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  1. Counter discs were 100% being used. Scarecrow is highly effective in forts and keeps to completely ignore guards for a small portion of time. Mjayed was prob rolling a Duelist and he was most likely playing a Slayer Duelist. Which is a promotion Specifically designed for hit and run. The Duelist slayer promotion has 2 ult charges that can put it into stealth and regain dodge pip rolls. This Promotion is literally designed to be mobile. Leveraging the Keeps Blind spots with Slayer Mobility and Hard Disc counters allows him to do exactly that. Especially if no one is able use perception skills, farie fire, etc.. Using dots correctly can also cripple a stealth class if one of the multiple detection abilities isn't available . However, there is some counter-play. Experienced Stealthers usually pay attention to DOT timers and can use there Ultimate right before the dots are about to burn out. This allows the temporary Ultimate invulnerability to eat the last couple DMG tics on the dot which lets the player to remain in stealth. when perception is working you can easily spot stealth characters The dodge roll cancel no longer allows for instant stealth from melee tray. There is now a delay even if you cancel the weapon sheathing animation it will still take a couple seconds to be able to activate stealth. Specifically talking about going from melee then harvest then stealth tray in one go. Mounts are not hard to get currently. If you do not have a swift pack pig mount you will probably be chased down or be left in the dust. Bard isn't comparable.
  2. This thread is toast may be time to close it up. Cant be reasoned with and only wants to win the last comment..... lmao
  3. Honestly this post shouldn't have even involved Tark. Only reason i posted the video is to show that significant dmg can be done to plate wielding tanks. Vid was already done and was easier then typing out how to use the basics of playing the assassin class. At this point i don't even think you know what moves the assassin has in its base kit. Nor have you used any discs to help your deficiency and lack of understanding.
  4. Did you just call Tark Brand New? He may not be pvp focused but that is full plate(advanced) ........
  5. Pretty sure your not even making a point. You throw away evidence and multiple peoples opinions. Why even post and ask for a discussion if your going to ignore every single person who responded? Still waiting on an answer to my previous question. How many hours have you tried playing the assassin?
  6. This whole part of your post has nothing to do with this thread. Perhaps start a new thread on how you proclaim how awesome you are at other games. Please keep it relevant to this thread.....
  7. Real question how long have you attempted to play this class(in crowfall) before starting this post?. Your so called high level game-play knowledge seems like a deflection. Pretty ovb your main problem is your lack of experience with the assassin in this game and you have no idea how to set up the "positional requirement" or stun. Your not the only one in this game who has mmo experience... Previous mmo experience has nothing to do with your personal performance with the assassin(in crowfall) if your unable to hit the target or maneuver to the back of them during the fight that is a personal problem. Practice more instead of misleading people yet again.....
  8. I Just think you jumped the gun on this post. Without the proper experience and hours playing this class its easy to mislead new or old players who are looking into playing the assassin for the first time. Everyone has different experiences and play styles. If your looking for a brawling class that stands there and does not move this is not the class for you. The Assassin in Crowfall is clearly not your definition of a rouge class. Changing your play-style or just practicing more may change your opinion when you are truly able to understand the class. Gaining insight from others who have posted in this thread would be also a good idea. People other then yourself have clearly been successful with playing this class solo and have not had the personal difficulties and challenges that you are experiencing . You should pm someone for tips or ask for help. You truly seem to have not spent much time training with this class (specifically in Crowfall)
  9. I have solely played the assassin since it came out on 5.4 on test and live. The assassin is the complete opposite of a gimped solo class. Landing backstab is not difficult when the base kit and discs are used depending on the fight or situation. Backstab should not be spammed but rotated in when possible. Stuns/diffusion's/poisons/ disengage & reengage/ ult allow for very high risk but rewarding play. I'm in complete agreement with Yumx that the circle strafing and knowing when to use LMB over backstab are both extremely important. When you can properly utilize the base kit/discs, killing armored classes is not a problem just a matter of skill and experience . The right poison or disc can devastate healers and prevent/ reduce healing throughout the battle. I have successfully killed many targets(soft and armored targets that have advanced gear) within viewing distance of there guild or faction and gotten away clean. Sometimes you do get caught but that all a part of the high risk/ reward gameplay. 1v2 1v3s are possible if you play your cards right. Knowing when and what targets to attack is key and can only be learned through experience.
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