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  1. seems like performance to me, there were a lot of people in zone i know its not character controller, thats for broken druids
  2. performance is still poorly made socks druids are so broken its not even funny. seems like the character controller did more damage than anything... and rangers well @Balathan already showed you
  3. druid still broken, see previous post in other thread good job
  4. yet again another druid bug. TWO in one First, my third ball takes a good 2s to spawn Second, after my druids balls go blue and boom. my green balls persist see video for both
  5. druid root plus im sure other ground targeted spells try and "stick" onto targets... see video as i said multiple times, holding down LMB locks onto a target, you can shoot while you run, through a wall etc... see video and looting still sucks if you dont loot everything... see video P.S PLEASE FIX WILL O WISP AND DRUID ULT NEEDS LOOKED AT, OH AND I STILL CANT DO poorly made socks WHEN HOLDING DOWN LMB
  6. Druid ult in general needs reworked, nothing like getting beat on while sitting still. See my other thread on that.
  7. New character controller has screwed druids the most
  8. like ive mentioned before ranger npcs seemed bugged, doing insane amounts of damage also my LMB skill seems to be locking on targets no matter what, i cam hold it and turn 180 degrerees and still hit it, or go behind a wal, this also prevents me from switching targets unless i stop holding down LMB and re aiming, this is similar to the other issue where i cant do poorly made socks while holding down LMB, as in i cant queue up another skill.is this normal @thomasblair scrolling through combat log doesnt work, and guards seem way too powerful to me. barely got close to a fort and had 10% life random mobs everywhere, like 1 elk, wolf , auroch etc
  9. oh nice, had no idea can we get guinecean druids now?
  10. you dont have to have 3 minors though, because at some point we'll be equipping major disciplines and we'll need to use pts to select which skills we want from it. so talent points will need to be used wisely. but... most minors are trash thats definitely a true statement
  11. yianni

    Gaea's Wail

    it now works, i bet people will call for a nerf, love it
  12. when was this added? did i miss the memo, or is this a bug
  13. My balls show for myself, then eventually bug out and disappear. Will o wisp I don't think has ever worked since the new character controller . And I can start holding down left mouse button and go behind a wall and still have the same target @thomasblair
  14. right clicking armor/weapons doesnt go onto the character if somethings already equipped, nor does dragging and dropping you have to unequip current armor/weap then equi new once slot is empty... very annoying
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