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    No news?

    I'm hoping it will function like a mid range tank mage ala a Frost build Death Knight from WoW. The Champion is actually a great melee (now that it has some decent solo sustain) with some tackling ability, so, just doubling up on that doesn't add much depth. With the Knight, you can do some push/pull on the battlefield with chain and charge. Pulling a healer in from the back line either a.)gets them blown up by your group, or b.)forces them to burn their retaliate and/or dodges to stay alive. Combine that with a healer spec or Banshee and you have some interesting options for influencing the battlefield. The reason I brought up the Death Knight, while there are many such classes across MMOs, is that the Death Knight may have been the most fun. You had enough damage to make plays, and enough survivability that you weren't a paper tiger. Simple to play, but, once you mastered your debuffs and dots, you could bring a lot of teamfight to the group. That's not including all the fun aoe snares and soft cc you had. Of course, not saying copy all that, just hoping the Frostweaver ends up having that same kind of fun. There's a lot of ways to do it, but, with the Ice/Frost theme, I'm hoping there's plenty of snare/freeze kind of mechanics. Would be really cool to be able to shatter foes ala Divinity 2. Might make a really cool execute mechanic. But yeah, as we know nothing right now, and it's the only other potentially mid range/melee(?) option for the High Elves, I'm very curious what they do with it.
  2. Have to agree that the RNG and results of the "You get nothing!" roll are too much. In the game, we cannot currently repair anything. Maybe that will change, but, I would guess not. I can understand that they're trying to make scarcity and rarity central to the item structure so that a few well-equipped groups can't run over everyone, forever. Well, the problem is, as the guilds start scaling up and you have a bunch of people that only craft, you're in a situation where the best stuff is still going to go to the "top guys/gals". That's how it's worked in every pvp game I've ever seen, and, frankly I don't mind it. If you put in the time, "no lifing it", as they say, there should be some benefit to giving up a more well-balanced life. The issue, as said, is that the systems are pretty neat in theory, but, lacking in execution. On the small scale, crafters need to be able to level up their skills and do so in a non-frustrating manner. That keeps people crafting (which is central to this game's economy), people harvesting to supply those crafters, and killers like me going out and swinging our swords at everything with a pulse. To that end, I suggest this: 1. That 5% "You lose!" roll needs to go away completely, and from what I watched in the 5.4 preview, it is. So, good. 2. The experimentation points need to be more generous to the crafters. A lot of the big numbers are coming from the quality of materials, that will present its own scarcity to the system. Making the points harsh, I feel, is a bit too far. 3. If a low "level" crafter can't consistently make decent weapons (for their level of mastery), they will stop crafting and you end up with all the crafters migrating only to larger guilds, and the majority of the weapons pricing out the newbs in the game. There needs to be consistent lower-level arms production to sustain new players to the server. Furthermore, with fewer viable independent markets of arms and armor, you run the risk of Shadowbane. Ie, Uncle Bob (ala the Risk example in the video) has all the cards and they pretty well can crush any opposition to their power instantly. This is of course, somewhat mitigated by the temporary worlds (good design), but, if smaller/medium guilds/alliances are repeatedly curb-stomped, then they'll just move onto another game. Even if someone loses soundly, if they feel they had a chance, they'll keep playing. For my part, after messing around with crafting/harvesting for awhile, I realized it's still not for me. Even after all these years, I am still firmly in the Hunter/Killer/Violent Sociopath kind of pvp gamer. That being said, I also realize that the crafters/harvesters are far more central to the long-term success of this game than marauders like me. XD
  3. I've been having some fun with this, but, I think I'm going to just uninstall this until it's closer to release. As it stands, the amount of resources needed to make tier 1 (non basic starter gear) is pretty severe. Even specced out with potions and gathering discs and crafter's gear, it's an unpleasant chore. People tend to think of Ultima Online as having a very good crafting system because the risk/reward was pretty fair. Eventually, however, they went from full loot to soulbound items. You still lost some durability, but, you could repair your Grandmaster items. A loss wouldn't set you back that far. At worst, you lost a point of durability on an item, and it would still last you many months or even years. Had one friend that had a mace for nearly three years, crazy as that sounds. Played Shadowbane too, and that game died for a lot of reasons (which I don't care to argue about). One of them was the roaming gank squads that pretty much destroyed the new player experience. Again, just one of many reasons why "Rome fell" so to speak. There was little to no player retention or growth after awhile. It was just the same bunch of guys swinging swords at each other until the servers went dark, much like Warhammer Online. Having a niche game is great, but, you gotta be able to keep the lights on. To that end, I think it's important development-wise to look at the action flow of the crafters/gatherers and ask, "Is this fun?" and "What is the normal action flow chart for this kind of player character?" Likely that's already been done, but it's nearly impossible to test things without all the systems in place. So yeah, not trying to gripe, but, people above have made some pretty good points. For a short term solution, you could vary the map so that all the resource spawns are not in the same place. Right now, most of the fighting is around the iron node, not the forts (which I'm gathering it's supposed to be given all the "such-and-such is attacking Bastion's Keep!" messages I get). The scenario is basically one giant watering hole in the Serengeti, and all the predators just hang around for easy pickings. It'll be way worse when there's some actual predator stealth, and when some of the higher skill players get their act together. I like the adaptation of the Eve-like skill system. It's a good way to go. Now, it might not be a bad idea to look at their model for resource allocation. They spread it all out for a reason. Still plenty of fighting and ganking, but, a solo player could do fine in that environment. The losses didn't set you back too badly, yet it was still profitable for pirates and rival corps to target "independent contractors". It's a hard balance to find, but, if I may make a suggestion? Losing resources is one thing, but, is it really necessary to have all the runic harvesting tools go poof as well? Talk about insult to injury. Hehe. And yeah, of course, I'll probably roll with a big soulless guild for meat shields, I mean protection, later on, but, a lot of new players won't while they're trying to get a feel for the game. Also, I remember how boring it was to guard newbie groups against gank squads. It felt like a job: endless boredom punctuated by moments of frenzied killing. Mostly terror because of Shadowbane's horrible clipping distance. Nothing like having 20 enemies just "pop" into existence. But I digress. It's a good game, but, the harvesting aspect is pretty un-fun right now. Risk/reward needs to go in the other direction a little, methinks.
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