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  1. I certainly agree. It would be very cool, and really open up some interesting options for story. But like I said, I like to play by the rules as much as I can, so I'll just go with the idea that the people on these planets are pretty much long gone. Thanks again! If I have any more questions, I'll post them in this thread.
  2. ((OOC)) Hey guys! Thanks to several awesome people, I was able to get a basic in character outline worked out! ((IC)) Cotton Rising I'm not sure if I get headaches. If I did, now would be the time for one. Each time I come back to myself, it's with a rush so powerful, so overwhelming, that I almost feel something physical. Like the memories of every broken nose I've endured stack up, multiply with the presence of each other, and hit me again... all at once. It doesn't last long, really. But each time, with every limb cut in battle, every friend lost... every touch
  3. Fantastic, Kraahk. Thanks a ton. I'll have to revise some of the more interesting ways my previous vessels may have died after possession, as a mother poisoning her family to save them from the Hunger doesn't fit anymore. That's an easy one I liked, lol. I think my biggest issue is going to be relating to my crow, unfortunately. And character motivations, if my crow effectively ceases to exist, at least in any mental capacity. This is going to be a tough one. I also don't just want to meet my guinea mother if she's been inhabited by another crow. In that case, and if my vessel is pre
  4. Woooooah hold on here, BarriaKarl. Now I'm confused. If what Tinnis says about Thralls is true (supported by the FAQ), these worlds are already on their last leg, right? If my guinea mother were to exist at all, she's a ghost that I could recruit to make me pies for the next year? Also, I'm not terribly concerned about the original life of my crow. If I can get away with it, he pretty much won't remember which one is which. What I'm wondering about is the life of the vessel. Or new vessel. It seems impossible that I would know anyone I come across as the crow (unless I somehow meet a
  5. Thank you so much for directing me to this very helpful information Tinnis. And thank you Kraahk. I really like to try to push boundaries a little bit while still keeping in line with established lore, so the questions may continue to flow. It still seems like my concept would work, but only if the crow was ancient. Do we even close to know how many vessels our crow has occupied? What about when Gaea died and the Hunger was born (grew in power? started to spread?)? Do we know at all how long ago that happened? Were the crows created in response to the imminent danger of the Hun
  6. ((OOC)) Hello everyone! Short introduction. I mostly like to write, and, given that everything I read is in some way related to what ever IP I am currently obsessed with, my writing is often in the same vein. I have RPed on MUDs in the past as well as MMO's, but neither really grabbed my attention. Crowfall may have the same effect. BUT I'm also really intrigued by the idea of the vessel system. I've read previous threads about how the "crow" works and whether it keeps the memories of what happened while occupying vessels and whether or not that knowledge transfers to new vessels. I
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