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  1. Toughness from juggernaut and fortification from runecaster is healing on cast... intended or bug?
  2. Combat is very delayed... also male woodelf dissipate just doesnt seem right
  3. Dear Yanni

    Actually I do fairly well with staff druid as well. Stars align, LMB, Lightning Strike, with some gear and druid bomb of course can do a lot of dmg. Only problem is keeping your essence up to have the sustain. Only thing you're missing is the stun plus buckler you get from scim disc. If running staff druid half-elf is pretty much a must
  4. Dear Yanni

    It'll be interesting with the nerf. But I may have something else I can use. But need to test. It won't be nearly as good as current retaliate.
  5. Dear Yanni

    Keep in mind I have plate trained 100% plus all other defensive skills. Also mudman and militant mage both give passive resists depending on your stamina.In addition to that I use sturdy as a passive
  6. Dear Yanni

    I actually didn't want to kill you all. And only used fairie flames and my stun . I was just messing with you guys . But I run a scimitar druid with mudman and militant mage . All my gear is white common gear. I use a plate chest with chain off pieces . Passives you can use whatever
  7. Leather vs Plate

    Plate looks way cooler too
  8. it's just not instant anymore. as soon as i cast theres a brief period until it actually hits the target
  9. this is how druid lightning strike feels
  10. I keep getting "authenticating with zone" even though i was already in and relogged
  11. I can vouch for this. I totally forgot that it did it. And didn't realize it was removed/broken
  12. So if resources will be scarce. With the current amount of resources it takes to craft, no one will want to PvP.
  13. not me, it may just be dsync
  14. Druid heals are pretty worthless inside buildings.
  15. Well if I got CCed, depending on my HP yes I would retaliate