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  1. sounds like a good start for some sort of oceanic faction. what factions you guys playing. Applied this afternoon
  2. oooh for he is an unbelivier he shall be stuffed with glorious gluten true pasta and tomato sauce untill joy fills every fibre of his being!
  3. what is your stance on the one true church of the flying spagetthi monster and its son the almighty meatball?
  4. did this ever take off and who do i sent my adress for that *new member case o beer*?
  5. thanks for clarifying much appreciated
  6. ah very cool any eta for 5.8 on the servers? i remember people expecting to see it month ago but i got sidetracked with life just jumped on today and its still 5.7
  7. We have an actual time frame yet when there will even be such a thing as ingame guilds? Seems all the timetables I had looked at a few month ago got thrown out by now so is there anything current that Ive missed - fair chance of that.
  8. hoi there, we jsut a chat in game that discord link dont work it seems. I double checked the discord username I gave u and thats correct so dont know what to tell you
  9. if you get this off the ground i be interested. dont give a rats ass what faction they have no impact anyway. Mainly crafter/ vester myself but I guess with a big enough group of disheveled zombies id plunge into the PvP stuff as well. pretty sure I be plaing quite a bit of this since CU is still waaay of in the distnace...they call their current situation beta 1 but it feels more early development than CF
  10. Region: Australia and occasionally europe Atmosphere: relaxed/ little drama but dont mind a bit of drive to achieve something as a group Casual/Hardcore?: id say very casual during the week but known to sink excessive hours into these games on the weekends Size: usually buy magnum size but pretty sure thats just for me ego....OH.....hm rather a small active guild than a million ppl that never log in Play-Style: the way she goes, the custardin way she goes Commitment: no i wont marry you - not happening Miscellaneous: i like choclate
  11. yea exactly thats how i understood it but tried to log in today and says: user is not entitled - love the phrase btw thats AWESOME! but yea on a side note id like to get back on the live server do i need to reinstall a new version or something
  12. I am confused up to now I was allowed to play in the test and now I am locked out? Part of the reason I bough into the game this early was the message they sent close to Xmas that now everyone with pre-order would have access. Confusing for simple minds like mine.
  13. well i dont know what to tell you that was what i was looking at. and it also said that those prices / bundles would only last till the end of the month and than the rewards would be lessened significantly. so that part has changed since i dont see a timer on any of those anymore. guess these days u need to make a screenshot of everything u look at. but im sure they will be fine either way
  14. so it said we had time till end of december to grabt hose backer packages before the deal changes again and tbh I was playing with the idea to grab the 50 one since it seemed like a good deal. As of today it doesnt have even 1 month of vip with it. so they changed it up 2 weeks early.....if only they could release as fast and i wouldnt even be upset
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