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  1. Hi All, I am excited about this game and would like to join a guild to help and be helped. I've poked around to try to find one, but struck out so far, so here I go: Region: NA Casual/Hardcore? Casual / Semi-Casual / Very-Casual / I've got kids who play sports. Size: Any. Play-Style: Crafting, gathering, and a little wretched pvp. Faction: I would chose balance if I'm solo, but will go wherever. Game experience: WOW mostly.
  2. I will say I have not been invited yet. This guild premise is what I'm looking for, as my playing time will be limited, but I'd like to be with others to help me along, and help along others when I can. This game is complex, so there will be a learning curve. All the other guilds seem to consider casual 30-40 hours a week, and I can't make that kind of commitment. In any event, if anyone knows of a group looking for the very casual player. put out the word.
  3. I'm a very casual player but think I am going to really like this game. This guild looks like it might be my speed. How can I join?
  4. I'm interested in this too. I wanted to craft and try not to get ganked too often. Unfortunately, I have two kids in select sports, so my participation will be spotty. I'm super excited about how this game looks though.
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