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  1. Honestly, a system that requires to you to flag for pvp to fight with similar flagged players is just stupid, it will never gain popularity. So basically the only pvp in the game is the territory wars, sounds to me you will grind endlessly to be able to do pvp only when its territory war time, sounds pretty f. bad.
  2. If all the campaigns were a full fresh start we could just scrap the harvesting and crafting all together and just play a MOBA
  3. Even if they made the caps split by faction it wouldn't solve the problem really. Then enemies would just fill your zone with spy accounts. Say cap is lowered by 1 to 99 so we get 33 - 33 -33 caps. Enemies place 3-4 alt accounts in your faction and block those spots during siege time. Its actually pretty meaningful at that point. So instead of a bandaid would be better to tackle the actual problem.
  4. Yeah I think most players have experienced this happen to them. Some have taken a harder hit than others, but on every case it's frustrating, and with the EK - CW hop the blame is on the client, not on the player. It wouldn't take much to setup a warning message when you are about to destroy gear on your character when switching worlds.
  5. Instead of making dismounting an enemy easy they clearly slowed down mounts overall. There is almost no dif now between a trailmaster and a swift mount now lol. So basically we are back to the walking simulator.
  6. You are so disconnected with the current situation Crowfall is in cause you never play. You played one siege during the past what 4 months?
  7. This is exactly why your opinions should be ignored. Just go play a MOBA and stop trolling the forums.
  8. Do you honestly think in the current situation Crowfall is in it would be a good idea to start planning on a new class?
  9. Is cool to get help from NA to get ahead but when NA suddenly helps your opponent then its worth a cry topic?
  10. Fact is, the most vocal people in these topics that are against wiping are all NA crafters.
  11. The whole leveling system is just a crappy job you have to do with every vessel before you can even pvp. We could just as well have forced quests that say you need to harvest 500 knotwood, cobble and slag before you are able to harvest any other resources. Then you can watch your exp meter go up from 0 to 1500 while you farm that poorly made socks. Exactly the same thing. But hey, a lot of you people wanted vessels that need leveling and a talent tree system, so here we have it.
  12. This is exactly the mentality that drove Albion online to the point that even an army of players couldn't gank a single harvester. "I need to be able to harvest solo and still win vs a ganker 1v1". You are supposed to harvest with guards around you (other players) you are supposed to be playing this as a team.
  13. Dregs won't remove the problem at all like we saw in Albion online case. Even with the threat of perma ban people still kept using them to gain an advantage. And at least in Albion you could kill anyone outside your guild. But I guess you guys don't see an issue concerning the amount of alt accounts you guys use. @Jah
  14. Good luck locating the naked stealth assassin scouts everywhere. Just keep popping that molehunter as you go then. Good gameplay! So much fun! Lets everyone just get 20 accounts and spread them around! This didn't stop from the spies being super effective in Albion as well, even with the threat of permanent ban those were everywhere.
  15. In game spying is and will be an issue no matter what the devs decide on it. However, I wanna point out that in case it is allowed the game will rotate around alt accounts and naked spies in stealth everywhere. Campaigns will be played with insane amount of these scouts to gain an advantage, and it doesn't matter if its dregs or faction based. Same happened in Albion, tho at least there it was a bannable offense. (permanent ban if caught). Alt account naked spying just hurts gameplay in full loot pvp games a lot. It's wonderful and becomes mandatory to compete if allowed. We wil
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