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  1. Congratulations on "your" bell tower strategy well played. It's a good thing you took them out otherwise we were right on your tails and about to catch up.
  2. there's a WAY better minor out there for damage but im not saying what it is. and it should be on all AM builds. also 2% crit chance on the finish him vs 3% crushing resist on the minor. end game my AP was always maxed and didnt need glamour weapon, i also prefer fae for movement although high elf isnt bad either for the extra dodge pip but thats about it. crit damage is maxed, and never have mana issues with the 500sp ult and ice callers/ illuminate i think that black ice should be on FGs. most of the time if youre getting pushed its because youre losing people in todays ranged aoe orb meta which at that point black ice isnt gonna help you just because they walked into it in the end it does come down to your play style and preference
  3. the resource reduction is on belts i believe not disciplines. like for metal bars, ambrosia etc
  4. Ran this build for months except no black ice and took 3rd minor. Black ice is 9m range and AM is too squishy for that Secondary stat is STR for high damage. I would never take sturdy on an AM you really need finish him. And orb got a 16s CD and 33% damage nerf
  5. Pretty much this. With the chaos orb meta you can spam volatile in the stack to interrupt their orb casts
  6. yeah they removed it so you can auto sell. they need to add it back. but you know lazy programming
  7. cant release when mob is dead and loot prompt is up and killed by anoter player https://clips.twitch.tv/BovineAgreeableAlligatorKappaWealth-rsdk1TuCZPkaR3t7
  8. I agree with all of this. On the topic of hunger, I have brought this up many times it just needs to count down faster while in hunger instead of Disappearing completely Destroyed Banewood Trees will no longer respawn if a zone crashes in the middle of a siege Performance Players can now only change their graphics settings in the Lobby Players are unable to change their graphics quality to a setting that is known to cause crashes for their system I have a better solution for the above issues. Fix the crashing. what game doesn't let a user change their settings while playing. And zone crashing is no good for anyone
  9. yianni


    best healer in game. look at his bar. should figure out what he's running. also look at the meter in the top left. specifically HPS (heals per second)
  10. if you want to hold damage tell your dps to not blow their load right as they engage. and just use LMB for a bit
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