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  1. @thomasblair what happened to the hands? these are kinda worthless right now as reaching stat cap is not going to happen anytime soon. can we get the old ones back as well?
  2. did you have another window open behind it? this happens sometimes with banks/spirit banks... where if you have your skills bar open and drag it, it asks to destroy
  3. umm in the last gif why do his balls catch fire?
  4. Reasons not to play a Confessor

    Many of these reasons is why stop playing confessor and switched to scimitar druid . I loved playing confessor especially in big groups fights but it's no longer viable to me . this scimitar Druid does more damage plus I can wear mail and heal and not many hard counters
  5. 5.7 and the Confessor?

    I gave up on the class a long time ago
  6. Any other LGBT players?

  7. Confessor blues

    Whats a confessor?
  8. 1

  9. Sometimes when I dissipate my character gets stuck and I can't move at all. I have to to the logout/cancel trick to be able to move again. Also combos still break sometimes especially when there's higher msg
  10. Best Race for Druid

    Woodelf camo has saved my ass countless times, plus trailmaster and dissipate. Only reason to go fae/half-elf would be for scim druid extra dex/int
  11. there are shards that have stats... banewood shards are for taking keeps, and sacrifice shards are for well ... sacrificing
  12. zoning removes spring buff, i relogged and it didnt come back. i had to close the game
  13. For the love of malekai, please add an option for anything "zoom" related like map, character etc. to have a hotkey. like +/- . Not all of us use a mouse with a scroll wheel.
  14. Passive Skill Tree is Very Alarming!

    I'm with zatch on this one