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  1. Also when they said they have all these new disciplines that's what I expected. Not gutting current disciplines and classes to create new ones. That's lazy. Sure there are some new ones which is a great start.
  2. i guess i had more expectations. and jtodd did mentioned sb multiple times, not just the fact that rhea went back and looked at it
  3. if its the only way might as well not craft and just play in tribe gear
  4. Yeah early crafting is gonna be worse. And crafters are gonna be left doing nothing for a while as we wear tribe gear The fact that people need to train professions in the basic tree to get attention to detail makes no sense
  5. Chaos orb from master of focus doesnt make sense to do piercing damage. Its a caster discipline, it should do ice damage or fire
  6. I thought 6.2 was gonna give us Shadowbane customization. Is it still coming in future patches to add to the current changes? Because currently all we've seen is classes lose abilities that were put on "new" disciplines. A talent tree that doesn't actually have hard choices. And less choices to build than before . Hopefully this is just part of the changes, and Rhea and team are still looking at how Shadowbane did it
  7. This is all part of the hard choices....want pursuit? Too bad, choose something else
  8. ah ok that explains why i suggest you make everyone a little smaller, also the images kinda lag when loading
  9. using chrome when i click a skill i dont see what the skill is
  10. yeah the 90% is just bad, the other ones isnt as bad. basic crafting doesnt take long in general though 6.2 is kinda dissapointing
  11. Frostguard still has a delay on live. It was never intended for it to have short delay that would be too OP. Like it was when it was bugged
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