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  1. your best be is you farm gold and look in peoples eternal kingdoms for frostcasters. ideally you want a crafted one for your mainhand and a wartribe one in offhand. because you can get stats on wartribe weapons that you cant on crafted ones. and on most dual wielding only your mainhand damage matters
  2. this isnt a problem with the game. open up the talents read them, look at the various disciplines and their skills read those as well. and theory craft... one of the best parts of the game. you shouldnt need hand hold on how to skill your character
  3. Wood pigs are in the forest Ingots are in the caverns Boulders are usually at some hill top. Go explore But don't waste your items leveling or building anything in infected. Sell it all
  4. There's perquisites for some talents that need the node before it to get it You have a screen shot of your talent tree?
  5. respawns are messed up with hellcats at least. trying to skin them is impossible. they spawn too fast not sure wtf youre confused about @ArtCraftQA you recently made changed to war tribe respawns... im assuming this affected animals. 3 hellcats i killed them, started skinning them and they popped before i could finish them im not gonna bother sending in a video. you can figure it out
  6. @thomasblair is it intentional for resources in dregs to increase in rank as the seasons progress? if so what's the reason? because it makes no sense to farm in earlier seasons until its R10
  7. yes vendors should have better quality focus gems that match the vendor quality. green/blue/epic/lego
  8. i didnt know ICEcallers use lightning 🤣
  9. the wall HP bars in keeps/castles seem a bit cheesy and its a little too much. not sure its necessary please change thawing ice to give more HP and resist and make it group wide
  10. Similar to mine but I don't take black ice. In HD though it makes sense I do agree that stay in the fight may not be completely necessary unless using a heavy weapon which don't exist in HD
  11. I didn't say anything purposely but this is solid. And he got rid of pixie for forest creature
  12. zoning still doesnt keep ice stores anymore... please fix its a pain in the ass personal damage modifier doesnt always work ... have to relog sometimes then after relogging ***EDIT*** I found out what's breaking it... the ultimate FW re-frigerate. you need to fix this asap please. ***EDIT*** It's happening to rangers who also have PDM through talents. It drops to 0 after the ultimate. I'm assuming it's all classes that get PDM as a talent. Don't give me that confused emoji either @ArtCraftQA
  13. icy veins takes you out of the fight for too long, and 1k SP. if you have competent healers you shouldnt need it. id prefer 2 500sp ults back to back
  14. dont listen to him, hes not at 2k HPS yet, only at 1800 HPS right now
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