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  1. The problem is that you then dumb down the process, now you can have 1 metal bar with ap and crit 1 with sp and crit and so on, making your weapon more tailored made with your system you would be forced onto 2 stats.If instead of the 3 15ore stacks you put 9 metal bars, sure sounds good.
  2. The problem is you are providing feedback without knowing how the fights will actually be in after a few rounds of bug fixing.
  3. First of all a lot of abilities are not working as intended so talking about balance should be out of the question 2nd of all you can counter pit , if a build has a counter (and one thats pretty available to a lot of classes) then its not broken.
  4. if they continue go down that road dregs will just become factions, people wiill stack into 2 major factions and fight, and it will become a who has more players. "Oh you have 400 we have 500, we win this siege, try again tommorow?"
  5. Only giving stats that fit the class will make all the builds feel samy.A templar with ranged distance bonus could be used for debuffing with pg and stuff like that .Cleric with sprint effiency could be the backbone of an 911 healer that sprints across the keep to heal you and so on.
  6. @Tiggs Will there be a Halloween event stream like the monster month gif contest or the streamathon? It would be fitting for the whole crowfall death theme and it would be great for comunity interaction especially with 6.2 releasing around that time (hopefully).
  7. Wait until they reveal that all aoes are still capped at 5 players so we will still be in blob vs blob meta, so the "new meta" will play exactly the same as the old one but with other animations.
  8. Can you clarify if breaking walls without siege equipment is a bug or not? There is a video of a lot of older testers doing it and if its a bug then they used it to gain an advantage over another player and didn't get banned.One of the members admited to have been doing it repeatedly .And it was said in a patch note and in a tutorial that you require siege equipment to destroy walls.So in this case is the wall breaking without siege equipment a mechanic that wasn't mentioned in a patch noted and explained poorly in the tutorial or are there some players that don't have to obey the rules?
  9. You use more resources to avoid a wipe than to wipe.Having to make the new stuff work with old stuff or selectively delete stuff is way more complicated than just nuking everything at once.
  10. Is this how it feels to have a good CM that actually works?
  11. The current launcher was not made by ACE, it was made by another company so if they would want to change it they would have to take engineers from actual game development and task them with making a new launcher or pay another company to make another launcher which probably would be a waste of resources.
  12. Stoneborns are stone inspired and elken are elk inspired
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