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  1. I dont really know if this is the correct forum to put this but if not @Pann feel free to move it to where it belongs. Anyway, i`m playing Crowfall on and off due to my work, so its ON for 2.5 months and afterwards its OFF for 2.5 months and so on. This does mean that every time I come home there has been some chances to the game, sometimes big chances, sometimes minor chances. So this is my "review" of the game as of now, with the good and the bad, plus some ideas of my own which might be good but also might be poorly made sockse. 1. I like the idea about PVE that promotes PVP, the open world PVP in this game is to me the most fun there is in the game, so having something to fight over (kings etc.) is fine, however its a start, its not by any means perfect. it would be nice to have Kings spawn less often than they do, but instead give them a random spawn timer (then the timer should be set so if there is only 1 hour between two spawns then there should be maybe 12 hours between the next one or something like that) but a global message should appear at the screen no matter where you are, stating that world boss X has just spawned in Map X on this position, or in this camp. The next message should then be if someone attacks the boss, then all players within the world should get notified that "X faction is trying to take on the X boss". The Kings should basically be world bosses with some kind of lair that then provides the killing faction with a lot of materials+gear or whatever. 2. Sieges can be fun , i`m not the biggest fan of them i much more prefer open world fights or small scale fights, but that only my preference. The biggest problem i have with sieges is they can turn into zerg fest, with the biggest faction having a big advantage only due to its numbers. I would like to see sieges be more skill based. Make AOE attacks much better than they are atm and another idea which is don`t even know if this is possible but having the system checking how many players of each faction is in a map during a open siege timer. lets say Order has 30 ppl, Chaos 20 ppl, Balance 10 ppl in the map, then now the system has to calculate some sort of damage mitigation buff or something like that. So Order being 3 times as many as Balance, well then Balance has 3 times more mitigation to Order players, and 50% more mitigation towards Chaos players. Chaos players will also have 50% added mitigation when attacked by Order players and so on. I`m not a game developer so i don`t know if this will work, I`m not even sure the game can calculate such things? But at least there should be something that evens out the playing field, so the Zerg is not just winning by default, and instead skill and coordination becomes a lot more important. it does not have to be mitigation it could be something else, this was simply a suggestion. 3. I have said this before and i`m now saying it again, I personally would like to see an arena where you could enter as 1v1 and up to 5v5, an arena where your performance would matter to the scoreboard, so being a good and well organized group of 5 and constantly beating your opponents would start to build up a good amount of points in the campaign scoreboard, meaning adding points to the faction. That way small groups/Guilds can have a good impact to their faction even though their numbers are few. 4. in my opinion we are in desperate need of something to during off hours, the PVE kings with random timers mentioned in chapter 1 could be a start, however I think some other kind of stuff to fight over could be good, sadly I don`t really have any good suggestion myself at the moment but it is a problem in my opinion that people are only logging on to play for 2hours during prime time and then nothing else. 5. This has been voiced a lot in the forum in recent times but i`m also gonna do it: Change the world maps in campaign, have 3 sieges maps with really nothing more than the Sieges, and then have 1 Adventure map in the middle of the world where all resources etc is so people really have to fight for it. This would mean a lot more open world PVP, and addition to that, people will actually start having pvp players escorting their gathering players 6. I think the gap between vessels is still too big, again this ties down to trying to have skill rather than anything else having the most impact, in my opinion a very skillful player should be able to beat a novice or decent player even the skillful player has a white vessel+white gear and the decent player having purple gear+vessel. Just to stress again, skill should matter the most more than stats in my opinion. And yes i know it all comes down to classes and who gets the jump on who and so on, but its just a way to stress that stats should not be able to "outplay" skill. 7. Again this have been voiced before but i`m going to state that this is my opinion as well: Rank of Resources/nodes should be adjusted: Dregs R10 - The shadow R6 - The infected R4 - Gods reach R2. There should be some sort of "reward" the further in to the hunger you go. People can still go from GODS reach with the PVE farmed gear and be able to compete in The infected and likewise the gap between The infected and the Shadows is not too big, the biggest gap should be when entering The Dregs IMO. In addition to this little rant I would just like to say that i was positively surprised last time i came home and started playing again, the game looked SO much better, so way to go on that one ACE, furthermore the siege timers on the forts seem to be a good idea, now we just need something to do off prime time hours as mentioned in chapter 4. Also the Gods reach i think is a good beginner experience, since new players and even veteran players can try out different builds etc before taking it out on the battlefield, yes it might be a little annoying that we have to kill the same mobs over and over again when making a new character in order to come into the campaign world, but please do find me an MMORPG where you can grind as little as in Crowfall and then go and do PVP while still being able to have some influence. All in all i think Crowfall is going forward and I think the developer has a lot of good ideas, which just takes time to implement, even though the game is a little dead in population at the moment I still have faith and really hope Crowfall turns out great. And a final word, I`m not asking for everyone else`s opinion, so please don`t start de-railing this topic with the usual discussing about who is beating who and other pointless online arguments, if this starts to happen @Pann feel free to close this topic for comments. This is only meant as something for the developers @thomasblair @jtoddcoleman, if they can use any of it then good, and if not, well then I have still done my part to get my ideas across to them.
