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  1. Guess I'll play Ranger Too

    Or they could make minor disciplines to counter classes.For exemple the "I really hate mercenaries" minor disc, "you deal 20% more damage and receive 20% less damage when fighting against mercenary class".The bad part is that even if they implement something like this some players won't use them and they will still complain about classes being op.
  2. Guess I'll play Ranger Too

    *claims ranger is op but uses a build that is made to fight melees*
  3. The performance this patch is trash, before i could have 6v6 fights without many fps drops, now in a 4v6 the whole fight was a massive game freeze , just walking around the world makes my game freeze.
  4. Things to consider when balancing the Champion

    Nope, the leap bug was fixed.
  5. Class guide video template help

    Class: Champion Style :Solo+group play Majors Used Destroyer+Runescarred Gladiator Mastery Used Great Axe because of the furious slash that gives a 33% CDR Minors Used Dominator+Demon Pact+Eminently Punchable Skills Taken (Optional) Use all the basic champ skills but replace cleave with furious slash,use aegis from destroyer and runecarve from runescarred Tips & Misc Info This build is pretty easy to play, use runecarve so you get the dmg reduction and when it's about to pop go in the middle of the fight, use aegis so you keep your hp up.The main damage comes from the combo blind+rend. Hope it helps, if you want anymore info about this build just ask
  6. AOT: Too Many Soldiers, Not Enough Coal Miners.

    To win.As a crafter you can't win without someone using your weapons and as a pvper you can't win without a weapon.
  7. the time bank should not be a thing.

    When the game launches there will be more campaigns online, so it would be annoying needing to put a lot of points in 4 different campaigns every time there is a reset, and it would be super op. Exemple: In the free for all campaign i go full combat, in the gvg campaign i go blacksmith, in 12 factions campaign i will go runemaking , in 3 factions campaign i go in woodworking, this would take away from the social part of the game.
  8. the time bank should not be a thing.

    If there will, it will probably very expensive and you will probably be locked to only one/year or something like this.
  9. Twitch Streaming- Sniping

    Can you please tell us their names,faction and on what server you played?Just in case someone wants to "play" with them.
  10. Murder of Crows AMA

    how about who is the youngest? i'm 17 but my buddy @Drakonil is still younger than me :DDD
  11. Things to consider when balancing the Champion

    It doesn't matter if he played it before it was cool, and i tend to agree with @AceSiN , just nerfing numbers and removing stuff is butchering a class.
  12. Third wind on champion isn't working right now, i never got it to proc under between 50% and 25% health.Under 25% health only sometimes it procs. If you can't fix it just remove it , it will save a lot of hassle :D.
  13. In the patch notes you said "When changing factions, the hate list and friend list will reevaluate the entries to see if they are still enemies/friends. If they change, they will be removed from the respective lists" Did this refer to guards or did you add a way to change factions that no one knows about?
  14. If you use tenderize to get bleed armor under 0% it doesn't seem like bleed damage is increased.
  15. Things to consider when balancing the Champion

    The thing about nerfs is that you need to think how will the players ,that play that class because they like the whole concept of it, feel.Yea lowering the numbers and removing some op abilities will get the champ train to stop but you might have players that love the class that will feel like their class is now useless and they are forced to reroll, and in a game where you need to spend a lot of real life time into "leveling" a class you don't really want that.So i would rather have them changing how the abilities work rather than just nerfing the dmg by x amount and the healing by y amount.