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  1. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CZ0d9HqVAAAPQ7T.jpg:large my best match to date on my main toon. Been playing since Dec.2011
  2. I just hope he stays in character for the late show. Gonna be disappointing if he doesn't
  3. Back the ole PvP gear grind on swtor
  4. Grats for sure!!! can't wait for KS rewards. now can you please please please get the chrome glitch fixed. Using IE is going to drive me cray cray
  5. What's odd is it works just fine on chrome on my phone but not on my PC and this is just recently
  6. thinking about watching cool hand luke this weekend myself
  7. you clearly don't know how much sugar is in custard....
  8. Couldn't agree more about the first sentence but as far as the actors go we're comparing 2 completely different styles. I am of the opinion that the style (silat) presented in the raid movies is one I would prefer for subjective reasons. Here is a decent quick read on comparisons. I certainly won't deny that either comparisons are great athletes in their own right and acting (especially in the second raid movie) was actually pretty decent but back to the subject of the OP, if these actors/athletes can actually get their talents properly displayed with light sabors in hand, it should make for an epic fight scene even WITH a PG13 rating. That will DEFINITELY be a point I will be watching for in EP7
  9. The second was no "remake" I would highly suggest watching it. The added bonus to the second one is more story line and actors, even without voice over availabilty one is sorely missing out in not watching it if they can appreciate action. And as far as Abrams goes refer to first post
  10. I own IP man and while I can appreciate that movie in itself our opinions of that comparison of the raid movies to it are going to differ quite a bit . Just saying the raid movies are in a league of their own with a style that is a nice change for cinema for once
  11. Well, rumor circulating around a 3rd raid movie suggests Tony Jaa to be included which could be an actiongasm if it's true
  12. So I happened to stumble upon this gem last night at work and couldn't believe what I was reading. For anybody who may not have a clue why I would care about such news I would suggest investing in a seat belt and watching the movies "The Raid" and "The Raid 2". If JJ Abrams doesn't utilize that kind of talent properly he may as well just find another job....
  13. And just think, if character aging becomes a thing in this game how well it will be implemented. Like a good wine......
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