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  1. For everyone who called me a whiny ahole for wishing this game had classes instead of archetypes... well I guess I was still a whiny ahole but AT LEAST I GOT MY WAY WOOHOOO! So damned excited!
  2. Nice timing, jerks. It's income tax return time, I have tonnes of money. What am I supposed to tell my wife when she finds out how much I'm gonna spend on the kickstarter? I'm screwed.
  3. "We will license some of the overseas rights for Crowfall." Oh dear god here we go again. If we raise you enough cash can you promise we wont be CN zerged again?
  4. This really hit me. Just the idea of your gear coming from your guild's crafter's instead of normal MMO gear sources REALLY changes the entire full-loot perspective in my eyes. I really want this. If gear comes from HUMAN crafters, readily available providing your guild has good crafters, then I think full-loot is the way to go.
  5. EDIT: View changed in 2 posts. New record! http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/1106-change-my-view-full-looters/?p=25406 I would definitely rather have full-loot than no-loot, but I hold that Shadowbane's all but gear looting system was even better. Your gear should be a part of your character. It is asinine to me to equate your toon to just a naked nothing that uses gear as nothing more than a temporary but necessary buff to become powerful and trod off into the world with. Why not let your skills and stat points all fall off and be lootable on death? Unless gear becomes exactly like armor in the real world. Plain old non magical off the shelf items. If armor is nothing but an equip-able item that increases your defense and can be replaced at a reasonable price at Joe's Steel Chest Pieces N' More on main street then fine. But if gear is powerfully magic, vitally important to your character's abilities, and takes a lot of work to obtain, it should not be loot-able. If people risk entire parts of their character by venturing into PvP then I think the results will not be fun. All that being said, I do feel that Shadowbane's system, where the most you could lose on death was whatever gold you were too stupid to secure, was not punishment enough. I feel that more should have been at risk upon death, but I do NOT feel it should be your gear. Maybe if all normal gear was purely cosmetic, but the stats on them came in the form of separately acquired enchantments of some sort that stick with the character and are able to be recast, even on your post-death starter loin cloth. Maybe gear durability reaching zero should mean the gear drops and becomes loot-able instead of gets broke. I'm not sure. In Shadowbane you didn't risk enough, with full-loot you risk too much. I think somewhere in between is best.
  6. Better to let the player create their own factions. In WoW, i'm horde. I couldn't give half a crap about alliance. In Shadowbane, I felt REAL and INTENSE hatred for certain nations.
  7. I remember when Sister donated to my city when you were hanging out in it for a while and when I later found out I about crapped myself. All my friends were all kinds of jealous.
  8. As cool as Shadowbane 2 would be, It's likely to never happen. I'm just excited that the Play2Crush spirit is back on track. Though I would definitely like to see another game where your guild is more than just a friends list. The way you only could spawn at your tree that you shared with your guild-mates really added a fog of war to the game. Your area around your city and your guild chat being your main view of the entire game world was really a special experience.
  9. Just heard about Crowfall 10 minutes ago and I'm about to hyper-ventilate. I was a Shadowbane player, and it changed me. It was my first mmo and it straight ruined me for every mmo to follow. The simple concept of you, your guild-mates, your city, and your spawn point being your ENTIRE connection to the world, and that connection being at risk at any given time made the experience a magical one. Ever since then I've had to bite my tongue every time I've heard the words PVP or guild. What the hell does any other game since SB know about PVP? What do you lose when you die in the battlegrounds in WoW? Nothing. Every guild in every MMO just nothing more than a friends list. I've gone on countless tirades on forums and in MMO in-game chats about "real" pvp and the glory of Shadowbane and the feelings that a bane could evoke. All fell on deaf ears. I'm so excited. Thank you J. Todd for not giving up on Play2Crush. Thank you to the entire Crowfall team for working to bring the Play2Crush spirit back to life. I can't wait to see what happens! P.S. If this post seems is lame to those reading it as it does to me writing it, I'm sorry. I'm just so excited!
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