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  1. But a solution would be to have the passive tree as X10 on test
  2. They made changes to the passive tree structure so its impossible to keep the the training without wierd things happening.
  3. The problem isn't the gift, they can still keep them exclusive but cosmetic only.And the thing about the bonus being small, yea now when we have full training it is cause we are already capped but at the start those bonuses won't be so useless they won't be a game changer but fights will be impacted by them .
  4. In the final game, but most people interested in the game will have their first impression during this BETA .So if we can't keep them now , crowfall is DOA.And i wouldn't risk crowfall losing thousands of potential players just so us the old folk that will already stomp on them also have an advantage at the start.
  5. I agree but that won't come any time soon from how they were talking about it so it might be and end of beta feature when most folks would've already bitched about it.
  6. You fought for the golden ones, and you can keep em as cosmetics but i doubt anyone had a hard time getting the silver one that has the same stats.
  7. Is it a good idea to remove the Badge stats when we get into BETA? We will have a lot of new folks joining that will be from the start at a disadvantage and they will know it.For them it will feel like they are worse from the start , like coming in late after a wipe, and they won't be able to catch up until new ways of earning them will be possible.Especially in a PVP game i don't think its a good idea to give the new folks the impression that they will suck for a while.Even tho the stats aren't game changing they won't know that until they get some pvp under the belt. What is your opinion ?
  8. Welcome to crowfall, I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  9. well every quiver has a different 3 part combo when shooting, most abilities have at least one more variant from talents, all the burtal warriors and such are counted twice and they are counting skills that still in the game but not available to us like the pull from focus.
  10. The soonest they can manage is end of next year, but that is best best case scenario, most probably 2021 summer.
  11. @Pann Is this going into effect from the day of the post? Cause people are pretty used to exploiting. If you could also clarify what an exploit is it would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Thank you, this is exactly what we needed.But next time please give info like this before the due date not after.
  13. @Pann Are we going to get any dev response about the state of the game?We were supposed to have a stream last week, and you haven't even announced it now.Last week we haven't even gotten the fluffy war story. What's going on?
  14. Oh and btw did you forget that the qna live is in the 2nd week of the month?
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