, just trying to come with my suggestions as to what i think might improve it in some aspect. Hope my answers were those you seeked. 😊
  13. I have participated in them, thats where my opinion come from. Im well aware that tactics and organisation is a big part of sieges, but I think we can agree that there is not much individual player PvP skill involved (if any at all) and that's what I miss. There is ofc a lot of tactical skill involved and that you will not find as much in smaller scale fights. So it depends what floats your boat IMO. From my point of view my suggestion is not homogenizing the game to fall in line with every other mmo, as I see it, I want to expand its PvP to people who like skill based PvP, where individual skill matters, not numbers and gear. And I cant see why it has to be on the cost of what else is in the game, players are free to do what they like?
  14. Proper PvP to me is when PvP is skill based, not gear dependent, proper PvP to me is when individual player skill affects the output significantly, e.g 1v1 to 5v5 Not saying that's the right definition of it, but its my take on it. A zerg to me is basicly every single siege. One horde of players against another horde. I agree that siege is not the only PvP, and to be honest allmost the only thing i enjoy in the game currently is the class build mechanics and the open world PvP, the latter will luckily only get better when the playerbase increase. Personally im not even participating in sieges as I simply dont find them fun due to it mostly being a horde vs horde kind of mix between a cluster f... and a "roll-your-head-on-a-keyboard" contest. Cant say i have, as you most likely can tell im not a veteran MMORPG player. Lastly im not saying that only what i say is right and everyone else is wrong, far from it actually. This is simply my suggestion to improving a game which i find fun, for the most part.
  15. This is actually also a valid suggestion, thanks for that input. Your last line is basicly the whole essence of what im looking for "its not about equipping armies, but rather individual champions"
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