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  1. All common ores are the same, same goes for all other tiers, the rank of the nodes only affects how much and what it can drop You can lvl by killing mobs, sacrificing items made for sacrificing, throwing the poorly made socks loot in there etc.After lvl 10 you need to use common items to get xp. There isn't a core loop in the game yet (a big part of it comes in 5.8) .In the future you will be able to buy skill points from players that started playing before you. They don't do this and won't for a long time, because they want to see if the system is fun.And with this test it showed that it mostly isn't ,that's why they are curently working on changing it.
  2. there are a couple of video tutorials teaching you how to play.
  3. STOP NERFING (start buffing)

    Yea because confessor is poorly made socks at the curent moment, that's what i said,and ofc it was never true because it's been a long while since confessor was actually good, and assassin is a pretty new class.But in theory confessor has the mechanics to kill assassin just because you take away their main mechanic, stealth.This way they become the worst melee class in the game.
  4. STOP NERFING (start buffing)

    Yea,that's what i said .
  5. STOP NERFING (start buffing)

    After the new assassin "changes"(nerfs) all the assassin players will feel like poorly made socks.I understand that certain classes need their power tuned down but by nerfing classes you will upset the mains of that class.This can be easily avoided by the amazing balancing tool called "Buff the counter" Assassins are good only when confessors are bad.Confessors can hard counter the assassin because it can just put sin up and you won't be able to go to stealth.It's build in the class so it doesn't matter which discs you choose you still counter the assassin.So in a meta where everyone starts playing assassin because it's op , people will tend to play confessors.The catch is, now they don't.Confessor counters assassin just in theory now, they are in such a bad place right now that even your counter can kill you. Lets imagine a perfect world, where assassin don't get nerfed( yea i know this isn't perfect but bear with me ) but confessor gets buffed, confessor players are happy because they can finally play their favorite class ,people that hate assassin are happy because they can counter them and make their life miserable.Who is upset by these changes?No one.Assassin will need to think a way to not get their asses kicked too hard so they will seek other discs and the meta evolves. This doesn't need to only apply to classes, we have the most amazing and important feature that can help balance the game, disciplines. X class is op buff the counter disc. And yes , i can already hear the argument of "But what if x class is soo op that buffing the counter isn't enough". Then you don't have imagination , any class that is in the game can be destroyed by buffing one of the discs or one of the classes. Exemples: 1)Rangers ......... buff Consonant Chains, so that the range is waaay higher and the speed debuff is harsher this way they won't be able to run at the speed of light from everyone making melee classes able to catch up to them and smash their heads. 2) Champ.............. buff P/P duelists, champ has a hard time getting stealthers out of stealth and having a range stealther that can just stun then go stealth with 0 chance of getting punished. P.s: Sorry for any English mistakes,i'm super tired and just want to get this out.
  6. Start making your vessel.
  7. Counter Disc Change

    Have you tried running in a group of at least 2 people that have different damage types? It counters any of the counter discs because guess what,you can change targets. They are amazing because if a class becomes too op you can shift the meta with it. When i started playing in 5.3 most people were playing rangers to the rest switched to scarecrow so rangers started to get their ass whooped.
  8. ACE Q&A for September - Official Discussion Thread

    It runs acceptable, but its far from finished.
  9. ACE Q&A for September - Official Discussion Thread

    No,that's super wrong. Last patch i would have <1 FPS in anything more than 1v1 ,now i get constant 30 and optimization is still not their main focus.
  10. A simpler passive training system

    100% Agree, having recipes gated is super stupid and only makes some classes/races more power for the first couple weeks/months. I agree with everything in your post ,awesome suggestions and great that it's in one thread so that ace can see it.
  11. Guys come on, i don't want to post this every 8 hours.
  12. Fps issues with 5.7

    Disable clouds and vsyinc.
  13. Stealth OP. Toxins OP

  14. Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread

    Updated meme
  15. Champion Heal