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  1. Need some helpful tips..

    I really don't think champion has problem with getting kited ,you have the 2 leaps plus if you are a centaur you have the charge, and when you get in range you can use hurlbat so you can slow them.Aaaaand if you still have problems scarecrow is the way to go.Other melee classes have problems with fighting vs ranged but champion is really ok against ranged, that's why in the groups i run with i'm(champion main) the one putting pressure on the ranged players.
  2. Restoring Order to Tyranny Trilogy

    I can see myself
  3. 50 € copie

    If you thought crowfall will replace wow then you barely knew what the game was about.
  4. Scheduled Siege Signups

    I'm up for order.
  5. Champion builds.

    I just started playing champion and i would like to see the builds everyone is using because currently the class seems really underpowered soo what are you builds?