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  1. Changed my Name to Esdeath so it aint stupid anymore.
  2. Yeah sure why not ^^ We arevstll recruting. Even if the guild isnt that active before the launch.
  3. Wow already have been a Year, since this Guild was created. We have now 31 Official Members. Thanks to everyone who is supporting this Guild and the Crafting System. And to interested lonely Crows that might want to join. If you are interested in crafting, farming or anything special let us know. We have the "Manpower" to support you and Guide you thorough this pretty complex game. Even if at the moment we are waiting 4 new Updates. Sincerely Co-Leader Jibril Senpai
  4. That is a good Guild, you may give it a try. They have a wise Guild who has a lot of knowlede about this Game, also they are coordinated and up to date. And they have even events like pvp trainig and more... Have a good day, Jibril Co-Leader at [Black_Market ]
  5. Hope u will find some dudes ^^.
  6. You are welcome, just join us on discord so we can have a chat. ^^
  7. hell yeah, looks like we will get more active. ^^
  8. Nun an die deutschen Spieler. Ihr seid natürlich alle Herzlich Willkommen, unserer gemischten Community beizutreten. Ihr werdet auch bei Fragen auf deutsch unterstützt. Es werden auch alle member mit den Sprachen die sie sprechen im Discord bei uns gekennzeichnet. Es währe leichter für uns wenn die führenden Stellen deutssprachige Member übernehmen Mit freundlichen Grüßen Jibril Senpai PS. Bis jetzt sind die meisten Leute die uns beitreten sowieso deutsch und ihr habt es einfacher aufzusteigen da wir es leichter haben werden mit euch zu kommunizieren. (nichts gegen anders sprachige Member) + our discord got a translator bot.
  9. it works fine for me, so I'm sorry if it doesn't for you... D:
  10. Hi there, well, you did a good job here with that recruitment and I think you could do better if you would add things like which server will you use, what do you want to archive in the game, also what can you give to your members ... that's just my thoughts about it if you don't want to do it its fine too. have a good day sir
  11. I kinda like it as it is, cause there is a time bank an if you time it correctly you can just log in everyday use ur bank and don't get behind it's not that hard. 36 hours would be just too much. get a time like in the evening where you are sure you have the time to come for 10 min online. Greetings Jibril Senpai
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