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  1. I've never had a character build that didn't take two major disciplines, and now with the changes to passives I don't think there's going to be anyone that does not take all three passive talents and the two majors . I think those should be replaced with something else and we get free major and minor disciplines at certain levels
  2. Irekei is confirmed to be the first new race
  3. yianni

    Hot zones

    I think it would be a good idea to add hot zones that gives xp bonus, higher rate of drops, more gold and higher resource drops... Maybe some harvest crit chance and amount buff or something. This would definitely bring a lot of PvP to those zones
  4. It doesn't matter what the mob looks like, it should have something valuable and promote fights .
  5. Been trying to help this guy on stream, he's getting a hang of the game pretty well.
  6. That sounds more of a world boss event. I'm thinking something that would promote pvp
  7. In shadowbane we had mobs that were announced when they spawned with unique items like disciplines or godly runes. I think it would be cool to have the Kings do the same and maybe in addition to that announce what they have on them like a specific book . this doesn't have to be limited to kings either
  8. It's not really needed. Tanks in this game are not like in traditional games when it comes to PvE .
  9. Good stuff. I was in virakar for years . A lot of us are in LoD now
  10. consumable slots should be able to take skills that used to go in survival tray, like rez, exploration actives, camouflage etc
  11. nice try though, if theres one W or HOA theres more never forget that
  12. Check the class specific sub forums, I know people have posted their builds. Also malekai.org has a list of disciplines that you can look through and theory craft. In addition logging on to test and trying some there is quick since you can level your characters fast, t's also a good place to test crafting since it has unlimited resources. (at least it used to)
  13. This brings up the point that passives being always active was done because some passives werent being slotted because they werent worth the slot. So what about active powers? It's the same thing people don't slot some actives from disciplines or talents because it's not worth it. For example confessor meteor purge and condemnation. I'm hoping a pass through these active powers is done to make the choice more difficult and to also compliment certain class promotion, again confessor meteor purge doesnt get buffed from any of the confessor promotions, whereas condemnation does.
  14. This list of passives from minors, majors and exploration discs is going to be overwhelming. I think exploration passives should be put in their own section, it's pretty self explanatory that they'll be active in either tray while OOC, or maybe they're only active while harvesting..
  15. So with all the passive power is being active , what about the default passives that each class gets ? And are we going to have a Buff in the top right of the screen for everything? Because that's going to be a long list
  16. Man I miss our legion days and what followed
  17. This is gonna be a different case, people are gonna want to rush to the campaign or dregs to get their cities built as soon as possible
  18. For me it's definitely how many people I'll one shot with my bombs . There's just so much gratification
  19. live cant be at 1x, not with that many testers and needing to test the new stuff
  20. If we need to test the new trait system with blacksmithing and any other crafting changes we need the passive skills to remain for test . Or really speed up the training time , because I forgot there was a passive skill tree revamp
  21. With the amount of expected players coming back and not being able to PvP in gods reach the map needs to be bigger . or make the infected not level restricted
  22. all i saw was a bunch of centaurs body slamming themselves to the ground, poorly made socks is cheesy. both sides
  23. this is why original druid was best class, could still bomb. but was able to heal just like an earthkeeper as well. i still like playing archdruid. open field fights kinda suck... but yeah i can play a fessor and prolly be more impactful as well. although archdruid can easily change the tide in a siege fight. only takes one good bomb or death orb haha
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