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  1. Lets see what they come up with down the road, but yeah it might not work that well for this game. But then again as you are saying they made The Hunger Dome so a kind of similar gamemode/World/zone could be added in the future, who knows. Like i said in my reply to Arkade, I have played mostly FPS and MOBAS in my gaming "career" and yeah it kind of shows, I know that. 😂
  2. Ultimate goal would be to be the best individual pvp`er basically. But yeah you are true though, that it would basically be an arena match - just a little bigger, but the length should also not be like several months, i think maybe a week at the time. As a lot of my post/suggestions most likely shows, I have spent most of my gaming "career" on playing FPS and MOBAS, think thats why I want this kind of gamemode tbh. But yeah different people, different choices i guess.
  3. Soo Dregs, I thought this was supposed to be a FFA realm? Or did I miss something? Don't get me wrong I think we are all looking forward to Dregs but still I have some suggestions, or at least my take on how I think it should be, to future realm/game mode. I would be interested in seeing the following "game mode" and ruleset: 1. It should be a realm where it is FFA, everyone to themselves, 1 map only, maximum 100 players in the zone at the time (the world design and player limits is ofc subject to change depending on current player base) 2. No alliances allowed, if it can be documented that two players have been teaming up/hunting together (by video evidence) these two players should be banned from that realm but ofc still be able to play on other campaigns. 3. Only white vessels with white gear allowed to enter this realm in order to ensure no, or at least the bare minimum, gear or vessel advantage. 4. The prize should be an item that gives a decent "pvp oriented" stat bonus, the prize you would be able to take with you in all other campaigns, but you cannot use it in the next FFA realm/campaign as that would make the playing field uneven. Prizes should be given to the top 10 finishers at the end of this "campaign" ofc the guy who finishes 1st gets a better prize than the guys finishing 10th place. 5. Spawn points should be random but when a player enters the world/realm he should be "dropped" at least x amount of distance (I don't know yet what would be a reasonable distance, that's up to the game designers to figure that one out) from the next player on the map, this is to ensure you don't get spawn camped and that you dont an unfair jump on someone simply because you spawned right behind them by coincidence. 6. You can only die once or twice a day in this realm (this is again depending on current player base and also the length of the campaign) once you die you are out of the realm and may only enter after 24/12 hours, this is partly to ensure people are not "feeding" other players, however should feeding happen the feeding player is to be banned from the realm. Anyway this is just one game mode I would love to see, an true FFA mode where only individual skill matters, and everyone is even. I'm sure there might be flaws in my suggestion but that's why I'm not a game designer.
  4. Yeah this is true. AAU is definitely my game for the next couple of months.
  5. That's what I mean is a good thing, that the underdog has a chance to win when faced by a bigger opponent in body numbers. The figures I have no firm stance on, meaning I'm not a game developer and you would need a lot of data in order to figure out a reasonable buff to the faction with lower numbers, it should also, if possible, be something not only based on numbers in a zone but rather when x amount of players from one faction is within a radius of each other contra another faction group which has x amount of players within a certain radius of each other. Because if you base it on the zone/map itself, small open world fights will get completely messed up due to one faction having a big buff due to the other faction simply having a lot more players in the zone, so ganking will become really weird in that scenario. So to sum up, the buff has to be based on each factions numbers when within a certain radius of each other, so it's not dependent on the enrite zone. Again dont know if it will work or not, but working with it to even out the numbers could be interesting at least.
