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  1. Its all stat priory. Stack weapon damage, AP, and crit damage as a vindi and youll hit those numbers pretty easily. Also helps if you have a way to elemental break your target or reduce their PDM. As a rule of thumb, any class in a group will hit harder than they will solo due to buffs applied to you by group members and debuffs stacked on the enemy target.
  2. First and foremost, zerg busting mechanics are needed to allow medium groups have fun. Raise group size, up/remove aoe caps, FF outside of groups, etc. As for small scale content, there need to be one time events on a rotating timetable that would entice small groups. Things like a special chest spawning on the hour, a king mob that drops guaranteed loot, or other things to that effect. I have loved the hot zones, the guaranteed pvp has been wonderful. Hellgates like the one sirk posted above were one of albion's saving graces. High risk, high skill instanced pvp that gave good rewards kept people engaged for months on end doing just the hellgates. This a tech constraint though as we have yet to see instancing like hellgates would require. If the devs can come up with the tech it would be absolutely amazing and a cornerstone of the Crowfall experience. Medium scale content is much trickier imo, as you dont want zergs to contest the events at every turn, but also want the rewards to be enticing enough for 10-20 man groups. Albion had instanced 20v20 city battles which were a ton of fun, but again that would require instanced PvP tech that hasnt been shown in game yet. I think one of the options is to timegate medium scale activities to force PvP that have already been established. Heralds, Daemons, etc. could spawn and despawn on a fixed timer to force people to engage in that activity during a short window and guarantee risk that has otherwise not been there.
  3. If you are reducing the ability to gain personal damage modifier, will you also lower the ability to strip personal damage modifier from your enemies? Hellraiser + troub alone can take 35% PDM which would unbalance tf out of changes like the ones proposed. Will you also take a look at holy damage classes when these changes are implemented? The best way to counter radical spam is PDM, but if we swap to low PDM and high armor radicals will probably be overpowered compared to other classes.
  4. We had two different instances of the crow bug in two different games. When a player dies and they release into crow form in order to fly to the rez statue they are stuck. They can move up by jumping, by cant move in any other direction. It ruins the game when your team is instantly down to 4 players because someone is stuck as an unmovable crow.
  5. It already requires 66% charge time nihil. From what I've gathered, requiring the LMB3 combo is just a balancing mechanic. You can quick fire LMB1 and LMB2 to quickly do the combo and get your special effect from quiver, but at the cost of damage compared to going through the combo normally. Quiver specials feel more like icing on the cake rather than something that you are always focused on in most situation. To answer rooq, rapid fire does not apply any of the quiver effects. Those effects are only applied from your third auto attack in the auto attack chain. The three minors that you are using are pretty standard and if you want a 4th the current recommendations are finish him, pound of flesh, sturdy, or you could even shoot for overwhelming odds/resolution if you feel like you are close to the enemy group in most engagements
  6. If by subpar you mean broken, then yes. Cant see stealthed guineas with heads up unless you pop it while they are visible. The FX dont show if you try to pop while they are already in stealth. Their counter straight up doesnt work
  7. That actually sounds like an amazing suggestion to solve several problems that the game is facing. 10/10 support it
  8. Im all for nerfing Frostweavers first before nerfing all ranged classes. Melee feels good against groups without frostweavers, its when frostweavers are added to the mix (which is 90% of all engagements) that melee becomes an absolute dumpster fire. Volatile Ice obviously needs to be looked at, although people are also ignoring that frigid ice will be just as bad once volatile ice is nerfed/fixed. Volatile Ice needs a damage nerf as well as a short timer before triggering CC, something like 1.5 secs would probably be fine, but obviously thats something that needs to be tested to find the right #s. Once frostweaver CC is fixed we can see how melee plays in an actual rock v paper v scissors meta
  9. 5v5 fights dont have an established meta makkon, youd be surprised at what you can pull off in small scale fights.
