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  1. can't find the client logs as I loaded the game on a hybrid and bulk data side. And, it seems to not be a bug, something about the 3rd tray I have to figure out. (Thanks Coolster)
  2. Archdruid doesn't regen essence, stays at zero. tried food, logging out, casting random powers. I first noticed it while leveling. power leveled from 9 (with essence regen ok) to 30. then spent talents and stats. Essence regen was ok. loaded spells into trays and essence zeroed out and will not regen. have eaten food to confirm no hunger. no debuffs showing.
  3. Thank you, Surelia. I appreciate the time you took to answer vice just rolling eyes and moving on!
  4. Hi folks, my first wipe coming up and I saw the message about putting stuff in my spirit bank. I don't have much gold, or even decent gear at this point, so is there something I should focus on the next few days to help when we start up again? I don't know many tricks yet, but a few like seige lumber for gold, or XP seems like a decent idea. Any thoughts are appreciated
  5. Very nice updates so far. I'm not sure I see anything that fulfills the "Battlefield Commander" label. I played that role quite a bit, and more often than not, I was not buffing and healing during combat, or looking for cool combo tricks. The closest ever was a shade dagger thief, spec'd out deliberatley as a multi- GvG commander. Perhaps you could think of leadership roles in multi group situations, and recall the discrete functions of each..... Overall commander determines tactical approach, target caller(s), etc. as a target caller type leader, a optional power for marking a target say with a hard to remove beacon, would be pretty awesome. With some type of combat spam, a group could Identify and counter attack the target caller, disrupting that particular leader. Anyway, pretty awesome work.... I encourage you to work on actually defining powers for a combat leadership role, vice buffer / healer / bouncer.... They are different.
  6. Worked fine, no probs at all
  7. will be interesting to see how this develops.... but a great concept for guilding up
  8. hehe, maybe an ad, and the guy has 2 post - veteran member for sure!
  9. yeah, but I think even with x number of char slots, you'll likely only be able to passively train one at a time. Otherwise, it'd be a bit OP silly
  10. he is the guy that owns the CN farming company right? the dude based in LA that buys the hardware and staffs it in China?
  11. aha cool, thanks. some nice higher end packages available, too.
  12. Crowd funding is not associated with my CF account in any way? I already pledged / paid for a particular level.... so what's next?
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