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  1. "While the Fae may have been the first Assassins we designed (back when we had archetypes), the Nethari are also intended to be a strong choice for playing as an Assassin. We can strengthen this choice by giving them a slight speed buff when moving in Stealth mode. " Does this mean Fae doesn't get the stealth movement speed buff anymore and has been moved to nethari?
  2. Tuesday at noon or Thursday at noon? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  3. there will probably be more structures than in shadowbane.We will get 9 buildings just from the crafting so probably around 20-30 buildings will be in there.How many were in shadowbane?
  4. there will still be the strategy of what you build
  5. If you want to compare what we have now with anything from before, 5.7->5.8 would be a comparison and that had September - November silence period so 3 months.But 5.10-5.11 its been September - February for now. I think you can see the difference.And people remember the 5.7->5.8 for MONSTER MONTH.
  6. Between may and novemenber of 2017 we got : -Passive powers article - the live-test split with live being 24/7 -an article about monsters ai -an article about the change in parcel structures, -THE FIRST EVER CAMPAIGN -A new cinematic from gamescom, -THE RACE CLASS SPLIT article -Action harvesting, -New UI on the char sheet. AND i didn't even watch the q&a streams because i don't have that kind of time.So I WOULD LOVE to have a dry spell like may - novemenber 2017 . @Ace PLEASE GIVE US A DRY SPELL LIKE 2017.
  7. No,first they will tell mmorpg so that they can get the first article on the topic.
  8. Maybe,they haven't really talked to us in 6 months and there have been job postings for a mobile game.So a hard MAYBE is the answer.
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