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  1. My feedback on getting thru the first 5 levels.... confessor

    I rushed to the main town then to the main world... good experience there passing the tutorial and was able to get straight into game.

    Creatures need to be alot more populous in the area around the main world gates, the best I found was a pig spawn that was lvl5 and i grinded these till I was level 5.... they were passive and not aggressive so could kill with ease the first few levels.

    Trying to take a outpost at levels 1-5 was impossible without talents or two people.

    There needed to be some animation finishers.... like a dissipation particle effect with bandaging and some of the other skills like the mana regen one
    The animations finished abruptly

    Also whats with the stiff model hairdos? i know they are cool but wouldnt a bit of particle hair with physics and cool lighting effects on them make the game so much better.... I know it would be a hit to the performance having particle hair but this could be an option.


    overall I think there just needs to be more creatures to grind at increasing difficulty from the main gate portals and out and higher density spawns..... it seems like its a lot of land not used. And that would be the main issue that has led me to alt F4

    edit: oh and the auto attack was the only decent skill to use at low level... the special spells were doing next to no damage?


  2. Maybe just some starter gear so we can test with or do we have to grind with no tools every time the sever is wiped


    I understand it for the main game, but spending half an hour pushing down a tree to test is wastefull for the testers,


    some of us only can test for a short time, not days on end

  3. Thankyou for the new aussie server,


    my basic thoughts,

    Confessor making an staff ate my materials even tho I cancelled making it

    Durability of the basic axe is a tad too low .. maybe 2-3 more trees from it

    ore was low drop rate, thats cool

    maybe instead of making the basic wood axe last a little longer could do stamina for a little longer

    (this is only at low level, my opinion would change with not the starter gear and late game harvesting)

    edit: hitbox for some of the trees is too small... and some doubled up (hitting two trees with the same tree)

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