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  1. @Yskonyn It's a shame, I guess just in my mind I just don't have the energy to entertain that kind of mentality so I tend to just ignore it To be back on subject, @Tumnus I have run guilds in the past and successfully, but if I am honest I prefer to be an officer, I've got plenty of experience as one and I am happy to support team leads and lead squads as I have in many other games and I do well at it also. Saying that I am just as happy to regular member, whatever works for everyone else really Register me interested anyway, I am a little late to the show for Crowfall but I am now all signed up with both live and test environments install.
  2. I could be interested in this, freshly turn 30 in January and done with guild drama that often comes with the younger generations, for this reason I have been playing solo for 5+ years so it would be good to make some new friends!
  3. Geko here, signing in for testing and a making new friends! now where do I find the guilds section ....
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