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  1. Archdruid cant really heal anything like the earthkeeper. But Earthkeeper cant really DPS anything like the archdruid. Granted all archdruid really has is its bombs.
  2. thats a little far stretch compared to delaying the patch haha
  3. but they can also change it until whenever they want
  4. yianni

    Hot zones

    That's pretty much what hot zones are
  5. yianni


    close the game and re open
  6. Honestly I dont care how the win conditions are as long as theyre fun. As long as there's competition, politics, strategy, battles for us to remember when the next game comes out and we're in our 50's talking about CF like how we're talking about SB. For us to say "remember that fort W built, the battle and strategy it took to burn it to the ground" Either way I think we can all agree that performance IS the weakest link.
  7. Yes of course people will dedicate time and resources, how else will you win a campaign? It's a throne war game. The more you own, the higher chance you have to win I'm assuming, plus whatever other factors they add.
  8. Unless we can customize our cities like EKs... thatll be the best. Make stone masonry worth it, have them create walls, buildings etc
  9. Where at? I thought thats just generic and not armor based
  10. Well thats the fun part though. If theres a certain guild/nation that's ahead, then the fun part is gonna be the politics like in SB. More guilds will ally and try to push the stronger nation. Alliances will be made, bridges will be burned, new nations will form. Think about R30s and LAPD. That poorly made socks was great, and with the worlds dying and having us restart it'll get even more interesting.
  11. This seems fishy to me for some reason. People with little posts all the sudden wanting to join. Plus I've never seen the OP in game
  12. That's what I'm afraid of to be honest. We might have more customization as far as what goes inside a stronghold but that's about it
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