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  1. L4 People to play with

    Also try finding a guild
  2. they need to fix it so the enemy cant see it
  3. Human dodge sounds a lot like Fae wings And elken dodge sounds like high elf dodge
  4. Gear disappeared

    did you have one of the proficiency rune applied? like plate proficiency then take it off while having plate armor on?
  5. @BobbyM one other thing is Fae wings when they're jumping, it's really loud and can be heard from pretty far, not sure if thats intended
  6. @thomasblair 0 stats on a blue vessel after hitting 30
  7. Myrmburgers and Fae Pizza

    Kingpin is still new, I 'm wonder what the dmg is on your staff hitting 500 on your LMB, I guess blight, natures and stars would do that. And the end is great
  8. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    ok so 16v25 since PUGs count
  9. Assassins win Fights

    yup too many assassins vs all your melee = fail.. we tried
  10. Epic and legendary vessels can't be tested in the current LIVE environment due to low rank graves
  11. PVP Spam

    nah thats gonna be too easy
  12. From the stream you mentioned that different quality vessels gain more points for leveling, this would cause us to hit caps, thought that's what the new necro parts are for
  13. PVP Spam

    I wouldn't mind seeing the PVP spam. I can already see kill spam from druid bombs hahaha