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  1. Beta group: 6 timezone: US central (I also work graveyard so usually sleeping during the day) is it sad that I bought myself a bottle of patron and my gf looked at it and said "oh you got yourself a bottle" and then proceeded to hand me my overly marketed romance day bottle of patron?
  2. stevencolbear


    yeah, It was cool seeing ole beast mode having fun and knowing he's not just some introvert but rather somebody who just treats the media and reporters the way they should be treated
  3. stevencolbear


    lol, looked like ole gronk was ready to take on 3 of em there. BTW, if you haven't seen Connan Obrian have Gronk and Marshawn Lynch take each other on playing Mortal Combat X, I would highly recommend it...
  4. stevencolbear


    +1 for taking it better than some of the players did
  5. stevencolbear


    huge niners fan and can't stand pete the cheat carroll or don't squeez the sherman's mouth so I hate to say it but go pats.... On that note, I'm afraid the niners are in for a few mediocre at best years with their ingenious upper management decisions (don't even get me started......)
  6. Hey all. Born in SF and raised in CA. for 19 years (most of the time in SD). Circumstances lead me to Iowa where I have lived since 95. Never played and RPG and probably never will. think they are pretty boring to tell you the truth but to each their own. I enjoyed racing and fighting games more as far as console gaming goes (mortal combat, need for speed, midnight club, etc.). So one day in 2010 I was looking for a chatroom to troll and happened to come across this ad for a game called "Shaiya" and said to myself, heck why not. It DID say "free to play" *sigh*. It was my first MMO and I a
  7. I want to see the deer fly with a deer with headlights on it look in the face
  8. I totally agree with being able to practice b4 getting into the action, but I also know no amount of practice will totally prepare you for it. That's just one of the wonderful aspects of competing with human beings
  9. The biggest problem I see with "RNG" in games is it's like saying "jumbo shrimp", don't believe me? read over this again: If "RNG" truly existed, places like Vegas wouldn't be spending billions on combating people who find ways to "cheat" the system. If the developers truly want this game to be a "consequences" based game, the "RNG" will be minimal at best and the amount of combinations in stats/gear/abilities will be very high period. Time will tell what they meant by the word "consequences"............
  10. some of my fav name ideas: less QQ moar pew pew anything but WoW colbear nation Get-a-long-gang dbag keyboard junkies give me some more time for the alcohol to wear off and I'll come up with more
  11. Absolutely loving everything so far!!!!! Only have one issue I wanted to address and hope more people give it some thought due to it's pragmatic importance. There has been a recent phenomena of developers and games using dichotomous phrases associated with video games like "free to play" and "player driven economy". I would like to address the latter of the two statements for one simple reason: The degree of the role of a games' RNG determines the control or "drive" of said games' economy..... And mind you folks, developers have direct control over a games' RNG, NOT the pl
  12. With what happened with Archeage I'll probably be skeptical for awhile but so far so good
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