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  1. Region: US Atmosphere: Fun, friendly, relaxed Casual/Hardcore: I prefer casual, but this game seems to have the opportunity to be both casual and hardcore. Size: Small to medium. I like to really get to know the people in the guild. Playstyle: I really enjoy group PVP, but I want to enjoy all the aspects of CrowFall. I do enjoy the sneaking around and killing people, so Assassin is likely what I will play, but I want to check out all of them. Commitment: I'm a casual player in that I can't do this all the time. I will play mostly on weekends and late afternoons to sometime before midnight. I have a job so I have to sleep sometimes. I also like to breath fresh air now and then. Miscellaneous: I'm former Air Force so any group with vets would be great. Then again, doesn't matter if everyone is there for a good time. Experience level: I have mostly played WoW (since its beginning and on and off through ever expansion), but after so many years no matter how many changes they make it's become the same old thing. I mainly played Rogue but some Druid occasionally. Communications: Discord I just started figuring out the game so I would indeed be a newbie. So if a guild is willing to take one on, let me know.
  2. I am sorta new to Crowfall. I downloaded the game and started looking around back in late 2017 but had to leave it alone due to work issues. But I'm back and trying to figure things out. I am a on-again/off-again WoW player but it's about as routine as a game can be now so I'm looking forward to CF. Since I've always played Rogue I'm interested in the Assassin but I'm going to try out a few different races/classes/combos. I'm also looking for a guild if any are desperate for someone very new. Hope to see you around!
  3. Well I went ahead and got the Amber bundle and even more excited about learning more about the game.
  4. I'm new to the forums and am getting a either the Gold or Amber bundles for Christmas. Long time MMORPG player but really looking forward to something brand new instead of a game that's been around a while. Hope to see you soon ...
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