  10. I've tried to get around pip generation using DL and Righteous Smash, but find that I end up draining my pips far more often than I am gaining them. The mobility of combat and constant interrupts/CCs compounds that issue. Thats kind of the whole reason why I view parry as the main pip generation source as its more reliable, but only against melee sadly. Speeding up the righteous smash combo and auto attack chain would actually be an amazing soft fix to pip generation, I'm all for that change. I understand that templars have it rough against ranged, but my issue is that vindicators have no way to play around that disadvantage. Like I stated before, furies can get their quick aoe CCs to help the team out while Paladins can still keep people alive. Vindicators just kind of run at things while rarely keeping damage up on their target due to the combination of lack of mobility and lack of staying power. What changes would you suggest to help Vindicators out MrErad? You're the die hard templar of the game, would love to hear some of your thoughts
  11. Im perfectly okay with Vindicators only excelling in certain situations, but they need to not be absolute trash in everything else. The issue is that they become useless in anything other than holding a fort wall or throne room and that sucks
  12. Its pretty easy to see that Templars are in a rough place right now, especially with the ranged meta that's been dominating dregs at the current time. This post isnt to complain about the viability of templars in the current meta, but instead to discuss tweaks and point out issues that the vindicator is specifically dealing with and brainstorming suggestions to alleviate some of their glaring gameplay weaknesses/flaws. Vindicators have no way to reliably fight against range. This is obviously the Templar's greatest weakness; fighting against ranged, often mobile opponents. Paladins can still set up healing zones for the team to fall back into and set up safe points. Furies can get huge knockdowns by charging into the enemy and dropping circles. Vindicators can try and... well not much. They can run in and drop their circle, but anyone who isnt braindead just moves the fight 10ish meters away if the fight is stationary, otherwise they continue pulling or pushing depending on the flow of the fight leading them outside of the circle. Vindicators cant parry spam them (their biggest draw to playing them btw) because ranged attacks cant be parried. They can go for auto attacks, but templars hit like wet noodles when holding down lmb. They can try and spam their KD combo, but unfortunately run out of pips quickly and auto attacking to get them back is painful to say the least. Lastly, they lack both the mobility and the staying power that is required to DPS against ranged opponents. While fighting ranged targets is supposed to be the counter to templars, they still need some way to not auto lose every ranged engagement. Solutions: Give the Vindicator specifically some mobility. Time on target is one of the most important things for melee and without the necessary mobility to stay on a target your slot is better taken by another class. Swordsmen have high uptime on their pursuit which allows them to stick to targets. Knights and Myrms both have pulls which bring targets to them. Champions have leap and dodges. Vindicators only have their charge (because not running parry eliminates half of your damage to most targets), but it has a long CD for a mobility ability and is used more for retreating to healers than chasing targets. Give them the swordsman treatment and give them a talent to reduce their charge cd or give greatswords the lunge that you are giving daggers/longswords. Vindicator gameplay is very one dimensional. Your job as a vindicator is to parry and execute while occasionally dropping circles if the fight is stationary. The skill ceiling for a vindicator is abysmally low compared to other classes. Setting up a flank as a Vindicator is near impossible because of the lack of mobility mentioned above, not to mention that Vindicators lack the ability to create melee DPS levels of damage without being attacked themselves. You can literally just watch a vindicator run into your line and if no one attacks it you will be 100% okay. Sure they might knock you down once, but thats it. Vindicators offer no pressure without being attacked by melee players and that is glaring flaw that prevents vindicators from seeing play outside of a melee ball meta. Solutions: Either double down on this style of gameplay or give vindicators a new dps ability in their class talent tree. If you want to double down on that style, make more abilities trigger parry. If all auto attacks triggered parry you would solve most of their issues to be honest. Pip generation on Vindicators is too low. Your main source of pip generation comes from parrying attacks, but that requires opponents to actually focus you. Your only other option is to spam your auto attack, which hits for far too little to justify gaining a single pip for a 3 strike auto attack. With all of the knockdowns happening with the release of the frostweaver, getting 3 auto attacks off is much more difficult until you trigger cc immunity. Solutions: Make auto attacks generate more pips. Whether that means each attack generates pips like a duelist/assassin does, or making your final auto attack grant 2 pips to justify the risk involved with pulling off a full auto attack chain. While this isnt necessarily on the topic of fixing the vindicator, give them the ability to equip Great Axes. Vindicators are supposed to be the executioner class of crowfall and nothing exemplifies that better than a big axe in their hands. No other class actually uses the great axe (neckbreaker forces alphas to focus on crushing damage and pits prefer crushing weapons), so show it some love by giving it to the Vindicator. It not only would make the great axe finally see some use, but would add some more depth and class fantasy to the Vindicator. Feel free to post any ideas or any other things that you feel like the Vindicator needs to be successful, I would love to see people play this class again
  13. Even without factions the Chaos alliances are back. Learn from the past and be better than the previous alliances. Make sure all leaders are on the same page, don't hold back information (unless you are planning an epic backstab, in which case record everything so the whole community can enjoy the juicy drama in its full glory) and coordinate better. Theres a reason why chaos was only able to beat W in one out of many CWs and the same thing is happening now in dregs, just with different actors.
  14. TLDR of this thread: The new system that encourages PvP in a PvP centric game is actually causing PvP and we dont like that! Meanwhile half of the playerbase who has been starving for small scale PvP content has been having an absolute blast with the new system.
  15. Running pigs is a risk v. reward activity. If a lone pig runner can harvest crazy amounts of material with little risk, then the activity is imbalanced. Adding an alert ping brings PvP into an area that most people complained was too PvE focused and helps balance the material gain from pig running. From what we have seen as the gankers in a lot of these situations is that pig runners are running solo or only with another pig runner in an attempt to maximize reward, but at the same time also maximizing their risk, making it extra juicy to gank. The issue that Ive seen most guilds having in regards to pig running is that they arent doing much to support the pig runners and tend to just leave them to fend for themselves. The player solution is simple, bring escorts to get ready for the PvP that is bound to happen. Pack pigs should be designed to be a competitive PvP hub that rewards the victors. The new activity log also encourages people to actually fight for outposts for scouting potential instead of just for point gain. Overall, I think the activity log is a great addition because of how it encourages PvP and a step in the right direction for future additions/implementations
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