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  1. first the delay for FG needs to be added when free weaving, if you notice in my video when volatile procs from shatter storm theres a nice delay . at least 1s but when free weaving its pretty instant, on the other hand archmage volatile does go off quicker outside of free weaving, like focus proc or shatter proc from capstone. but when AM free weaves it goes off even faster than the procs, the animation doesnt even finish and it goes off. also stable ice turned into volatile is bugged and doesnt do the right damage, and it looks like its hitting twice, unless its the frigid dot goinh off i cant tell turn the playback time down to like .75 or .50 and you can see the difference then frost armor needs to be toned down a bit, i think thatll be a good start before touching the damage on it
  2. suggestion wold be nice to make it interactive so when you hover each god it tells you the buff instead of having them all on there
  3. Nice job and great info Need one for the shrines and statues now haha
  4. Mugs were given for people that logged on test server to help. The others were given for winning something PvP related
  5. In general blight bombs have been broken since the new character controller
  6. whole section for it https://community.crowfall.com/forum/15-shadowbane/
  7. There used to be weapon mastery disciplines back in the day. It was great but they got rid of them because of talents...
  8. we've asked this and commented on it multiple times @jtoddcoleman this would be huge to have instead of the same cut/paste keeps/mini we have today
  9. dude I'm agreeing with his whole statement why are you stuck on the ally part of it? There's more to it
  10. I don't siege for cards... I could care less. If there's divine favor to gain from it then cool.
  11. I'm agreeing with what staff said, what is there not to understand?
  12. No way. You could easily have alliances dropped several bane trees on the enemies keeps , they would have no idea which one to defend there's actually only a lot more strategy when it comes to handshakes
  13. This for sure. Buildings need to go down a rank if they're higher rank
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