  2. You didn't really answer my question though? but don't worry your "answer" is more than enough to tell me I most likely was right in my assumption.
  3. Not even playing on US but aren't you guys not just winning because the two biggest veteran guilds is on the same faction, because they are too afraid to fight each other and get some actual competition? Just asking
  4. Yeah okay, i`m not a tech geek or anything, but the graphics in this game does not really justify the poor performance IMO? I don`t have a completely new PC but it is still pretty solid with hardware, and it should do just fine with a game like Crowfall. Its running every other game I play just fine on max graphics settings.
  5. I really don`t hope this is the case. Oh btw another thing that would get me really motivated would be a arena where gear and vessel stats is equaled out so you could test your individual skills in a 1v1 to 5v5 or something like that. where you could get points for your faction by winning fights in the arena. I know a lot hate the idea but it is still something that would motivate me. Suggestion is below:
  6. yeeah i know, its just so frustrating that the game performance is so bad, but you are right they cant perform miracles. But its just to stress it: Performance is the main issue as per my point of view :)
  7. Depends on what you want to motivate players to? Motivate them to go for the win? Motivate them to play the game? To me the game does not need anything new and flashy to motivate me. The biggest issue with this game for me is the performance issue, get the game to run smoothly when more than 20 people is located close to each other. I`m not doing Sieges until they fix the FPS issue as I simply don`t find it funny when no one really knows what they are hitting etc. Besides the FPS issues I honestly think the game is a lot of fun. But what I would like the devs to try and do is to "motivate" people to do more open world PVP into the game, perhaps by rewarding it greater than it is now in the faction score. Personally I don`t care too much about motivating people to go for the win etc, I think the focus should be on "how do we get people to play the game" rather than "how do we get players to go for the win" For motivating people to play the game i think performance would do a lot, class balance and so on should not be a primary task right now IMO. So to sum it up: 1) Fix/enhance the performance of the game (make the game playable during large scale fights) 2) Motivate people to do more open world PVP (By rewarding open world PVP) 3) Make the game more about PVP, less about grind/PVE. (this could be combined like they are trying to do now by making "hot spots" for PVE where people will then have to do some PVP in order to get to the PVE to get item X of mob X) 4) Nerf to gear and vessels, individual skill should matter more than stats in a game that was initially "sold" as a PVP oriented game
  8. Your not at all commenting on your previous false statement regarding black mask being a must but nvm, each to their own.
  9. Please tell me where I called him a liar? And again black mask is a must, im running just fine without it. So it being a must is maybe for you but not for all. Thus making it a false statement it's a must for you, not for me. Again it's up to every single player, nothing is a must, it depends what build/role you wanna have.
  10. @Kianna_RuneMaker no disc is mandatory, is a good disc for the assasin, sure? But luckily you are free to build your class to your own style, I for one don't use black mask on my assasin? And the disengage-engage is working fine for me, not saying that it does not skip for you, but I'm just not having that issue.
  11. 1. Most important for me at least is to minimize the gear and vessel stats so the pvp becomes (more) skill oriented (nerf to gear and vessels basically) 2. fix the FPS issues when more than 5 players are close to each other, again this revolves around fixing the pvp more than anything (sieges will actually be fun) 3. somehow force more open world PVP in to the game, so the game don't have to rely on "timers" for PvP 4. Reward open world kills more generally and especially in the faction score, this will allow small groups/guilds to become more viable by acting as a mercenary-like group that supports their faction with open world kills, and as a second benefit to their faction, these open world killing groups are slowing down the gathering etc of the opposite faction. 5. The high decay rate on gear should be adjusted/lowered so you spend less time gathering/crafting but more time fighting/pvp 6. Make a 1v1-5v5 arena where gear stats is made completly equal once you enter. That way you will have a place to truly test your individual pvp skill.
  12. This thread has turned in to pure comedy gold - The Internet truly is a place of wonders, a conversation getting so far off, and staying off topic can only happen on the Internet...... aaaand of course in a kindergarten but still - people get my point I think. This thread started out serious enough but oh boy did the kindergarten take over, please by all means do continue and don't even worry about you are far of topic, come to think about it you guys were never really on topic to begin with. But I'm not gonna stop the "my dad can beat your dad contest" please go on.
  13. Just watched it, really nice coordination, nice to see a small well played group 👍 GL
  14. I might be wrong but qs I remember they kind of sold crowfall as an allmost none grind pvp game to begin with? I think that's why people expect they can jump straight in at the game and start pvp.
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