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  1. I know what you mean! I am in exactly the same situation. *musical score starts* No more gaming like its 1999! *musical score stops*
  2. @Geko while younger communities might have drama more frequently my experience is that its definately not tied to age. In my time as guildleader I have had to extinguish several ‘fires’ that were started by mature people if you strictly look at age. It is much more about mentality. @Tumnus definately interested. I’ll send you a PM with my email address.
  3. Hi Tunmus, as expressed in your intro thread you and I share a similar view so I am all for co-operation. I have a Medium Fort available once we launch and happily offer its services to anything we colaboratively setup! A little background on myself: Currently running a Destiny guild consisting of gamer dads, no matter age. We have a core group of about 45 active players and up to 100 at any given time with ebb and flow. The group has been running since Destiny 1 beta and still going strong. I would be very happy to see similar numbers in Crowfall. The best guilds -for me- have enough members to compete on the larger goals, but remains small enough so people know eachother and can foster a good friendship and camaraderie. Especially in PvP oriented games. I’ll gladly interlock our gauntlets! The only thing is that I just noticed you are in central US where I am West EU based. I am not sure how Crowfall will handle regions / servers?
  4. ...snowflakes desperately flow in seeking warmth to end their life as the door falls shut behind Yskonyn. He takes a moment to let his eyes adjust to the light inside the densly filled establishment. He takes in the people and beings present. Then nods contently and walks over to an empty chair at a table standing at the far wall of the Tavern. He drops his backpack on the ground. A bulbous object rests inside. Yskonyn notices that red fluid is dripping from the backpack. He shifts the backpack to rest on top of the puddle as he shifts his eyes from left to right to tell if anyone noticed. While sitting down he unclips the scabbard on his back housing his two-hander. The impressive blade gets set against the wall safely between the wall and the adventurer.
  5. Hi Tunmus and others! I am new to Crowfall as well. It sounds like we might have roughly the same age; I am also a father of two young children and my gaming time is definately not what it used to be anymore! Interesting point you make about MOBA. That’s a slight concern of me too; I really hope the RPG elements will be fleshed out as well. I have played quite a few MMO’s , but I am sick and tired of chasing the endgame and then with and expansion being even further behind than I already was. The dull questing systems of most themepark MMO’s don’t help either because most of them are just shopping lists to tick off all steps and go to the next. The bland hotbar click once on target, stand still and finish a rotation is also something I cannot bare anymore. So thats where Crowfall comes in. Truely interesting concepts and many elements I prefer like action oriented combat, deep crafting and open pvp. Besides the MOBA vibe I am also keen to see how long time players will grow and feel more powerful along the way. With all items breaking down at some point there is no epic gear to show? Great times ahead nonetheless!
  6. New Amber backer here! I am so glad I found Crowfall. Literally for YEARS I have been looking for a game that dares to defy the establishment. I am sick of raiding, I am sick of constantly chasing the end-game, I am sick of passive hotbar rotation combat, BUT I do miss the joy and companionship of playing MMO's with a great bunch of people. Have been soaking up videos and articles about the game for a while now and decided I am ready to pull the trigger (I consider it an early X-Mas present to myself), because this dev studio deserves my money for being brave to step out of line. Empire management, Action RPG mechanics, Open PvP with full loot, deep crafting, interesting game loop.. O_O I am downloading the client as we speak. Stoked to jump in and stoked to meet lots of great people here! I am in the GMT + 1 area, gladly hook up with others!
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