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  1. Race and class seperated, so I can create a guinecean frostweaver and a winged fey champion?
  2. With a small team they should focus instead on the developing and optimizing the game itself. It's still in early alpha stage, who current FPS numbers don't mean much on the long.
  3. Nope. If gender is more than a cosmetic choice players will choose gender based on advantages instead of what they want to play. You should not penalize cosmetic options in a fantasy rpg in any way, be it gender, hair style, skin color, whatever. It was a bad design already in 1978.
  4. I want to see an assassin shirt based on Todd's cosplay.
  5. A guardian in GW2. I had a greatsword/sword+focus build that could dish out some serious damage, blind foes, and leap. Despite the class's name my character surely didn't guard anything, he had pretty low health. I'm not sure if it's still a viable build after the last few patches, but it was fun. Didn't get to high ranks, but I liked Witch Hunter in WAR. Going into incognito and murdering that annoying sorceress behind the frontline was fun, even if I could barely escape. I like my hammer/mentalism character in Project: Gorgon. Huge melée damage combined with healing is my favorite.
  6. Well, fire needs fuel to keep burning and human flesh/armor isn't really flammable.
  7. Okay, this deserves five freakin stars.
  8. Yeah, I know there's an assassin archetype with wings. I was talking about archetypes doing double jump without any kind wing, rocket boots, etc - like the knight in the early trailer.
  9. Read some FAQ: http://crowfall.com/en/faq/physics/
  10. That's the "something similar" category, but within fantasy. Maybe farts would work too, but the knight in the early trailer would have needed a lot of beans to propel his armored body that high.
  11. I'm pretty sure collision and friendly fire will make zerging pretty uncomfortable.
  12. This is an open world pvp game, the only faction you need are player factions - either those made by the devs (the chaos-order-balance trinity and the gods), or those made by the players (guilds).
  13. I've seen magical tattoos in several tabletop rpgs, but no one ever cared about them. They were usually pretty meh, so I won't miss them from here either. Introducing a new element that gives bonuses will make it necessary for everyone, since who in his right mind would leave out any kind of bonus they can acquire? Since tattoos are permanent they go straight against a core design principle of Crowfall: all objects are temporary. Yaeh, when your vessel gets destroyed your tattoo is gone too, but it's already much better than any other item in durability. If you make it a visual only item, then it's even more redundant - why spend time on visual elements that you won't see in the game thanks to your armor.
  14. Oh look, it's Tatsumaki from One Punch Man! And now I want to try druid too because its WARchmage mechanics. Stop making all archetypes exciting, dammit! I won't have enough free time to play with everything.
  15. I still don't understand how on earth would someone jump again while airborne without rocket boots or something similar.
  16. That's nonsense. JamesGoblin is Like. JamesGoblin is Life.
  17. I was surprised they lasted so long. Even the first Fable and Black & White games delivered half of what Molyneux promised, but at least they were fun. Their other games seemed mediocre to me and in the last ten years they had more titles canceled than finished.
  18. Why is The Division interesting? For a shooter it looks mediocre, for an MMO it doesn't look something that can last long, plus it was published by UbiSoft. Please someone enlighten me why were people so hyped about it in the MMO scene.
  19. I want a pack elephant. Or pack mammoth, that seems more practical during the winter.
  20. And everyone likes JamesGoblin. Whoever says otherwise is a goddamn liar.
  21. Who needs a James Goblin NPC when there will be a James Goblin PC? Or JamesGuinecean, since there won't be any goblin archetypes at start.
  22. Welcome to the Dregs. Make sure your vessel has enough durability to withstand the damage it will suffer in the near future - including bashing, burns, and toxicity.
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