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  1. Any other LGBT players?

    *waves gayly* shocking I know sign me up
  2. I think you raised some very interesting points Scree. Artificial caps I agree with you on this I think that there no way an arbitrary cap on things like guild or party size will work because as you say players will just group up to maximise their efficiency. Any issues around camping and zerging have to be addressed elsewhere. Supply chain Certainly food is going to play a big part in guild/alliance/group strategy. I recall Todd saying in multiple live streams that i've followed that they intend to have farms be a target for players to attack in order to cut off an enemy's supply chain. After all an army marches on its stomach as they say. We just have to wait and see how effective this will become as a form of gameplay once more balancing is achieved. I've noted from my experience in 5.7 and from following discussion that the chicken ticker can feel very punitive at times. So there may end up being a need to balance making it harsh enough to matter as a form of war planning but still not making it so cumbersome as to make the whole game feel unreasonably punitive re food consumption. For example starting to lose 50% of your chicken ticker bar after 30 mins of harvesting work isn't going to feel enjoyable. Let alone starving after 5 mins of combat activity. Scaling/AoE tuning First of all (I'm asking this because I have limited technical know how) how resource intensive is scaling tech? Do ArtCraft already have scaling tech that they can call on or would this be a new tech they'd have to develop? I understand what you're saying in regards to trying to keep things fun and competitive for players who might not be able to call upon 500+ players. It's never going to be fun if people just get rolled over by any group which is a requisite % larger than them. The danger in tuning AoE to scale based on how many people are around is that you kind of remove an element of skill do you not think? I know that ArtCraft have said that they want there to be an element of skill to victory. That you should practice and learn from your experiences campaign to campaign. Would simply having to manage where best to place your AoE reticle not rather remove an element of skill if players know that a high density of players will get rekt if they co-ordinate the AoE with their pals? Or do we think that AoE management like this is a form of skill in of itself and should be catered for rather than discouraged? Camping vs zerging Practically speaking you're absolutely right, camping probably won't be too much of a problem given the reasons you state above. Since it's random spawn it would be like trying to catch rain with a colander. Full coverage would require too many players too much time. So the issue moved to zerging and as you rightly infer it's a balancing act between catering to strategic gameplay around building and maintaining alliances for strength in numbers vs how will ArtCraft offset 1v1 balancing against group v group balancing. This is why I was asking about the technical cost/feasability above as I just don't know how possible/expensive it would be. I look forward to hearing your/everyones thoughts. Thanks, Fabulex
  3. Kickstarter Large Castle

    Do you not think the tokens are a wee bit punative? Being a die hard lover of world building ability I just want ALLLLL of the tokens Thanks, Fabulex
  4. Suggestion for the new tower/camp systems

    I think this is a brilliant idea pal! It would save the map from being just this chequered mess of different towers banners. The only reservation with this though is that it will detract from their whole reason for existing. They are meant to be accessible content for 1-3 players ArtCraft have said. So makimg them a frontier may detract from this because of population density. So for example if there are always 10-30 players pottering around the towers then the small group content is estopped. Perhaps apply your model to only the very highest rank towers and leave the outposts and smaller towers as they are? Certainly a well thought out concept though well done! Thanks, Fabulex
  5. I think the issue that the developers want to prevent is giving campers unfair advantage owing to the incoming players having a handicap from the likes of loading screens/loss of momentum. I agree with you that choke points are a storied and material part of strategic warfare. However it’s frustrating when the campers can appear to have an advantage granted by the mechanics of the game. However I’d be interested to hear why you then seem to abhor players taking a strength in numbers approach. Often battles are fought and won on numbers. So why does camping not strike you as an issue while zerging does? Also what would the possible solution to zerging be in your mind? Thanks, Fabulex
  6. Passive Skill Tree is Very Alarming!

    I personally like the way that the passive training works in general terms. I know that a lot of the skill trees are objectively quite arbitrary advances to stats but there’s are some tangible benefits/choices in there as well. Crafters specifically will have to look ahead after basic training and see where they’d like to specialise because going down a certain path will unlocks more craftable items for you and (in practice if not in game mechanic) lock off other avenues (assuming you want to master one profession). I haven’t done that much research into the combat trees but I don’t think the higher end things give you any new abilities? (Please correct me if I’m wrong guys) So it may be that the hardcore PvPers are more concerned with getting gear appropriate to their play style and equipping some disciples (after they stop being so lacklustre (sorry ACE they are a bit)) to help add some variety and utility to their build. Its not a BAD system. It may not be what you want 100% of the time but you can’t please everyone so you have to just make your best guess and roll the dice. Heavy is the head that wears the crown (and I think ACE have some pretty buff necks now haha). It does help take some of the hated ‘grind’ gameplay away from PvP whinebags who like to complain so cant be all bad? Thanks, Fabulex
  7. Looks to be a great tool good job! Will certainly be interesting to see the different ways this tool, and consequentially this tech, will be used in the future. For now all I’ll say is make an island just big enough to fit a massive fortress on and call it Aincrad. Go on.... indulge a fan boy Thanks, Fabulex
  8. Hey guys, Every now and again my character (Male Nethari) decided to squat and pick up some dirt and look at it... Then again... and again... I know you've gotta keep them hammies strong for battle but 20-25 times in a row is a bit excessive for an idle animation no? Assuming it's a bug. Thanks, Fabulex
  9. These could be super fun! It will be great to see the landscape change as well when we get new art assets in! #Nathari4Lyf. It could be cool if these gave passive buffs as others have said. Would love to see the likes of say +1 apple drop chance or +5% tasty tasty pig bacon with x meters. Also when ArtCraft sort out the tech to dig into terrain we could see the likes of capturable bunkers which come equipped with NPCs that passively harvest resources and despposit then in the bunker. Say you’re starving in winter and you come across a bunker full to the brim with delicious cake (Cake better be a recipe)! Aha but I’m rambling now! Best wishes, Fabulex
  10. I thought it might just be an iteration issue. Thanks for clarifying @Yoink
  11. Are the gathering weak points working as intended in 5.6? I only ask as I've found them to be very difficult to take full advantage of. Often if you're gathering by just holding down left mouse it doesn't seem to register your reticle being over the weak point target. Even using a separate left click for each swing of the axe/pick/etc it misses half the time? I don't know if it's a bug or just how they're supposed to work but I would humbly suggest: Make the weak spots less punishing, i.e. have a greater margin for error on how close to dead centre you have to be. Make the weak spots last the length of 3 swings up from 2 swings (maybe its sever client delay?) Maybe even add a small crosshair on the harvesting bar to assist with aiming? I'm always losing my wee white dot! I'd love to know if anyone else has been experiencing the same thing or if it's just me? Best wishes, Fabulex
  12. I will be an EU boy i'm afraid! If you even get over to EU servers look me up
  13. You’re very welcome pal ? I’m glad there are other people that feel the way I do. Too many people are just given to piss and moan in a really unhelpful way! if you’re going to feed back at least be helpful you know
  14. Iteration and the Player Economy

    Thank you @Jah and @Gorantu I appreciate you guys getting me up to speed. I think maybe I just got my wires crossed with 1 years worth of mental note taking rattling around in my head!
  15. Iteration and the Player Economy

    That would make sense. After all variety is the spice of life. That and ArtCraft aren't stupid they ken what they're doing