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  1. @thomasblair Would it take a lot of work to introduce a huge sink of resources so we can progress as crafters? Im fine with trading 10k resources for +1 permanent experimentation in a profession.That way day 1 crafters can't make stuff like war tribe but crafters can work towards something.
  2. And now everyone farms their own? If everyone could make their own gear at the start the harvest craft loop would be in from the start, harvesters get resources for crafters that craft gear for pvpers to protect harvesters. Now for a good while everyone is puting a tent in a war tribe zone and camp it until they get full blue and then never think about harvesting or crafting until there are signs that we can make better stuff. The problem from my point of view is there is no way to progress,there is a hard cap on how good your crafter can be and whatever you do you can't break it until you get the passive training.After you get the right race with the right disciplines a full set of int gear and bon tippers and pies thats it (and you can do this in a couple of hours from the start),thats your cap for your crafter.There is no time investment to improve.We tried making sets of armor with crafting stats until we maybe get lucky and break the cap,but how much you try you just can't beat blue int gear. If we could invest thousands of ressources for small improvements we wouldn't be mad. Give us a way to get better at crafting by investing time/resources.That way the barrier to entry isn't low, you have a guild activity, and you can progress.
  3. This. Free weaving to crash sieges or drop the fps to less than playable will be a defense strategy .
  4. same way, you can get the same if you go on the campaign.Im more intrigued what is the point of the points you get,if you win by divine favor what do you get for the old points.
  5. And when i joined(5.3) people were rocking white gear, and would praise when a crafted got a 110 weapon.I don't understand the point of people won't pvp if they don't have war tribe gear, people will pvp with whatever they have, especially when they fight over resources.
  6. For exemple, if you cap the weapon damage on dropped gear at 50 people would flock to crafted gear when they have the chance.
  7. Yea to kickstart ,but you can make it so that its ok to fight mobs with it , but not the best thing in pvp for months.
  8. It just sucks when you compare it dropped gear, if dropped gear would cap at 30 max damage you would see all guilds praising their crafters cause they made a 80 max dmg one.
  9. Making dropped gear poorly made dergs is the solution, crafted gear sucks in comparison, if it didn't have a comparison it would be ok.
  10. You can craft gear day 1, it just sucks thats the problem.
  11. People shouldn't be able to compete with people who have crafted gear.Cause if you can compete without it, people won't do it.
  12. You can pvp on day 1 with any gear,even the basic weapon and no armor.
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