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  1. We had two different instances of the crow bug in two different games. When a player dies and they release into crow form in order to fly to the rez statue they are stuck. They can move up by jumping, by cant move in any other direction. It ruins the game when your team is instantly down to 4 players because someone is stuck as an unmovable crow.
  2. Che_Copado

    Archer Quiver

    It already requires 66% charge time nihil. From what I've gathered, requiring the LMB3 combo is just a balancing mechanic. You can quick fire LMB1 and LMB2 to quickly do the combo and get your special effect from quiver, but at the cost of damage compared to going through the combo normally. Quiver specials feel more like icing on the cake rather than something that you are always focused on in most situation. To answer rooq, rapid fire does not apply any of the quiver effects. Those effects are only applied from your third auto attack in the auto attack chain. The three minors that you a
  3. If by subpar you mean broken, then yes. Cant see stealthed guineas with heads up unless you pop it while they are visible. The FX dont show if you try to pop while they are already in stealth. Their counter straight up doesnt work
  4. That actually sounds like an amazing suggestion to solve several problems that the game is facing. 10/10 support it
  5. Im all for nerfing Frostweavers first before nerfing all ranged classes. Melee feels good against groups without frostweavers, its when frostweavers are added to the mix (which is 90% of all engagements) that melee becomes an absolute dumpster fire. Volatile Ice obviously needs to be looked at, although people are also ignoring that frigid ice will be just as bad once volatile ice is nerfed/fixed. Volatile Ice needs a damage nerf as well as a short timer before triggering CC, something like 1.5 secs would probably be fine, but obviously thats something that needs to be tested to find the right
  6. 5v5 fights dont have an established meta makkon, youd be surprised at what you can pull off in small scale fights.
  7. I've tried to get around pip generation using DL and Righteous Smash, but find that I end up draining my pips far more often than I am gaining them. The mobility of combat and constant interrupts/CCs compounds that issue. Thats kind of the whole reason why I view parry as the main pip generation source as its more reliable, but only against melee sadly. Speeding up the righteous smash combo and auto attack chain would actually be an amazing soft fix to pip generation, I'm all for that change. I understand that templars have it rough against ranged, but my issue is that vindicators have
  8. Im perfectly okay with Vindicators only excelling in certain situations, but they need to not be absolute trash in everything else. The issue is that they become useless in anything other than holding a fort wall or throne room and that sucks
  9. Its pretty easy to see that Templars are in a rough place right now, especially with the ranged meta that's been dominating dregs at the current time. This post isnt to complain about the viability of templars in the current meta, but instead to discuss tweaks and point out issues that the vindicator is specifically dealing with and brainstorming suggestions to alleviate some of their glaring gameplay weaknesses/flaws. Vindicators have no way to reliably fight against range. This is obviously the Templar's greatest weakness; fighting against ranged, often mobile opponents. Paladins
  10. Even without factions the Chaos alliances are back. Learn from the past and be better than the previous alliances. Make sure all leaders are on the same page, don't hold back information (unless you are planning an epic backstab, in which case record everything so the whole community can enjoy the juicy drama in its full glory) and coordinate better. Theres a reason why chaos was only able to beat W in one out of many CWs and the same thing is happening now in dregs, just with different actors.
  11. TLDR of this thread: The new system that encourages PvP in a PvP centric game is actually causing PvP and we dont like that! Meanwhile half of the playerbase who has been starving for small scale PvP content has been having an absolute blast with the new system.
  12. Running pigs is a risk v. reward activity. If a lone pig runner can harvest crazy amounts of material with little risk, then the activity is imbalanced. Adding an alert ping brings PvP into an area that most people complained was too PvE focused and helps balance the material gain from pig running. From what we have seen as the gankers in a lot of these situations is that pig runners are running solo or only with another pig runner in an attempt to maximize reward, but at the same time also maximizing their risk, making it extra juicy to gank. The issue that Ive seen most guilds having in rega
  13. Will the duelist's impale be fixed by dregs? (Anyone can answer this, havent found an answer as to whether or not theyve worked on it yet) What things have to be in place for CF to be considered Beta? When will we have a FW preview? Specs, roles, etc. Guild banks, when?
  14. Happens to me whenever I dont run it as administrator, so try that
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