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  1. no, that is not a zerg. Its a great video example of GvG warfare at the small scale tactical level - requires precise gameplay, superior knowledge of game mechanics, and firm understanding of enemy capabilities. In my example, I used the picture of a GW2 big blob of a large number of random people acting as blob, blindly following a commander tag, dropping mass AOEs, with not much skill or thinking.
  2. ummm... yes, I can. And, how they achieved it depends on more than I write about here. Lots has been written on this topic on this very forum.
  3. do people that think this is all there is take time to actually read things like the Kickstarter, and game concept - or do you just post the first totally uniformed thought that takes shape in your brain? Imagine that something actually exist before you think it into being. yes I'm frustrated. ZvZ it is not.
  4. No. This game is NOT Zerg Vs Zerg. It is Guild warfare involving Tactics and Strategy. Some dude with a pink tag that every one (the mobs) follows and then pounds out a bunch of AOEs is not this game.
  5. CF and its predecessor SB we never intended to be Zerg versus Zerg. matter of fact, that is what killed the game (remember CN? and their farmers?)
  6. You have to look at median play time (not average). Then, as a factor of that median play time, it takes x hours of play along a WBS work flow to produce a given piece of gear. That gear should be a % better than the best (and rare) drops from the mobs, statistical regression analysis and a few "what if" scenarios generating various hypothesis (mathematical / coding ones) with an alpha of 0.05. You can chart the time sink for crafting based on median values: median player play time median time to progress along a crafting path (requires a WBS / GANNT chart) the above
  7. Hey Devs - the infected has become a very poor reflection of the Zerg vs Zerg warfare hated by those of us that grew up on ShadowBane, and not a part of the original kickstarter marketing material. If the intent for infected is Zerg warfare (numbers not skill), then we have truly missed the mark. If that is not the intent of Infected, then please take a look at the overall mechanics.
  8. I spent some time on TEST in the new 31-34 camps on a mid-tier Legendary pitfighter, with mid-tier crafted gear. I suggest that higher tier camps require a group to attack, clear, and hold. Make the mobs stronger and increase the agro range. There should be no 31-34 level camp that a single player can farm / XP alone. Solo farming and XP of lower level camps seems appropriate. However, the idea of encouraging GvG warfare should be re-enforced at the mob camp level.
  9. I looted 2 purples from Test yesterday. Pretty good stats on them.
  10. Sam, apples and apples. Your discussion may have merit, but you killed it with your sampling method test / control groups as cited evidence for your argument. The primary idea is that you want crafted gear to have value earlier (and all the economic outflows). And, several of the responding arguments want top tier end game items right away. CF is being built as a "long game" not a "win today" game. A potential solution is to scale dropped gear at a ratio of the best possible crafted gear. Assume the material drop tables to be valid for a long game outlook. The dropped gear a
  11. not sure, was just trolling Mac Daddy there.
  12. we've made 31 on several vessels from PvPing you and your boys (I know, that was really too easy, I'm just surprised I was the first to say it. You're slipping)
  13. said no attacking commander in the history of the world. There are normal force multipliers that should be factored in. For example, IRL, attacking a fortified defensive position is considered a 12:1 advantage in favor of the defender. However, force multipliers (such as a JDAAM thru the chimney) reduce the ratio to something closer to that a ground combat commander can manage. The city building portion of the remarks was oriented on making the defenders have to make hard choices between what buildings they put down. The total plots available should drive those hard choices. That could
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