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  1. @thomasblair With the changes to resources off caravans and forts, can you explain what the plentiful caravan stat gives? Does it help with generic resources or just the non generic when we randomly get one? Also what's the chance we'll get non generic? And are the gems/mineral blocks still going to come off those?
  2. yes pretty much the same, only difference is in SB you can hit EVERYONE even your own guild, in CF you can't hit your own guild
  3. If they were reading our suggestions or concerns the FW wouldn't of been nerfed to the ground
  4. Your computer is probably overheating... You should open it up and clean it.
  5. fae glide still bugs out and looks dumb, also after bandaging and rezing someone effects still lingered on my character (not shown in video)
  6. Well you used it as a pro for centaur that's why I mentioned it
  7. Where are you getting 50% chance from
  8. not that it matters much since FWs were nerfed to the ground, but this is what targeting looks like when the target is on elevated surface
  9. @thomasblair i dont know blair math, but what are the chances of getting a flawed twice in a row with 98% success chance?
  10. there were a lot of dupes in SB, some very easy to repro
  11. like most changes it doesnt seem like they fully think it out, just like FW(FG) nerf, it made the rest of the promos useless
  12. SC cant hit anything with lightning burst if im on top of a building, defeats the purpose of rolling a fae
  13. please switch these passives, i dont play melee characters why do i have to put points into it to get the crit passives, would be better to put physical pen on the edge
  14. seriously fix it please especially now that archmage is poorly made dergs
  15. Not 100% related but the paella and carrot juice recipes are MIA
  16. All rangers should be able to. It can be put on a discipline to grant you dagger trait or something
  17. Yeah I agree it's really annoying
  18. yup unfortunately when they nerf poorly made dergs they dont take a holistic approach to see how this could affect the other promotions, they just custard take the hammer and pound away in every angle until its unplayable
  19. Ok frost weaver show yianni where ACE touched you. All that was needed was the delay and volatile damage reduction, not 66% and not to arch mage and the delay on volatile explosion.
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