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  1. druid balls are a little higher than usual, druid spark(lmb) animation looks like its coming from behind, no sounds for elemntalist firebox, no sound picking up druid balls, electrogenesis balls shoot out in front of me sometimes,, like im giving birth to them and they pop out balls disappear still and i get this stuck on my screen the satyr knight charge makes them go like 100m same with ranger backflip, and fessor/cleric charge&backlflip, sometimes making them go out of combat and resetting... i miss when the game worked... i feel like since the new character controller so much poorly made socks has been broken
  2. my balls were fine yesterday then randomly disappeared, but i could see light where they were dropped but yea other than bear working , the rest is broke and balls are dropping higher than they used to
  3. druid will o wisp is still broken lots of sounds dont work my druid balls got stuck floating in this weird animation and then i couldnt see them anymore i still cant do poorly made socks while holding LMB, i have to release it to use any other skill fighting satyrs or any tribes still sucks, getting CCed over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and FINALLY GAIAS WORKS PRAISE MYRKLE @nerion @Xarrayne @Balathan @Anthrage @srathor
  4. Watch some of my videos see if it helps
  5. yianni

    Gaea's Wail

    This skill barely works and has always barely worked since I started playing. Never had it on my skill bar. Which is unfortunate because it's good
  6. From my understanding i thought gold wasn't gonna be put in game. I know i saw/read it somewhere from one of the devs
  7. even if guards/upkeep costs gold i dont think anyone wants to waste it in faction campaigns. now if its dregs than a guild will most def want the gold for their resources to survive
  8. I got excited for a second to find out it wasn't the actual in game ui but the lobby ui that matters for only 1 minute until you enter the game and are welcomed with the same ui from years ago
  9. Yeah since you're such a helpful member. Especially to the game. All that testing you've done is invaluable
  10. I agree I posted about this as well before or I may have mentioned that on a live stream . Forcing us to speak into an exploration discipline is not ideal
  11. Archdruid is one of the best farmers/killers. you're doing it wrong . And that's because you only played 20 hours . So don't complain about a class before you play longer
  12. @ACE_FancyHatsare you guys ever gonna fix the druid bug when casting orbs? i reported this before 5.9 even made it to live, and also the fact that i cant queue a skill while holding down LMB
  13. DRUID balls still make the sound and animation on the players, its annoying multiple people have reported this since day 1 of 5.9... does anyone actually read these? fae glider feels weak now with new character controller view details on map andd also "TO CAMPAING UP" should be by each other IMO combat to me on an arch druid definitely doesnt feel better, when switching trays i cant cast my will owsips instantly like i used to, i STILL cant cast poorly made socks or switch trays while holding down LMB like we used to on a pstive note the UI feels smoother natures force nerf was unnecessary , arch druid only dps is bombs, which are situational thanks for nerfin our only other dps @thomasblair target hud is way too big. AI on aracoix is still custarded up, they stun way too much and use lightning way too much thank you for all the hard work be back next patch
  14. i see Gaeas whale is still worthless, i thought projectiles were fixed?
  15. you need to stop comparing crowfall to shadowbane. two completely different games
  16. yea i for sure wouldnt play if they dont let you do that. unless they fix their game to be able to do everything from one account
  17. fae dash is all jacked, i just fall straight down. druid blight is also jacked. i think all ground targeted skills are casting druid orbs makes an animation like im picking them up i cant cast any power while holding down LMB, i have to stop holding it then cast
  18. lvling isnt fun, any quality vessel should still get xp from lower lvl mobs... i dont see why we cant get xp on a lvl 1 blue vessel from a lvl1 mob. try killing a high lvl mob with LMB
  19. yea we dont do damage to you guys at all. i wish i would of shadow played 1 shotting soulein, i totally forgot from laughing so hard
  20. you get higher heal per second if you do will o wisps then healing rain right after ... but wtf do i know i dont heal
  21. yianni

    Druid Armor

    no need to go leather for the extra final dmg mod, there's other ways to max it out.. i can get full final dmg mod and max AP without buffs
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