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  1. a lot of things made SB great. This isnt even close to SB
  2. Well that's just a view of the new UI. Even jtodd didn't confirm or deny that the harvest tray is gone. Which leads me to think it is
  3. No harvest tray in 5.110 anyway
  4. pretty sure FW was supposed to be 5.110 but i think during the stream jtodd said 5.120 also small guilds are gonna be SOL when it comes to city building due to the fact that theyll never be able to get caravans to their cities
  5. I started watching it just now and saw it literally came here to see if there was something So cool
  6. yianni

    Druid Thorns

    It still does, and if you're a druid use it to pop stealthers. If you're poisoned pop thorns and it'll pop the stealther when the poison ticks. You're welcome
  7. passive training should reflect talents IMO gives us more versatile builds instead of cookie cutter builds
  8. so same bugs ive reported multiple times are still there with arch druid and this is new
  9. Seems like a troll post to me. Never seen this guy in game. Very little forum posts as well which means he's not actively testing the game and has no idea what's implemented
  10. with the population so low, they really need to have a single map like back in the day with a quarry, mine and lumbermill ... plus some mobs forts/keeps
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