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  1. No stranger to bugs or early access here, but man I have been getting the strangest crashes I have ever seen in my life. The game crashes itself randomly and other programs with it. It's very annoying, because I have to reload every program it takes out on its warpath. It seems to happen at complete random. The most commonly hit programs are Discord and Google chrome. It's also the long kinda crash where like one or two of the programs hit will take like 2 minutes of not responding to fully crash. I know it is just this game, because I only reinstalled it today, and have never had this issue with any game ever. Normally if I get a crash from a less stable early access game. Only the one program is hit. I have a good enough rig to know its not a hardware issue. Is there anything known about this? Any setting fixes? or do I just wait for better stability? TK in advanced for any actually insight or help.
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