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  1. Maybe, but we actually dont get the bonus from mail/plate/leather like it should be. Maybe i miss something, but i farmed, weared a better mail plate and using disciplines for supportpower or attackpower dont give a real bonus. I just lose some runningspeed for nearly the same damage mitigation. Isnt a good trade actually... The basic poor quality gear is BIS (best in slot) in my eyes in reason of some arguments...
  2. Ich würde auch noch warten, bevor Du und Deine Freunde in dies Spiel starten. Zur Zeit geht geht der Spielspass doch sehr schnell vorbei, weil man hauptsächlich nur harvesten/craften kann und entsprechend im Vergleich wenig action hat.
  3. Cleric as possible 1vs1 beast?

    I never lost any 1vs1 situations with cleric. But its not possible to kill everything with cleric too... you just outheal every class
  4. Spirit Bank

    The Imports/Exports are allways limited. For exemple you should just put in important or rare items like crafted mail/plate gear or 100 blue iron. The spirit bank will save all the items forever until you put them out. When you just have items equiped or in your common inventory, when the campaing ends, you will lose everything...
  5. Can i play solo? Or neef group/guild

    You can allways play solo, when you are good enough... But i would allways say you better to search for a group
  6. 1 Year Time Bank

    I would like to see specific things like that for testing
  7. Frohes neues Jahr!

    Ihr seit doch verrückt, statt zu feiern eiert ihr hier im Forum rum .... Auch wenn ich gerade auch hier rein schreibe, sitzte ich immerhin auf Arbeit dabei Allen ein frohes Neues. Ich hoffe auf fette Schlachten und mehr ingame! Persönlich wünsche ich euch allen, dass eure Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen und so ein Schman. Nur nicht die guten Vorsätze, weil die sind eh Utopie
  8. Last Stand at Reaper Ridge

    Gj guys, nice teamwork
  9. State of the Duelist 5.3.x

    Some days ago i found 2 Duelists, which killed some people with good coordinated damage. Maybe this could be the role they will have. A special unit to gank allready fleeing targets or solo targets with low life and going to stealth again
  10. Its just, when i read 3,5xx support power added, i would like to see this 3,5xx support power added to my stats. Somewhere is for sure a wrong number displayed or everything is true and just a bug to copy this 3,5xx support power to my stats after wearing the weapon. We will see
  11. Is maybe a bug with supportpower... I just unequip my weapon to see , that i just got 10% of the supportpower i should get.
  12. I think it was just an exemple how balance mechanics work. When you arent tanky enough, you need to fix it! When you dont heal enough, you need to fix it! When you dont deal enough damage to beat anything, you need to fix it! He explained, because of not being tanky enough, he started using standart bearer. In same way now he uses scarecrow, because the feeling is like, that 30-40% of player are ranger and this is a good counter against. But in my opinion this should not be the answer. Balance is allways an issue and a developers job. Until they do there job, enough players will use overpowered things or counterthings for that. A good balanced game dont need to make threads about it Back to the topic: We dont would see this mass of standart bearer or AOE healing skills, when we dont have a balance problem. After nerfing ranger again, we will stay now with to much healingpower, i guess again. But actio = reactio
  13. Inventory Organization

    For myself i try to organisite my inventory allready! Something like bags for weapons, harvesting ingredients or something else, would maybe be helpful to have a good overview all time... With looting enemies we need to see everything without this departmentsystem again. When this would only optional for the own charakter i would like to see it
  14. Taking away healpower from the caster or giving it a debuff, will not bring the result you want. In groupfights you will have just 2+ healer groups or just DDs. For example ranger are allready superior to everyone else. In relation to this we see more Clerics run out in the world or other classes with much defensive disciplines like standart bearer. Nerfing healing will just make this superior DDs more superior and nothing else! I dont agree with that! There must be other ways to balance things like that
  15. Some guys like me harvested a lot. Before the server will reset, i would like to save this materials in my spiritbank! Otherwize hours of farming would be for nothing! So, pls bring back the common liveserver!