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  1. Region: US Atmosphere: Fun, friendly, relaxed Casual/Hardcore: I prefer casual, but this game seems to have the opportunity to be both casual and hardcore. Size: Small to medium. I like to really get to know the people in the guild. Playstyle: I really enjoy group PVP, but I want to enjoy all the aspects of CrowFall. I do enjoy the sneaking around and killing people, so Assassin is likely what I will play, but I want to check out all of them. Commitment: I'm a casual player in that I can't do this all the time. I will play mostly on weekends and late afterno
  2. I am sorta new to Crowfall. I downloaded the game and started looking around back in late 2017 but had to leave it alone due to work issues. But I'm back and trying to figure things out. I am a on-again/off-again WoW player but it's about as routine as a game can be now so I'm looking forward to CF. Since I've always played Rogue I'm interested in the Assassin but I'm going to try out a few different races/classes/combos. I'm also looking for a guild if any are desperate for someone very new. Hope to see you around!
  3. Well I went ahead and got the Amber bundle and even more excited about learning more about the game.
  4. I'm new to the forums and am getting a either the Gold or Amber bundles for Christmas. Long time MMORPG player but really looking forward to something brand new instead of a game that's been around a while. Hope to see you soon ...
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