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  1. Keep your allies close and your recruitment open. Death is coming
  2. Little extra in combat speed wont really help or sprinting because thats just horrible. Again too many gap closers and pulls that are 30m. As a confessor i cant even dodge when i use my Q, i just walk around invis and try to LoS to gtfo. Druids cant even move when they use their Q haha
  3. Maybe myrm and knight would give trouble, and anyone with elementalist.
  4. Yea getting leather is a pain in the ass and it costs MORE to make the leather pieces than the others.
  5. When you can stack treated steal in armor the HP on armor is gonna be crazy. Especially when going legendary, I can easily see people with 20k+ HP, and with weapon damage being lower the TTK is gonna be way too long.
  6. Confessor doesnt do that well outside of fall damage. With elementalist being so powerful you're screwed, and even without it it's still not that much damage. Not enough sustain to dish out the damage to take a melee player out before you die
  7. With the amount of hitpoints and resists mail/plate classes get plus talents & discs it makes leather wearing classes pretty worthless. The damage just isn't there compared to the survivability. Any melee class with mail/plate really has no issues with leather wearing classes, I don't care how much range you have, there's too many gap closers, pulls, barriers, heals etc. even as an inquisitor the amount of damage to get someone down isn't there. Except fall damage... I haven't played scim druid since talents (I know surprising) but i'm assuming it has the same issue. Not sure what the solution should be exactly, i wouldn't mind the +5 to dmg modifier back on leather plus more HP and little more resists to at least compete. Some sort of balancing needs to happen at some point
  8. lots of people (winterblades) exploiting illusionist, by mounting up with camouflage ask @Juicebox
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