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  1. Have you already found a guild. It sounds like we may need to talk

  2. Placeholder for me to tell @Anhrez how unreasonable his demands are. SO UNREASONABLE!
  3. Great! I know drama can exist at every level, but I'd like to think we can avoid as much as possible in this particular setting. I want us all to have fun - that's the point, right? We'll have to be careful, as a group, to keep drama to a minimum. I've done a lot of solo playing myself in the last few years, but I'm excited to have a game where teamwork is required to get the most of it. I'm also excited to have @Yskonyn on board (if he chooses to stay around) as a leader, since he has more recent guild leadership than I do (and in a PvP setting).
  4. Sure thing - I know that when I finally switched over, I thought to myself : "How long could I have gone without realizing what the problem was?" I laughed, because it could have been a long time!
  5. @Yskonyn - Absolutely, this is my aim as well. As long as we can survive and carve our own niche, then your description fits perfectly with what I'd like to do. @Xilanxiv - I'm all for casual players and those looking to explore. I believe there's a place for everyone in a guild - it's not like you're sucking resources. And, considering the importance of crafters and crafting in this game, every crafter is important. @warwoif - Sounds great. As things progress, we'll continue to post in this thread. @Svor - I'm going to expect extra wisdom from the 50+ crowd @Woobies - If there isn't beer, are we really doing anything? To all who read this: I want to continue to drum up interest in this concept, though I'm open to modifying criteria. I'm excited simply by the number of responses this thread has received. If you have any further ideas, or want to reach out, reply here or PM me. I've not been in the game much this week, but I'm encouraged by what recent changes we've been seeing.
  6. I'm roughly 100.1% sure this is the problem: make sure you're not in combat mode
  7. But now I'm fat and sit at home. However, the fact I used it means I must still identify with it somewhere deep inside.
  8. Great! Just wanted to be sure my layaway item wouldn't disappear and get a message like, "We told you they were going away - here's some crowns to make up for your sadness."
  9. I just realized that, by "liking" your response to Alextronic on your board, I'm the first person to give you reputation.

    I consider this a great accomplishment (assuming I'm not mistaken), seeing how much you've handed out :)

  10. I was actually planning on putting a larger package on layaway right after Christmas - what would this change mean for me? Thanks!
  11. @Frykka - I've spent some time looking at these guilds, and my initial temptation is to join one. My fear, however, is that this game is going to eventually be one or two giant guilds dominating the scene, so I'm trying to figure out how I feel about that In Shadowbane, we ran a guild and subbed to one of the major powers on our server and really enjoyed it, so maybe there will be room to have a similar feel here. I'm curious how viable running a small guild will be long-term, however. My other concern is how much pay-to-win is going to be available, but that's a different topic for a different thread.
  12. I've only been to CB one time, and it was to participate in a WSOP event. Had fun, but haven't been back since Most of my Iowa experience involves I-80, haha.
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