  6. I agree with you that MMR won't work in this game. No question about it. But what about my mitigation suggestion?
  7. @mandalore and @APE I agree with both of you. Honestly I'm just frustrated about a game being one sided all the time, and that's why I try to help out with suggestions even though they might be poorly made socks, something could maybe be used. My frustration is also the reason why I have spent most of my gaming years playing mobas and FPS, where there are MMR in place in order to ensure a relatively decent game. Not that MMR solves all problems, not at all, but I belive you get my point. But I just hope they come up with something clever to deal with the zerg-fest. I had another suggestion to even out the playing, that was to do with add additional mitigation to the players on the opposite side of the zerg, so depending on player numbers in a zone/map a faction would receive additional mitigation. E.G order has 100 persons in a zone, chaos 200 and balance 300. Order gets triple mitigation against balance. And double mitigation against chaos. Chaos gets 1.5 mitigation against balance, but none against order. Balance gets no additional mitigation. Something like that, without settings the numbers at any firm value. But I think you get my point. Any input on that idea @mandalore and @APE
  8. That was why I said I don't know if it would work. My point is still the same: make it harder for the winning faction to win again. If you have to play with a guild you hate it's your problem, and honestly how can you hate someone over a game? It's a game, it's not something that matters, like stuff in the real world do. The prize for the winner is for them to try and win again under even harder conditions, thus making it more challenging. Personally in real life if I win in a challenge/competition I always want to try and move forward beat a tougher opponent. In my opinion if you don't want the competition to get tougher when you win, you just want to win for the bragging rights, not because you want the challenge.
  9. Don't know if this would work in the game but it might work to solve the one sided population/faction campaigns. On each server the split will be like this: Based on the last campaign the guilds are divided into the factions depending on their score. Loosing side gets Best pvp guild, 2rd best crafter guild and 3nd best harvester guild Middle side gets: 2nd best pvp guild, best grafting guild, 2nd best harvesting guild. Winning side gets: 3rd best pvp guild, 3rd best crafting guild and best harvesting guild. That way I think you could ensure that the best guilds don't just team up and steam roll everyone, plus the game should become competitive for everyone, as it forces the best guild to face each other instead of teaming up because they might not dare to fight each other. Just a thought
  10. I do u know if this is completely stupid but couldn't the solution be something like this: On each server the split will be like this: Based on the last campaign the guilds are divided into the factions depending on their score. Loosing side gets Best pvp guild, 2rd best crafter guild and 3nd best harvester guild Middle side gets: 2nd best pvp guild, best grafting guild, 2nd best harvesting guild. Winning side gets: 3rd best pvp guild, 3rd best crafting guild and best harvesting guild. That way I think you could ensure that the best guilds don't just team up and steam roll everyone
  11. Have you actually ever participated in a forum thread without getting off topic or personal? I'm genuinely asking.
  12. Or they could give a buff to the loosing factions in the next campaign, debuff to the winners or something else...just something to even out the battlefield if the game gets too one sided. Otherwise people will quit eventually
  13. Completely agree with you. There should be someway to even out the odds of zergs in campaigns. Either the scaling should be done via points like you suggested or by player numbers in the map/zone or something like that. I don't have the perfect answer to this but definitely there should be a scaling mechanic to even out the numbers, so smaller guilds/faction stand a chance against the bigger faction. Or they could do something so the 3 strongest/biggest guilds on each server cannot be on the same faction or something which ensures that one side can't just dominate by sheer numbers.
  14. I dont really know if this is the correct forum to put this but if not @Pann feel free to move it to where it belongs. Anyway, i`m playing Crowfall on and off due to my work, so its ON for 2.5 months and afterwards its OFF for 2.5 months and so on. This does mean that every time I come home there has been some chances to the game, sometimes big chances, sometimes minor chances. So this is my "review" of the game as of now, with the good and the bad, plus some ideas of my own which might be good but also might be poorly made sockse. 1. I like the idea about PVE that promotes PVP, the open world PVP in this game is to me the most fun there is in the game, so having something to fight over (kings etc.) is fine, however its a start, its not by any means perfect. it would be nice to have Kings spawn less often than they do, but instead give them a random spawn timer (then the timer should be set so if there is only 1 hour between two spawns then there should be maybe 12 hours between the next one or something like that) but a global message should appear at the screen no matter where you are, stating that world boss X has just spawned in Map X on this position, or in this camp. The next message should then be if someone attacks the boss, then all players within the world should get notified that "X faction is trying to take on the X boss". The Kings should basically be world bosses with some kind of lair that then provides the killing faction with a lot of materials+gear or whatever. 