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  1. was fighting some aracoix and and my fps dropped to 15 fps with 2080ti and 9900k after dying on a fae druid i lost all my skills and lost my healing tray @vkromas and cant equip any of my of my weapons and mail as i wasnt leveled or something, relloging fixed it lost my essence gauge and lost all my discs
  2. map also doesnt load , either does mail armor and staff on fae druid, druid bombs are even more messed up
  3. because the sacrifice values for dropped items right now is poorly made socks
  4. hes the complete opposite of @mandalore , i bet mandy feels threatened
  5. this is about a king, who said anything about HoA?
  6. yea being viable at lower level would be nice
  7. yeah 5.8..5 definitely changed those in a bad way, druid has been really dull, but i still enjoy blowing people up, when they work
  8. i hate that we get locked into taking gaias when its worthless yet so powerful when it works, ive never slotted this skill its a waste of time to try and hit people
  9. this has been broken since test and they have failed to fix it, ive reported it multiple times, when you retaliate wait a second before using any skills
  10. Try leveling a blue vessel and anything higher. That way they have made the leveling system is broken , you don't get experience off a level one mob on any blue vessels or higher . Which means you have to kill higher level of mobs with your left mouse button
  11. yea it should e able to hit you. im just saying that killing guards using LOS has been in since day 1. granted its harder now due to the range and guards being places on walls.
  12. You realize we've been able to kill guards using LOS since day one, come on man you've been playing long enough to know this.
  13. If the end games for discipline drops are thralls then what's the point of having disciplines dropped off boss mobs that don't drop them 100%?
  14. actually id take scim druid over fessor for LMB
  15. I dont care if jtodd was the creator of SB. This game is NOTHING like SB, and people need to stop comparing it. The ONLY thing maybe thats similar is that there's disciplines.
  16. yeah lvling higher grade vessels is gonna be impossible, especially since you need higher rank mobs to lvl them, which is so stupid, i cant kill a high rank mob with ONE skill. Gold is the only way to do it
  17. When I did a large reroll I did not see all of the pips light up are they not supposed to?
  18. so do large rerolls only affect the 5 lowest? and small 3 lowest? what if using both? how does that work @thomasblair
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