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  1. I think my only real concern with this announcement is what it means for those months of "free VIP access" players paid for in various pledge packages. If the start date of those are pushed back further to the internal concept of "complete game" with the features the team wants to add, I'm fine with that. If the access provides some kind of substantial bonus/nicety/etc when the soft launch kicks off, I'm ok with that as well. What I will be extremely disappointed (and let's face it... ticked off) to see is the timer start running down the day of soft launch and for the complete game to have features/bonuses that are accessible only by VIP access that we players have already been forced to burn.
  2. I like the look of the characters. Really digging that we can see there will be other races than just human. Also - the mage looks to be wearing metal spaulders. Does this mean we'll have caster classes other than healer-types that won't be strictly limited to cloth armor? Maybe it's just for looks, but I'm excited.
  3. This was my choice for my exact reason as well.
  4. I sooooo failed at poll creation.... Fixed!
  5. It's all speculation at the moment, but just going by the images we've seen so far, which faction will you choose until we learn more?
  6. Hells to the yes! Especially if players don't have to have the normal magic "continuous torch" effect of always having a light source on.
  7. I may not have missed the camping, but I am a huge fan of contestable content, such as overland boss mobs and the like. I also happen to like open dungeons as well, but I'd be willing to conceed instanced dungeons.
  8. It may seem like a harsh answer, but I voted 1 character per account. I'm all about player accountability and it doesn't get much more accountable than this.
  9. While I'm a fan of being able to easily play with my friends and sometimes different servers get chosen on launch day, I'm more of a fan of player accountability. Especially in what sounds like will be a very "decisions matter"-styled game. Ideally, I'd like to see players be able to play and act however they want, but with the knowledge that there is no "reset" button short of making a completely new character - no server transfers, no name changes, no faction changes, etc. A side effect of this type of system is implementing a community controlled behavioral status quo.
  10. While DAOC wasn't my favorite game, there was one aspect introduced later in its cycle that was nothing short of brilliant - Darkness Falls. This was a dungeon that you could only enter if your faction was in control of more territory than the others. Sounds kind of restrictive and dumb, but here's the key - you could only enter if your faction was in charge... it didn't mean you couldn't camp within the dungeon and stay alive as long as you could when it flipped factions. This added an incredible sense of danger, immediacy, and desire for teamwork. If you died, you were dependent on a friendly resurrection or you would need to /release from the dungeon, being unable to enter again until your faction could gain control. Many frantic battles and excitement was had. Would love to see something similar implemented in Crowfall.
  11. I'm of the opinion that the less human races there are, while humanoid are fine - lizardmen, minotaurs, etc. The only time I've played a human was when there was no other option.
  12. One of my favorite single-player RPGs was a game called Arx Fatalis simply because it had the most entertaining/harrowing spell combat system in any game I've ever played. Spells were created by using the mouse cursor to draw runes in the air before you. Runes had to be discovered/learned before they could be drawn. The most powerful spells required multiple runes to be drawn in sequence (up to 4). This may sounds simple, but when you're getting your ass handed to you by a troll (or in the case of Crowfall potentially, another player), remembering the correct sequence of runes and drawing them in a legible enough manner to be registered by the computer was often no easy task. It added a sense of not just skill to casting, but pride as well. You learned the runes and over time knew them by heart. Then as more time progressed, you became comfortable with a number of "go to" spells you used all the time, but still had to strain to remember the rune sequence for infrequently used spells. Finally, you became more and more confident in your casting abilities in the face of danger and pressure. It had some issues (the game was released over 10 years ago), but this was an amazing magic casting system and I'd like to see its return.
  13. I like the direction some games are taking with combat reads, like WildStar, Landmark, etc - the blatant indicators of an incomin assault could certainly be done away with, but the concept of movin while casting, having to aim while casting and moving are pretty cool. Oh yeah, in case you couldn't guess, I like casters.
  14. I agree that it sounds good, but I would worry that the reality would result in the game flooded with botters no matter how many countermeasures were taken due to the lure.
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