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  1. basically we need more biomes, siege schedules and free city building. things we've been asking for a long time... at least me and a few others. campaigns ending is a great idea . just need the other stuff
  2. the description on molten mage magma ball still shows that it applies a dot, also the duration of the fire damage on it should be a little longer. doesnt seem worth it
  3. Master of focus green discipline has only fire damage bonus and not ice as well. It should have both...
  4. yianni

    hello all

    i forgot about dragging the boss mobs to sieges... but i didnt forget when i was in R30s and someone spawned a poorly made dergsload of mobs at the siege, or turned all safe zone guards to R30 guards... granted they were hacking but it was still funny
  5. yup ive posted on this as well, its just a gap closer right now, or something to help you get away
  6. feel the burn and arkons fury fire DOTs stack, but not correctly, i've been posting this for months now and it needs to be looked at.... something is funky with it.... in addition spreading flame doesnt spread both of them, i dont even know what it spreads. fire wave says it's a rectangle, but how big? during testing it seems very small , the radius needs to be bigger **edit** after doing some more testing i figured out why there's some damage differences between the feel the burn and arkons DoTs when spreading them, some of the dummys didnt have the armor break on them when it w
  7. Yeah he has multiple accounts already...
  8. What to do now... keep playing or dust off my erudite SK in EQ 🤣 6.4 when?
  9. I know how frostweaver works. I don't waste my Q unless I need to. And you should take play style advice from me. I'm better.
  10. Take a Screenshot of the maps there are programs out there where you can create your own it's very easy . just because it's decreasing the players life quality it shouldn't decrease the developers time to make this. if anything they can add the resources onto the map, like they used to have a few years ago and make the map filterable Horrible idea, that's way too long. Just retaliate and continue free weaving . Having to wait five to seven seconds to drop stable to fill up your ice after free weaving is too long. I've never had this problem , stop going alone off the side during big
  11. cauterize from flow controller should also remove frostbite... it does every other DoT
  12. download test server if you wanna test anything from builds, crafting to harvesting. free materials, leveling dust to get your toon to lvl30 in minutes. use target dummys or sing up an ek with friends and duel
  13. <QUESTION> Free city building when? <QUESTION> Shadowbane customization when? <QUESTION> Fixing the new RNG system when?
  14. It should favor the defenders, they have a lot to lose... what do the attackers have to lose? Some siege? Until attackers have to pay to attack and not just wait for a siege window it should favor defenders.
  15. The problem with the blight bombs is the setup time it takes and the little output you get from them. On an archmage or even any frostweaver you can set up frigid bombs that take very little time to set up and do more damage, especially on my archmage... thats if i just drop stable and do freezing blast, i could also free weave frigid into a stack. then on top of that i drop shatter storm. sure archdruid wears mail and has ok healing, but the dps just isnt there and very situational, hell youd do more on an inquisitor, in both healing and dps. i dont know what happened in 6.x but the bomb
  16. mobs are still falling under the world after killing them and i cant loot them let alone skin. poorly made dergs is annoying. seems like its only wolves
  17. Benediction long cool down reduction isn't affecting frozen ground skill from frozen dancer.
  18. You need to unlock your character from the campaign and export your stuff out
  19. https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/december-live-stream
  20. It's been like this for a long time. The scrolling is bad
  21. Chests don't always spawn @thomasblair can we please get higher quality necromancy additives dropping in dregs off normal mobs, not just elders/ancients. Right now infected and dregs drop same quality. And while on the subject, all the humorous are pointless, no one is hitting caps, a lot of the hands are pointless, same with eyes, in general additives need to be looked at. Thanks
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