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  1. If the small keeps are supposed to be the home bases of small guilds why does it cost 75k gold? The Yeralon Campaign started and only 2 guilds managed to get the funds to get keeps (and surprise surprise they aren't small guilds)
  2. Amazing post and i agree with almost everything.Really hope the devs will listen to anything from here.
  3. invincible warrior sometimes costs half the bar sometimes the full bar. or none.
  4. Whats the reasoning behind giving one of the best races in the game(centaur) a buff? Centaurs were already top tier picks for champ and it was fun having a choice between them and the dwarves.Now if you don't roll a centaur you are gimping yourself for no reason, centaurs are hand down best race for champ.There is no choice left anymore.Give the 20m dodge to mino they need it cause they aren't played ,don't give it to the race that was already top tier.
  5. i looked at all the points given for the top glory wealth and power and the rule was mostly first 8 get 5 then next 8 get 5 then what is left get 3 but you have to participate with even 1 thing to get that (hence why you don't see many wealth points being handed).If you are asking why the buckets would be 8 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯,ACE isn't know to carefully pick numbers.
  6. The buckets are actually 8 not 4 ,the first 8 guilds get 5 then next 8 get 4 and so on.
  7. Yes if you don't try to win you have time to pvp.But once you actually want to win that pvp time goes to poorly made dergs.
  8. The problem is with a decision like this you make some people leave(myself included) test is going to be less populated cause people will start moving to live to get things rolling there so people in test won't have content so they will go to live but if you go on live there will be a wipe in a month or 2 so dedicating time in there feels wrong.I decided to take a break from the game until it goes into beta and i expect many more to do the same.So in the end you have a lower amount of testers.
  9. Also shouldn't there be a news outlet with this? maybe send some emails? If i wouldn't have checked the forums today i would've missed this.
  10. Does this mean beta will be pushed for 5.12?If not will you do another wipe when beta people come?
  11. i also wasn't familiar with this abbreviation(TBA)
  12. Can you tell us when you are pulling them togheter and if you want to bring a campaign up with this pull.A couple of us didn't expect a dregs campaign yestarday cause from our pov half of the patch was missing so we were surprised to see a dregs campaign up.Even if the pull doesn't pass the sniffing test thats better than having one out of the blue as long as you are comunicating with us.We don't have a problem if you tell us "Hey we are trying to push an update today, we will tell you in x time if it will be pushed or not,if its pushed we also want to start a campaign." That way we know when to expect the update and if we should expect a dregs.
  13. just crafted this.might want to look into the removal of the stats again.
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