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  1. Weak spots on boars go high up impossible to hit
  2. There's a hotfix in progress. Also doobers are dropping in the air?
  3. Scarecrow passive terrifying features procs during essence burn, intended or nah?
  4. after todays patch, slag + dust making legendary/epic discs, not sure if thats intentional
  5. hmm ok, because i believe at lvl 29 i had 87 pts and never got any at 30
  6. After leveling to 30 on a custom vessel, the 90th point doesnt get added to the total. I did this on two vessels, I only get 87 points to use Also getting in/out of gates is worse than ever
  7. So ummm.... master of scimitar is bugged. I still have my life tray and can heal just fine I even get essence burn haha This is on a custom woodelf vessel. Looks like it's fine on the basic one
  8. EK bug when you logout and rolling back is still there, custom equipped vessel and the inventory went poof
  9. Scimitar is horrible it looks like a harvesting sickle
  10. i agree whoever thought this was a good idea, didnt think it through all the way