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  1. I've been in 3 guilds over the last 5+ years of development. I'm super encouraged about Valeria. Unlike some of the "leet" guilds, Valeria doesn't recruit only veteran players. Our leadership encourages new players to try us out as well as trying the game out. Valeria has spawned many new guilds simply by being a great team, inviting, and patient for new players. Valeria truly doesn't expect a recruit to be an expert at the game. We expect folks to learn - and to be willing to learn. Our track record during Beta has us placing in the top 3 whenever we decided to do so. We are competitive against the "leet" guilds, as our history in the Beta has proven. Our guild leadership has a proven track record of winning - at PvP, at Group vs Group, at Guild versus Guild. We have executed serious crafting skills. We have a share and share alike precept for "stuff" - we don't hoard, and we don't expect you to pay for the privilege of wearing our tag. Our history is such that our players simply want to contribute to help the guild perform. We have a place for folks that only want to chop heads. We have a place for pure crafters. And, we have a place for casual players that only want to play a few hours a week. Come and have fun. Come and play to be competitive. Come, and enjoy the community.
  2. forced a repair, and it finally loaded. have not had a repeat since the repair
  3. sent this in an email: Hey, here is a new problem for me as of today. Test server, log in to lobby is fine, select character fine, enter the world (Gods Reach) and instead feeding crows, terrain, etc, normal stuff my little wheel on the bottom right says "Refreshing Login Token" for the normal amount of load time (screen shot attached). But, it never changes to the normal messages, instead, it says client lost connection and kills the client.
  4. Barbed Stake disc. The stake is a melee stake with a ranged distance bonus. I think it should be either melee / melee or ranged / ranged
  5. so the "nerf" if actually fixing it? so, what was / is intended? is the rare valkyn statue actually going to give a buff or just another nice looking piece of furniture?
  6. A Valkyn head statue in an EK appears to make crafting in a Keep no longer the best place possible. However, I can't be sure because I can't place a statue in my TEST EK. Has anyone determined if the Valkyn head statue placed in an EK actually yields a buff equal to the fully ranked crafting buffs possible in a Campaign keep?
  7. -W- is better than that. or at least, that's the rumor
  8. Best card ever, only got the truly elite: "We own the castle, defended it with 20 radicals on the staircase. best use of strategy and tactics ever." Castle possession is 9/10th of the points. genius victory.
  9. the new CF roadmap has made this post obsolete. thanks you all for contributing
  10. Lack of this major feature will certainly be problematic. There are enough games with functioning in-game guild systems, guild banks, etc, that this is really not optional for post-release. This is not a new MMORPG feature, and for the entirety of CF development, there has always been a major emphasis on Guild mechanics.
  11. no, that is not a zerg. Its a great video example of GvG warfare at the small scale tactical level - requires precise gameplay, superior knowledge of game mechanics, and firm understanding of enemy capabilities. In my example, I used the picture of a GW2 big blob of a large number of random people acting as blob, blindly following a commander tag, dropping mass AOEs, with not much skill or thinking.
  12. ummm... yes, I can. And, how they achieved it depends on more than I write about here. Lots has been written on this topic on this very forum.
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