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  1. Don't think I ever said it was doomsday? But you can't deny that he is right with a lot of things regarding the newbie player experience, I do belive most people don't "research" anything before jumping in to a game, I actually think most people is using the method "learning by doing" and Crowfall could use some love in the new player experience section. This is all simply to help Crowfall get succes that I'm pointing this out, nothing else.
  2. I think you miss understood me, it's not that I want to be in a guild with him, what I thought would be a good idea was to reach out to critics, like youtuber's with a lot of subscribers, and just show them how to properly play the game so they can make a fair review 😊
  3. Really it's just sad to see a review that does not touch anything in the game, so what about a well established and well functional guild invite him when 5.110 is up and running, show him the game and all the good aspects then he can make a new review, as a help to the game we all belive in?
  4. I'm not saying he is right at all, but he is highlighting some issues, as a new player, most people just jump into a game and in Crowfall that's not gonna end well because you need help and a guild to get this game to catch your attention. Crowfall is very far from new player friendly - so that's an thing that's needs improvement I think. I only shared this to make the devs aware of the reviews they are getting. A review like this is not good for the game as he has a lot of subscribers who sees this and immediately most will be like "I'm out" Hopefully some good reviews will come by people who are actually playing the game.
  5. Dear devs this is what crowfall looks like to a new player, if you want this to have succes take note on some of the stuff that is being said in this review. I ofc "defended" the game in the comments but it's just to show some stuff that you might want to take a look at in near future, this is only meant as a help to make Crowfall get succes that I'm sharing this with you.
  6. True but I kind of meant the assasin before you choose promotions, since he is talking about lvl'ing. In a 1v1 I'd say blackguard is pretty good? But ofc good and bad classes also depends on game style I guess.
  7. Crowfall is, luckily, not build as a pve game, so yeah assasin might not be the best PVE king, however in an 1v1 pvp you should have the advantage in most fights. Team up and do pve or sacrife stuff is by far the fastest way to lvl up. GL 😊
  8. Party pooper 🙄😂 Come on at least @Omen might have taught some young people just a little bit. I'm from Denmark and what I find funny is the typical western/European thought that "oh we are the best at everything we do Asia, Russia and so on is not even close to being on our level".... Well I'm working at sea as a merchant marine deck officer so I have been around the world a bit, and got some news flash, we are not the best in the world at everything we do, not even close. 😄
  9. I'm playing a Nethari blackguard and quite like it.
  10. And I would also like to see a arena mode/ffa mode as I have described here: Basicly I would really like to see a pure skill based world within crowfall.
  11. Im with you on this one. I made a suggestion early regarding mitigation based of numbers. See this post and then chapter 2: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/26230-thoughts-on-crowfall-good-bad-and-ideas/
  12. Lets see what they come up with down the road, but yeah it might not work that well for this game. But then again as you are saying they made The Hunger Dome so a kind of similar gamemode/World/zone could be added in the future, who knows. Like i said in my reply to Arkade, I have played mostly FPS and MOBAS in my gaming "career" and yeah it kind of shows, I know that. 😂
  13. Ultimate goal would be to be the best individual pvp`er basically. But yeah you are true though, that it would basically be an arena match - just a little bigger, but the length should also not be like several months, i think maybe a week at the time. As a lot of my post/suggestions most likely shows, I have spent most of my gaming "career" on playing FPS and MOBAS, think thats why I want this kind of gamemode tbh. But yeah different people, different choices i guess.
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