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  1. First of all the hungerdome "gamemode" is great. But however i have watched all the ECS matches (unfortunately i cant participate myself due to work) and all except one have ended by hunger. That is honestly the most boring ending to a battle royale. Just watches the WC2 event, Vanguard White wiped all teams they met, but still the hunger decided NOPE. Really hope this "gamemode" is getting changed so there is more time in the end to kill each other so its not just "randomly" decided who is the winner, but instead the pvp skill that decide it. I would prefer that the h
  2. My two biggest wishes: Game performance / optimization PVP - Anti Zerg mechanics, punish big guilds/groups/alliances for their big numbers, E.G massively increase damage or mitigation of the side with the less numbers in a fight to even out the numbers difference.
  3. Voted Balancing pvp since that to me includes anti-zerg/blob mechanics which to me is the 2nd most important after game performance ofc.
  4. Furthermore it is not only Peon, and his followers, that are giving Crowfall "a hard time" Here is another recent review by Kira: Reviews like these can really hurt the game.
  5. Completely agree with you. The devs needs to get a really good NPE in the game, as now they are inviting some new players in and if they want people to stick around they need to hold their hands a little bit in the beginning. I honestly like this idea, make it the final part of the NPE where you are taken to a great hall with banners of all the active guilds in your region. When you aim at the banner, or interact with it, a guild description (maybe with discord information) should pop up allowing you to go ahead and apply to that guild ingame. The guild should, like you ar
  6. Yeah true it was longer than the pro list 😁 but totally agree, I think he was quite fair in his review. I love Crowfall, but there are still a long way to go imo.
  7. Good day devs. Just gonna post this as I think he has some valid points, all the cons he mentioned is things that needs improvement.
  8. Every anti-zerg initiative is a good initiative. Group/guild skill should matter more than numbers. For all I care they could make the damage of the people in the Zergs 0 and I would still be happy. Or some increase in mitigation based of numbers in a fight, if that is even possible to make.
  9. Zerging should IMO be "punished" by the game in form of percentage wise mitigation/lower damage so it really dis-encourages people to Zerg. Zerg is in my opinion the 2nd biggest problem of Crowfall, performance being a clear winner. Zergs remove the requirement for any pvp skill, which should be punished in a game labelled as a pvp game.
  10. Hmm yeah okay but let's be honest brigand is quite....well not poorly made dergs...but not great either, what I thought about was for instance a class that causes bleed, burn or any other dot with either their basic attack or a maybe with one of their mainly used powers, and then add a disc for them to cause for example poison dot. If you get me?
  11. Dunno if this is the right place to ask this question but anyway. Is there a dot heavy build, meaning a class/promotion that applies more dots than the other ones? Ofc assassins gets toxins, but i have wondered if you have other classes with inbuilt dots, Myrmidon have bleeds as far as I'm aware? Would like to see if there is a class where you can stack multiple dots on a target, i.e both poison, bleed etc. Basically causing "the death of a thousand cuts" kind of build? Thx in advance for your help.
  12. Vandal is the best assasin build? 🤔 How's that?
  13. So I haven't visited the forums since I posted this, but good this topic made some debate. Personally I don't think he is unfair, he is reviewing the game as an average player, who is likely to do zero research before playing a game, and I honestly think that's how 75% of all gamers do. They buy a game, jump in then they either love it or hate it after giving it a couple of hours. And Crowfall fail in NPE, and then it does not matter that "oh but this will come and this will come" because I think most players will just look at it and say "after sooo many years of development,
  14. Don't think I ever said it was doomsday? But you can't deny that he is right with a lot of things regarding the newbie player experience, I do belive most people don't "research" anything before jumping in to a game, I actually think most people is using the method "learning by doing" and Crowfall could use some love in the new player experience section. This is all simply to help Crowfall get succes that I'm pointing this out, nothing else.
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