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  1. and this is why you are my favorite dev ;D + plus the cool name.
  2. I'm fine with only 1 news article every week, but its been 1 month since we actually got news about the game.The last article that actually talked about something new was "Item rewards and you",which was posted on June 11th ,exactly 1 month ago.I understand that you are working on stuff and can't share a lot but 1 month without anything new?Is this because you haven't managed to make anything in 1 month?of course not but that's what it shows. This also comes in a time where the comunity is losing trust, the last couple of months have burnt out a lot of players.
  3. You can destroy them with one trebuchet or catapult shot.
  4. A lot of people are making threads about wipes, so i made a poll so we can see exactly how many people want a wipe and what type of wipe.
  5. Banks, characters,passive skill tree.
  6. This was my first war story ,so sorry if its not that good or if i made grammar mistakes.
  7. *Back on subject* @jpollard i think the comunity could give better feedback if we knew the ratio between farming time and pvp time you are trying to hit.We can moan that we want more pvp and less farm but if you want the game to have a bigger emphasis on farming that feedback isn't useful .Or on the opposite sense if you want more pvp time than we should give feedback on exactly what things are draining a lot of time from pvp and giving it farming.
  8. *a little bit of offtopic* @thomasblair This person needs a raise, my mail is full of his comments but im glad, we really need more devs to come in and talk with us like this (also props to vkromas she also does this sometimes) especially in times like this when the comunity is starting to lose hope.
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