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  1. you need to improve load times in zones where gates are right next to swamps. im not sending logs its not needed. just look at the swamp parcel
  2. it was sarcasm since everything has been 2% damage bonus
  3. watch the last Q&A there's a roadmap there. also there was a previous one where they went into details about each item
  4. would be nice if they had an auto balance thing
  5. nope. people have been asking for it for a while. but its also the price you pay for being able to sit at 65m and hit for 3k
  6. i think its missing 2% damage bonus p.s. please put rhea back on balancing
  7. this is ACEs development of this whole game 🤣 but yet still love the game
  8. and let us bring consumables.
  9. frostguard icy veins is supposed to make the frostguard invulnerable. the other night i died right through it. its happened multiple times.
  10. They obviously just change things without looking at it holistically. Surprised? Why are we still getting siege equipment for rewards on dregs when we can't import it? And when can we get consumables imported into campaign Maeve should be 15% HP. better yet get rid of it or change it This doesn't make sense. It should be the opposite where we can only claim during a Siege window Players can no longer build the tree of life sapling in the middle of the siege schedule. This prevents players at the start of a campaign from feeding the tree of life for the first time inside of a siege window
  11. So are you shifting armor pen recipes for weapons to be lower?
  12. the level difference in pvp does not make as huge of an impact than weapons/armor in pve it does
  13. now add handshake sieges without the slot poorly made dergs so people can third party, alliance scoring and we might have a game here
  14. Why would that make a difference? It's still the same cap
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