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  1. yianni

    Druid Thorns

    It still does, and if you're a druid use it to pop stealthers. If you're poisoned pop thorns and it'll pop the stealther when the poison ticks. You're welcome
  2. passive training should reflect talents IMO gives us more versatile builds instead of cookie cutter builds
  3. so same bugs ive reported multiple times are still there with arch druid and this is new
  4. Seems like a troll post to me. Never seen this guy in game. Very little forum posts as well which means he's not actively testing the game and has no idea what's implemented
  5. with the population so low, they really need to have a single map like back in the day with a quarry, mine and lumbermill ... plus some mobs forts/keeps
  6. Oh wow didn't know that existed. Was before my time
  7. Before the talent system came, it was very similar with the weapon disciplines, we were able to make more unique characters. Now with the talents everyone is pretty much the same aside from maybe the major/minor disciplines..but even with those as they are right now people take the same ones until some changes are made to some of the crappier ones. I think having weapon discs back or something similar would be great, maybe attribute disciplines like we had in SB (godly int,str etc) ... shapeshifting disciplines were always fun, disciplines at character creation were also really good. I wouldnt mind sacrificing some attributes to gain others and raise my max. For example at character creation take a discipline thats -10con but +10int and 5 to max
  8. I could of ended that siege really quick, but I wasnt bombing as I usually do. Since I was in comms with order at the time haha, so I wasnt going all out
  9. Not wearing clothes is the new style, I'm always naked when I play too. I have to be so my druid balls drop
  10. 1 shotting you guys is also fun when it works. Ranger needs buffed
  11. That's ONE client. Maybe if you spent less time on the forums and actually played you'd know that there's 2 processes that run when you run the executable , one is the game the other is for crashes I believe. Or just read.. I said ONE instance of the game
  12. one instance of the game is literally taking almost 50% CPU, this is on a 9900k OCed to 5ghz on water thats crazy
  13. That's fine, but there's still a big problem with the client. Have you seen how much CPU/RAM it's using?
  14. Before either of you played we had a mine, lumber mill and stone place where a lot of PvP took place as that was the only place with resources. Aside from mobs It was pretty fun. pretty much like mines in shadowbane
  15. You act like no one does it Regardless if it's allowed or not, I'm testing all aspects of the game. How else would I find issues like this . And there's something wrong with the client that's draining resources which wasn't there before
  16. I used to be able to have 4+ accounts open, right now with 3 accounts my CPU spikes to 90% and almost full RAM. Tried to open a 4th account and the client crashed. @thomasblair Not to mention that there's a bug where I can move multiple toons at the same time
  17. At a time that maybe mattered, not in a pre alpha, you can still get a shiny trinket without nightcapping
  18. Only reason people burned out in the beginning is because you're trying hard and made your guild nightcap and cap over and over and over again, which is very unnecessary at this stage of the game, and with factions.
  19. seems like performance to me, there were a lot of people in zone i know its not character controller, thats for broken druids
  20. performance is still poorly made socks druids are so broken its not even funny. seems like the character controller did more damage than anything... and rangers well @Balathan already showed you
  21. druid still broken, see previous post in other thread good job
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