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  1. This is not an attack on the art department but a request they revisit earlier work to update it as the have done so well in the game so far. The Order faction symbol is atrocious and the colour combination and design need to be changed. I would recommend: white and blue pattern like a coat of arms with animal in game purple ( colour of royalty) the symbol for order is awkward and spiky , a coat of arms or Celtic ,Nordic runes , decrative pattern would be much appreciated
  2. Alright . i followed the game for 2 years and purchased an account, basic . Then got a second account for my teenager. He never played it so I took it over. As I have been playing for a while and learned a lot about the game . I now have a great idea of how I want to play and contribute. I no longer wish to have 2 accounts, what are the options of combining or selling / gifting my second account?
  3. What VIP gave you the same reward as the winning faction? It would stop the faction bandwagon jumping.
  4. I really like the focus weapon disc’s shield (Equal to current mana )but the flame wall is supposed to be better. I can’t seem to not self cats the flame wall , am I doing something wrong ?
  5. Where is righteous shield? I must have missed it
  6. the question is how do those point differences effect the rolls. are they percentage based ? is there caps on level of mats ?
  7. is eminently punchable restore mana on the confessor ?
  8. I built one , super enjoy the middle path. You become a stealth hunter with 30 % bleed mitigation. I find the lack of life even with mail is really holding he class back. I am trying arcane archer \ banshee master of bows sturdy , demons pact , still deciding any other suggestions
  9. I’m using sharp shooter and trying to figure out a second disc. I have no room for passives and just have one ability slot left. im thinking banshee for crit bonus and reflect ? Any other suggestions ?
  10. Any more information about this build
  11. I have been training in the crafting leadership and a crafting tree . is it better to have a non crafter have crafting leadership as it takes a passive slot . Also so how does it work , what is all the numbers and details , I cannot see the buffs or effects .has anyone another topic or video on this ?
  12. I really want to do a Minotaur ranger. I think the frontal immunity to stuns. And the racial “ take damage as a DOT. Might be really good in smaller fights where you become targeted. Also with the lack of western servers my ping is high and might offset my reaction time any any input would be helpful and and thanks
  13. LOL, we’ll ill take the bump. I am just having a hard time thinning down the number of abilities and rotation for PVP as well as I have seen some mix (melee/ranged ) and single ranged bar combat
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