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  1. I just wanted to post because you said you was one of the backers of Firefall. Me too! It was a great time, such a pity it went down. The beta was fun even! If they just had gotten their poorly made socks together it would have been a great game. Instead I heard a lot of their work was scrapped for no reason. I'll never forget cruising around with my LGV or trying to recover Oilspill's Thumper for like a millionth time. Aye, I hope I will see you somewhere else somday. On crowfall, I'm a lurker. I was invited a long time ago, tried it and decided the game wasn't ready yet. I spent a low investment of 34 Dollars I think. Sure, it might not end up like I wanted it but their idea was good enough for me to bet on it. As for now, I'm visiting this community on a bi-monthly basis to see how things progress. It still seems like the game has a lot to do. Sure. If I'm lucky, one day I'll see a game I like. If I'm unlucky the game might even never be released. Oh well. We'll see. Personally I see my purchase like an investment rather than "buying the game". In this way, I find it plausible that I might lose my money but I might also gain a lot from it too.
  2. Was in BG6 now I'm in BG2. Oh well I guess it'd be fine liek that
  3. If you go to the bottom of this webpage you will see it http://crowfall.com/#/payment "$165,000 Currently On HoldStretch goal currently on hold - awaiting Kickstarter EU data European Beta Server Localized website in 6 languages (German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian) Hire a community manager to focus on overseas communities" Pretty happy :)' (ACE primarily wanted to look for a second company to host the game in Europe)
  4. #5312 on the 36USD Early Bird. I'm OK with that
  5. Kaching! Let's see how this goes now. 3.5 hours left and 16.7K Backers. I think we can make it 17k backers but I doubt 18k will be reached
  6. Just a matter of hours untill we reach it for the kickstarter page too.
  7. I really like this approach. Seems interesting ! Hopefully we shall see lots of different styles!
  8. It always gets like that. Small communities are always more friendlier !
  9. I remember these beta Groups 1-6 before the kickstarter began. Now people can basically pay to get into the beta/alpha if they would like to. However, I'm still wondering if the Beta group will be of any importance if you've pledged money to the kick starter ?
  10. Yeah, I am unsure what they mean by backer, but I think they mean the "Backer Tier" that starts at USD60.... So sorry guys, I think only us "contributors" won't get it
  11. Well, this can wait a least for a while untill Alpha/Beta Right not the forums are sufficient, no?
  12. Indeed it sounds like balance will always win, but perhaps there are ways to fix the issue. One could be to add another win condition that is for the balance faction to focus on, for example to decrease the amount of warfare as much as possible. It may sound boring (but I suppose Crowfall isn't all about war, eh?) but Balance' job could simply be to try to be the middle-man for the server's economy. I don't know if this specifically will work (wild thoughts all over my head).... But say that a world has X monuments or whatever. It's goal would be to perserve there monuments untill the end of the campaign. These monuments however, could have beneficial buffs for the Chaos or Order to overtake, thus balance's job will be to switch sides now and then. Perhaps Balance can party up with one of the other sides to regain their monument in exchange for something else, idk. Then the focus will shift a bit at least.
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