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  1. BUG or FEATURE? The champion self heal is only 8% of hp now, is this intended or is it a bug? If its intended why isn't it in any of the patch notes?
  2. Champion 5.8 good enough?

    As a champion main since 5.3 . Champ in 5.8 is in a great state right now, the meta won't probably have a place for him but now he is in its most balanced form we've seen so far. As far as the promotion trees go, yea the pit fighter is the safest, the cc path is good if you have strong tanks and healers that can keep you alive, that's when you can shine.The crit path is bad tho, it doesn't have enough damage nor survivability.
  3. Pitfighter is the tanky build of champion.150 AP for a tank is ok
  4. Okey to expand more on the talent resets.This is a list of things that reset my talent tree : -Relogging -Dying -Changing major minor and weapon discs -Changing weapons or armor -Putting points into the talent tree It doesn't happen everytime, usually around 3/4 reloggs or deaths , and with discs its very random.Usually the disc turn yellow (possible to show that you can't slot it or something) it doesn't give the certain abilities , and when you remove it it resets the talen tree. Edit:I forgot to say that when you remove the disc and get a talent reset, all the discs get thrown into the inventory not destroyed. Edit2: Added another thing that reset my talents
  5. Talents reset pretty often and not based on relogging or dying, my talents got reset when changing weapons or changing discs.
  6. yes the invincibility one requires soulpower the other warrios require hate its worse than an ultimate cause it takes an ability slot but requires ultimate resources Edit: And it's feedback based on 0 testing.
  7. you wont be able to switch from 2 because both of them use Hate Its the same ulti from ranger,if its ok for them it will be ok for champs. Can we stop going on forums and saying stuff is op and needs nerfs before we see them in game ?Thanks.
  8. Why? No one would make videos or screenshots if you would've given us the patch notes and all the info before, now people want videos and screenshots because you didn't give all the info.After all these years where you have been open with us now you want to hide away information.I think its stupid to put a soft NDA now, you let people make videos when the world was a bunch of white boxes but now when everyone is hyped for a patch and you don't give us info you put it up?

    Thanks a lot

    Won't say no to free VIP token
  11. MarkeeDragon is hiring

    Nice thursday informative article, its really nice to know when to expect stuff and not guess every week if this week will be THE ONE
  12. Is CC out of control?

    Get juggernaut Get some dots.
  13. Full Wipe

    I'm asking if you are getting this from a reliable source or just guessing, cause they didn't say anything about that in any of the livestreams ,only jtodd said that they are WORKING on a skill tree change but nothing about it coming to 5.8
  14. Full Wipe

    Where did you get this info from?