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    Love being the healing class if there is one in the game. Love animals and music. Also pottery. Enjoy going to school. Have lots of friends. Live on a farm.
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  1. I think all the classes we know of so far are really cool, but depending on if there's no other class I like better than the confessor, I'm gonna play as a confessor. Reminds me of my religion, Christianity. God bless you, brothers and sisters!
  2. I decided to join since I love making new friends and I've never done an open world pvp based game before. I've also decided to make my first ever full game walk through or let's play on YouTube and what better game to start with than Crowfall since its so new? I'm really looking forward to battling to the death with everyone that joins this guild. Btw, I like the name you chose, it's a very mysterious name. Go Last Call!!!!! Wooooo!!!!
  3. I come from Wizards, but have stopped for awhile since of all the drama. I mostly play Neverwinter and Star Stables now.
  4. Sugar Pie Honey Bunch, I don't know a good name. This just came up because my dad always teases me by singing that song. So it was natural.
  5. Pragmaticjoker, I'm gonna be on the North American servers. So NA. What server are you gonna be on?
  6. I would like to join your guild. I am kinda shy, but I'm nice and all that. So, may you please put me in your group?
  7. Ok, zault. So the only way to learn open pvp is to practice different strategies? Got that. I do hope there is gonna be like a training place, though.
  8. I would like that too. I've done closed pvp, but not open and would like to learn the rules of it with a tutorial. I sure hope there's gonna be a practice place, too, for figuring out new powers and feats and other stuff like that. Anyways, nice job asking about it.
  9. This looks amazing. I'm so excited for it. And each server a unique world?! I would definitely savor this since more room for depending on pure instinct. Keep up the AWESOME work. Can't wait to start testing!!!!!
  10. Is one of the guild members gonna be a healer? Just asking since if there is a healing part, then I would absolutely like that. Nice job so far on the game. Love the sneak peaks! Keep it up!!!!
  11. I love the look of it. Can't wait to start testing!
  12. I am currently playing Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter. I do play Wizard101 once in awhile, but have lost interest in it.
  13. I agree. I love being sneaky. Lol.
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