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  1. Maybe, but we actually dont get the bonus from mail/plate/leather like it should be. Maybe i miss something, but i farmed, weared a better mail plate and using disciplines for supportpower or attackpower dont give a real bonus. I just lose some runningspeed for nearly the same damage mitigation. Isnt a good trade actually... The basic poor quality gear is BIS (best in slot) in my eyes in reason of some arguments...
  2. Ich würde auch noch warten, bevor Du und Deine Freunde in dies Spiel starten. Zur Zeit geht geht der Spielspass doch sehr schnell vorbei, weil man hauptsächlich nur harvesten/craften kann und entsprechend im Vergleich wenig action hat.
  3. I never lost any 1vs1 situations with cleric. But its not possible to kill everything with cleric too... you just outheal every class
  4. The Imports/Exports are allways limited. For exemple you should just put in important or rare items like crafted mail/plate gear or 100 blue iron. The spirit bank will save all the items forever until you put them out. When you just have items equiped or in your common inventory, when the campaing ends, you will lose everything...
  5. You can allways play solo, when you are good enough... But i would allways say you better to search for a group
  6. Ihr seit doch verrückt, statt zu feiern eiert ihr hier im Forum rum .... Auch wenn ich gerade auch hier rein schreibe, sitzte ich immerhin auf Arbeit dabei Allen ein frohes Neues. Ich hoffe auf fette Schlachten und mehr ingame! Persönlich wünsche ich euch allen, dass eure Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen und so ein Schman. Nur nicht die guten Vorsätze, weil die sind eh Utopie
  7. Some days ago i found 2 Duelists, which killed some people with good coordinated damage. Maybe this could be the role they will have. A special unit to gank allready fleeing targets or solo targets with low life and going to stealth again
  8. For myself i try to organisite my inventory allready! Something like bags for weapons, harvesting ingredients or something else, would maybe be helpful to have a good overview all time... With looting enemies we need to see everything without this departmentsystem again. When this would only optional for the own charakter i would like to see it
  9. Some guys like me harvested a lot. Before the server will reset, i would like to save this materials in my spiritbank! Otherwize hours of farming would be for nothing! So, pls bring back the common liveserver!
  10. Its just a question for time investment... In 1 1/2 months you are able to nearly complete every tree for 100%. When guys will play this game 3 years, they will nearly completed everything. I dont see the problem, because you dont have any pressure to do dailies, farming XP for skillleveling. It doesnt matter if you are there or not. Everybody will benefitted just for taking a look into the skilltree every day or every week with VIP... I reakky saw much more worse concepts. This benefit tge pro gamer and the casual!
  11. 1. PvP!!! 2. Theorycrafting 3. Is there much more i need?
  12. hey, for common ore, wood ect. i use only the 5 pips skill. For better tier materials like iron i go mostly 4 pips and then in this duration 2 pips, 1 pips. I think i deal most damge and have the highest dropchance for materials
  13. The common attacks should cost stamina instead of fury or maybe nothing and all would be fine for this class again... I really like the concept of this class, but is impossible weak at the moment... @Jjohnsinis right with everythink what he said!
  14. English isnt my main language, so i have sometimes problems to find the right words for that, what i want to explain. Pls excuse that, but ty for your feedback. I will look for the volume, if i create other videos again. I hope the developers will create better tutorials, so we dont need to give time for that
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