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  1. As for the first point... AFAIK (as far as I know) it depends a great deal on exactly how much information is sent, and how often, between the client and the server? Perhaps Artcraft can give more info on this? In one game I play - the client receives information from the server at certain intervals - information like the location of objects, their speed and direction too. like an arrow for example. Based on that it predicts where the objects will be in the next X microseconds and that is what you see. If it doesn't get the next packet of info when it expects to - rather than crash or
  2. How did you run that? Where was it? Who looked after it? Curious to hear.
  3. Fair enough. So you need to make this clear on your KickStarter page. In the FAQ at least. If you think latency is likely to be a concern for non NA players - you need to say that. I don't know enough about latency, or how this game actually works, to know how much of a handicap it will be? Maybe you guys don't know either? Guess we will find out. What I do know is that only one MMO in recent times has had a Aus/NZ server... the server wasn't local though... it was in Seattle next to the NA servers for the same game. Although I can't talk too much about it since you said not
  4. Yeah... okay... so you need a local server in Aus/NZ due to latency? How bad would it be for Aus/NZ players if you don't have a server here and we play on NA servers? Also - who would you partner with in this case?
  5. No, sorry. I am designing my own (Browser based) MMO. It's a simple thing - but it uses my idea. If it works - it's worth money. If I give too many ideas here I am giving the idea to Artcraft. It may not work. But if it does I want it to work in my game - not someone elses.
  6. Yes, selling Alpha and Beta and early access has become standard practice in Kickstarter. A bad standard practice - and IMHO many games reflect that. As for what to do about Guilds Meta Gaming. Yes, it's a difficult problem... but I think it can be solved. At the heart of the problem is to give players something that appeals to them more than their guilds (in worlds other than those with guild vs guild rule sets) ... and provide a means that prevents their guilds taking punitive action. I can think of a few ways that might be done.
  7. So, you are 'selling' Alpha and Beta testing. Instant turn off for me. Maybe you know better than me - but I honestly don't think 'selling' testing slots to paying customers helps either you, or them to deliver the best product. But that's my opinion, you obviously don't agree and it's done now. And nothing on world sizes or travel that I can find yet? IMHO these things will be critical to the success (or failure) of the project. By that I mean that if world sizes are too small (it doesn't take long enough to travel around a world) then there is a huge potential for another 'PvP g
  8. Oh rubbish. Maybe they (all the members there) are not 'PvP centric' but there are more than enough PvP vets there. Many of those people have played more than just one PvP game too - so they have seen alternatives.
  9. Er... have you read these forums? 90% of the threads here are the same. There is even a whole 'suggestions' sub forum... saying "do this"..."don't do this"...for a game we still don't know how it will work exactly.
  10. Elite: Dangerous (open play) I was a founder - but didn't beta test - since I didn't have time and wanted to enjoy a polished product. Since I played the original. Loving it. Have been known to play Wiz 101 and pirate 101 again in the last couple of weeks too. And a heap of other stuff mostly from old Humble Bundles I dabble with too.
  11. True. But doesn't that cover a large proportion of the computer games 'journalists'? When SW:TOR was released about half the reviewers out there claimed the graphics were Hi-Res... Bioware themselves later confirmed that this was false since the only Hi-Res graphics were in (some of) the cut scenes at the time. I have personally caught out Strategy Informer for out and out lying in their 'reviews' (which I proved) and manipulating user score figures. On MMORPG.com I called one columnist for a mathematical impossibility in an article on his history as a game designer.
  12. "The PvP ruleset is going ot eliminaete a vast number of players right from the start." Which ruleset? We still don't know exactly how this will work. It does look like there will be different rules across different worlds in the same campaign too. "Despite what forums and zealots claim PvP is dead in MMOs thats why games that stress it die fast." PvP kills games because of flawed rule sets. PvP is a very difficult thing to get right. And balancing it with other elements in the game is a real challenge - change the economy and you can change the way PvP works just by changing the cos
  13. I am Gyrus from WWIIoL. Joined in Campaign 19 and a long time member of the 101st Abn and the 1775th RDF (when i played axis). Now have a free rifle account (Gyruss) which is also the name of an old arcade game. Some of you may remember the Gyrus emote? (I used to tell new squaddies that you could emote other players names...LOL) In PotBS I was Guy Russon. I was active in the Dev forums more than a year before release. Argued about 'night flips' before anyone even considered them. Suggested the possibility of 'speedboats / chaseboats' more than a year before release. Also a
  14. It just occurred to me there is no thread here for World War 2 Online or Pirates of the Burning Sea here. This is kind of important since both these games were 'campaign games' with resets after the victory conditions were met. Both of these games were also PvP (Although in PotBS you could avoid the PvP completely if you tried) So experience in both these games could be important here since it looks like Crowfall will also be a campaign driven game - not the same as the other two but it will have world resets? So, who here played one or both of these games? Thoughts on Crow
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