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  1. Thats a good question all in one there is a reason I only play this class, and the reason is i love the class and the ideas. But the feeling by playing that class just sucks, i mean the stats and everything are ok but the problem is you can change the animations to fire and the class will also work. There is no feeling playing an actual ice class. Well yeah thats my opinion and whith the quote "The sad thing is it sucks right now. " I meant the feelting and not the class or the balancing.
  2. Is this a real question or are u just trying to offend me? @yianni
  3. So if I play iceweaver fae only, am I a racist?
  4. I play only this class... The sad thing is it sucks right now. The good thing is it has potential. I hope ACE takes the opportunity and give this class more individuality. And ffs I need some ice aura and an ice field.
  5. Bin zwar kein Mitglied kann aber bestätigen, dass das eine sehr aktive Gilde ist. Gruß Esdeath
  6. Uff man sorry aber ich weiss ja nicht ob man so ... mager für seine Gilde wirbt. Vielleicht solltest du diese und ihrer pläne beschreiben. aber der name ist schon mal awesome :3. Viel glück ich freue mich schon die erweiterte version zu sehen >XD. Es
  7. oh die erste deutsche gilde die ich sehe, viel glück viellecht treffen sich unsere gilden ma...
  8. ahh some fellow crafters... well i hope you ideas will work, well i think it will work. Because you can imagine a Guild like this more like mercenaries they wont focus this hard to be the number 1 at the best pvp guilds in fact the will be more likely to team up whith some big guild and support them and get paid for this support. i dont really know if this is your real intension but i think it is. and yeah if you are a crafter it doesnt custardn mean you cant fight at all. it means you have mor people crafting awesome stuff and getting better stats if they need. and
  9. Well YES Years passed and well there is some actual content to seriously play whith and craft awesome stuff. I would love if some off you guys join us and we will arise and do something useful XD, well my best hope are the new Players and maybe some Verterans. It would be nice to see you in the next times online an maybe applying to this Guild.. Because someone needs to get the shid done. And I think if all People that really love crafting will join one Guild and Work together we will Gain Profit and Fame. Well enought Words why dont you try the Discord or j
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