2. Sieges can be fun , i`m not the biggest fan of them i much more prefer open world fights or small scale fights, but that only my preference. The biggest problem i have with sieges is they can turn into zerg fest, with the biggest faction having a big advantage only due to its numbers. I would like to see sieges be more skill based. Make AOE attacks much better than they are atm and another idea which is don`t even know if this is possible but having the system checking how many players of each faction is in a map during a open siege timer. lets say Order has 30 ppl, Chaos 20 ppl, Balance 10 ppl in the map, then now the system has to calculate some sort of damage mitigation buff or something like that. So Order being 3 times as many as Balance, well then Balance has 3 times more mitigation to Order players, and 50% more mitigation towards Chaos players. Chaos players will also have 50% added mitigation when attacked by Order players and so on. I`m not a game developer so i don`t know if this will work, I`m not even sure the game can calculate such things? But at least there should be something that evens out the playing field, so the Zerg is not just winning by default, and instead skill and coordination becomes a lot more important. it does not have to be mitigation it could be something else, this was simply a suggestion. 3. I have said this before and i`m now saying it again, I personally would like to see an arena where you could enter as 1v1 and up to 5v5, an arena where your performance would matter to the scoreboard, so being a good and well organized group of 5 and constantly beating your opponents would start to build up a good amount of points in the campaign scoreboard, meaning adding points to the faction. That way small groups/Guilds can have a good impact to their faction even though their numbers are few. 4. in my opinion we are in desperate need of something to during off hours, the PVE kings with random timers mentioned in chapter 1 could be a start, however I think some other kind of stuff to fight over could be good, sadly I don`t really have any good suggestion myself at the moment but it is a problem in my opinion that people are only logging on to play for 2hours during prime time and then nothing else. 5. This has been voiced a lot in the forum in recent times but i`m also gonna do it: Change the world maps in campaign, have 3 sieges maps with really nothing more than the Sieges, and then have 1 Adventure map in the middle of the world where all resources etc is so people really have to fight for it. This would mean a lot more open world PVP, and addition to that, people will actually start having pvp players escorting their gathering players 6. I think the gap between vessels is still too big, again this ties down to trying to have skill rather than anything else having the most impact, in my opinion a very skillful player should be able to beat a novice or decent player even the skillful player has a white vessel+white gear and the decent player having purple gear+vessel. Just to stress again, skill should matter the most more than stats in my opinion. And yes i know it all comes down to classes and who gets the jump on who and so on, but its just a way to stress that stats should not be able to "outplay" skill. 7. Again this have been voiced before but i`m going to state that this is my opinion as well: Rank of Resources/nodes should be adjusted: Dregs R10 - The shadow R6 - The infected R4 - Gods reach R2. There should be some sort of "reward" the further in to the hunger you go. People can still go from GODS reach with the PVE farmed gear and be able to compete in The infected and likewise the gap between The infected and the Shadows is not too big, the biggest gap should be when entering The Dregs IMO. In addition to this little rant I would just like to say that i was positively surprised last time i came home and started playing again, the game looked SO much better, so way to go on that one ACE, furthermore the siege timers on the forts seem to be a good idea, now we just need something to do off prime time hours as mentioned in chapter 4. Also the Gods reach i think is a good beginner experience, since new players and even veteran players can try out different builds etc before taking it out on the battlefield, yes it might be a little annoying that we have to kill the same mobs over and over again when making a new character in order to come into the campaign world, but please do find me an MMORPG where you can grind as little as in Crowfall and then go and do PVP while still being able to have some influence. All in all i think Crowfall is going forward and I think the developer has a lot of good ideas, which just takes time to implement, even though the game is a little dead in population at the moment I still have faith and really hope Crowfall turns out great. And a final word, I`m not asking for everyone else`s opinion, so please don`t start de-railing this topic with the usual discussing about who is beating who and other pointless online arguments, if this starts to happen @Pann feel free to close this topic for comments. This is only meant as something for the developers @thomasblair @jtoddcoleman, if they can use any of it then good, and if not, well then I have still done my part to get my ideas across to them.
  15. You didn't really answer my question though? but don't worry your "answer" is more than enough to tell me I most likely was right in my assumption.
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