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  1. Thats the damage promo of the class and your resistances are pretty low
  2. No there isn't, a healer can heal multiple targets,it is useful in more situations than a self heal.If i as a champ am not getting focus, my self heal is nothing but a healer can heal anyone in the party that has lower hp.
  3. It is,myrm can go through the IW barrier with one basic.
  4. that means you can counter them with plague lord? did you try that?
  5. What class are you?What build are you using to counter champion?Where did you fight?Did you try to use the environment to your advantage? If you just say fix it,it doesn't help the devs because its a more complex issue than just " reduce some stuff" .When are champs op,why are they op?are they op in a certain scenario or in general etc.
  6. they read my comment and remembered they need to put the patch on live, you can thank me ;P
  7. For sure not, i think somewhere mid-end february. They still haven't brought 5.8.1 to live and they need atleast 1-2 campaigns to really test the mechanics.
  8. Why are there forts that gain a bonus more than they give points? I understand the catch up mechanic, but giving 110% points is stupid, it makes factions not want to take forts because they will be giving the enemy points.
  9. and will the first sanctioned campaign be on this patch?
  10. With the new weapon damage numbers i think armor should get the same treatment so that the tanky classes don't get too powerful and titan myrm should get a nerf to the basic attack damage. Myrm with light white axes can crit for 2k without a problem, while slayer duelists with heavy blue pistols barely can crit for over 1k with pepperbox shot (5pips).I think the problem here is that titan myrm gets a lot of +% damage so the quality of the weapon doesn't matter that much.
  11. I think Characters and Spirit Bank wipe would be a good idea so that people will actually gather in the first campaign.We all know that if you say you wont wipe anything and spirits banks stay the same all guilds will farm like crazy in the 7 days before to get everyone a couple of sets of armor and weapons to get them through the whole duration.But i think skills should stay so that harvesters actually get some decent drops and crafters can make stuff that doesnt have -50 damage .
  12. If you have to ask how templar counters champion, you clearly don't have enough experience with the game You came in a fight with 5 champions, don't forget that.Btw you are also the guy that said that everyone should change to pit fighter.OOOOh and your guild leader was the one saying that having a group composition with anything but pit fighters is useless. Yes i said 1k ore because i'm not going to waste time proving im right. And i bring up guilds because guess what this is not a 1v1 game its a group v group game and if i want to prove that champion is not op i need to prove it in a group v group .
  13. At templar, all of them, at duelist the P/P I already called out your guild for a 5v5 where you play your favorite thing to stack ,you didn't want to join ;D
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