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  1. looting risen mobs is still a pain in the ass, please make it so you dont get the "f" interaction if its been looted
  2. furious reaping fx are all messed up please remove that horrible green glow from group members, and add a background to the HP/STA/ESS because transparent doesnt seem motherload harvesting needs work, takes too long to register that theres more than one person hitting it, also i cant tell if im hitting it half the time and hitting non advanced resources srtill feels like were hitting air and takes 4 hits
  3. I'm not sure why you can't mount while invulnerable . When I rez after being dead and having that shroud I want to mount and get out not wait . Or when I zone put a pathfinding feature in for mounts instead . Do not let us mount after being in combat for 10 seconds like pathfinding
  4. harvesting procs beneficial harvest fx... druid bomb animation is messed up again
  5. How innovative is this MMO?

    i quoted the wrong person. should of been nunda
  6. feels bad...

    EVERYONE can play on TEST for now
  7. Is LIVE still down for anyone else?

    https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/the-march-to-first-campaign/ download the TEST client and play 5.8
  8. another druid thread

    stormcaller is the only promotion thats actually playable right now with orbs broken in groups. not to mention that the other faction can see our orbs. both trays are need from day 1 with a staff its a simple solution, and let both weapons be craftable from day 1
  9. when you stand on certain objects you cant use any skills sometimes, like rocks,steps etc. i'm sure its not intended though
  10. I don't know who made these changes with the staff and removing it from being crafted, but it seems that there was not much thought put into it
  11. I agree hundred percent . And death shroud Does apply one running to the body which is good . The only problem is when it wears off you're down to 75% of your HP and then you have to heal up to full . Also we haven't tested to see cleric and druid resurrections cause it
  12. @thomasblair druid orbs are still broken AND i can see the enemies orbs and vice versa
  13. Is 5.8 Going Live on Live Today?

    except theres things broken not resolved