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  1. Welcome to crowfall, I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  2. well every quiver has a different 3 part combo when shooting, most abilities have at least one more variant from talents, all the burtal warriors and such are counted twice and they are counting skills that still in the game but not available to us like the pull from focus.
  3. The soonest they can manage is end of next year, but that is best best case scenario, most probably 2021 summer.
  4. @Pann Is this going into effect from the day of the post? Cause people are pretty used to exploiting. If you could also clarify what an exploit is it would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Thank you, this is exactly what we needed.But next time please give info like this before the due date not after.
  6. @Pann Are we going to get any dev response about the state of the game?We were supposed to have a stream last week, and you haven't even announced it now.Last week we haven't even gotten the fluffy war story. What's going on?
  7. Oh and btw did you forget that the qna live is in the 2nd week of the month?
  8. Paysafe was an option before,when they had travian as EU publisher , since thats over i dont think they will implement it anytime soon.
  9. and this is why you are my favorite dev ;D + plus the cool name.
  10. I'm fine with only 1 news article every week, but its been 1 month since we actually got news about the game.The last article that actually talked about something new was "Item rewards and you",which was posted on June 11th ,exactly 1 month ago.I understand that you are working on stuff and can't share a lot but 1 month without anything new?Is this because you haven't managed to make anything in 1 month?of course not but that's what it shows. This also comes in a time where the comunity is losing trust, the last couple of months have burnt out a lot of players.
  11. You can destroy them with one trebuchet or catapult shot.
  12. A lot of people are making threads about wipes, so i made a poll so we can see exactly how many people want a wipe and what type of wipe.
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