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  1. Oh, and I should have an amber bundle for where ever I land, gotta have a place for my workbench!
  2. That's a relief, sounds like a good idea. Man, so excited for this game!
  3. Interesting, I hadn't picked up that the stations were the factories too. If a station is in use, then can it be used for crafting at the same time, or did you mean like if you needed multiple runs of something to make fort walls, then you would need several stations to have numerous concurrent productions, and another for crafting of that type too. I'm mostly trying to decide if having a cottage and keep will get me set up enough to go right into another profession or will I need to start by trying to build a villa or something then I can start researching jewelcrafting. Thanks for the reply!
  4. Hey everyone! Was thinking about crafting stations. I see in the cottage you can have a crafting station, and the villa says multiple crafting stations. Does the Fort Lodge let you place crafting stations? And in that location will guildies or the public be able to have access to use it? I played SWG tons back in the day and a lot of this looks like that, which is perfect to me, and there you could place crafting stations in town halls and let the public use them and even charge entry to use them. But if there are multiple types of crafting stations for the different skills, then I'll need something more than my cottage to craft in, right?
  5. Tumnus, I may be interested. I've had an eye on this game only a few months, but SWG was my mmo cherry back in the day and god this game brings the memories. I'm mid thirties, and don't have an interest in PVP per se but I've always been a big crafter, and this is the only game since SWG that might satisfy that itch. How do you feel about more casual players that just come on and craft and explore?
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