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  1. You're playing with words... "Crowd Control" is just the usual way used for all control, both single and multiple target. And when we know how to use a single target CC, we can disturb an entire ennemy group (group = crowd... QED) It's like the term "DPS"... every classes can do "Damage per Second", even the tanks, even the heals, but a DPS is usualy a class specialised in dealing damages. There are many terms used in MMO glossaries who don't correspond exactly to the grammatical meaning. But who cares, everybody use it But well, I've just come back from work and see it's you, who wa
  2. It has been years that Crowd Control is called Crowd Control... Maybe it's not AOE spells, but if we make a good use of a 1-target spell, it can change all the movements of the ennemy group. For exemple in a "capture the flag" PVP battleground. If we just damage the player carrying the flag, there won't be many changes, a defense buff and a heal and he'll continue. 1 or 2 allies will eventually come and fight us. But if we play a CC class, with many root, mezz, stun spells, and we begin to slow down the flag carrier, all of his allies will change target and kill us. Yet it's onl
  3. Shapeshifting is a too easy way... With Shapeshifting we lose our identity and the surprise on the battlefields. It's just like : "Oh a Bear-Druide, that's a tank" "Oh, A Tree is moving, he is a Support, let's target him"... I'd prefer to see more temporary summoning animals spirits, weather spells, nature (tree, earth) spells
  4. Edit : just erase what what I have already say... And repaste the link that Female Centaurs were already in their minds BEFORE the Announcing Stretch Goals : http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/1397-forgemaster-gender-locked/?p=32712 Well, yes, there are FEW references to the Romans, but the fact that Centaurs would have to be full Roman-like is only your own idea... And frankly, I'm pretty happy that female Centaurs will be playable. Otherwise their writing work would have been limited to replace Romans by the Centaurs, and to copy and paste a piece of history book.
  5. I understand what you say... but you persist in comparing Crowfall to Roman historical references. This is like LARP : there are fantasy ones, and there are Historical reenactments. In Fantasy LARP, sometimes we use real references, to create our own stories. In Historical Reenactment, we study and use Historical FACTS and apply them during a week-end -- or even whole weeks. Crowfall is NOT an Historical Reenactment. Centaurs Legionnaire in Crowfall are NOT Romans. They have references, maybe for writing facilities, or that the player adopts the character more easily. It's not b
  6. Well, you just continue to apply Romans' life to the Centaurs... it's just funny ^^ Crowfall is not a Historical reenactment, if you want this kind of lore, you can go there It's not because the Centaur has the same kind of name than Romans had, and not because his Archetype is "Legionnaire", that ALL his culture will be the EXACT same as the Romans. Centaurs never really existed, it is a mythological being. And when a fantasy world use it, we should expect to see a NEW civilization, with new rules and new customs. "Centaurs" are from Greek mythology, and "Legionnaire" are from Roman
  7. What is your "historical precedent" about Female Centaurs ?
  8. No, so far it's just a 1h halberd for Centaur It's just that IRL halberds were used with 2 hands beacause they were pretty heavy, but ingame ATM we didn't see screenshot with another race using this kind of weapon.
  9. shmilbick

    Melee Druid

    I hope this kind of changement will be possible by the Promotion classes. The attributes we see on the page are the basic ones, I guess they can change if we can change the role Anyway, Intellect can be usefull if they add melee skills (kind of animal spirits...). Strength or Dexterity are not the only possibilities to make DPS, Intellect can still be used with Magical melee skills
  10. I think it's not a spear, and not an axe : I'm pretty sure it's an halberd And don't forget that Centaurs have more Strength than a mere Human (it's an advantage when we'll choose this Character), so I'm pretty sure they can use 2-handed weapons with one hand - the kind weapons that weaker Humans should use their 2 hands to handle them
  11. It's pretty fun, you react as if Crowfall was an historical representation. It's not because there are influences and references to History and mythologies, that Crowfall will be the exact same I don't want to break your dreams, but so far Crowfall is a fictionnal, fantasy, and a rather new universe. Even if there are similarities with History, Mythologies, and even with ShadowBane... ArtCraft is totaly free to create and adapt their Lore as they want. Nothing prevent a female Centaur, who will have much more strength than Human, Fae, or Elf, to take weapons and go to war punch i
  12. I guess this is a good start, but we don't see much https://twitter.com/EricHart3d/status/569878275469631489
  13. Well, don't forget that you are safe as long as you (as a male character) don't walk in the Riverlands Some Fae cry their baby males, so they are not heartless. I'll use that point in my RP sessions, both if I play a Fae, or a Human. In the 2 ways a Fae can be in a love story, as long as the Fae don't bring her lover in the Riverlands
  14. I think we shouldn't take the story of the Centaur in the same way we can take other Archetype's stories (for exemple the Assassin). In the Assassin's story, she explain general issues, such as no men are allowed in the Riverlands. In the case of the Centaur, we can feel he is selfcentered, he is proud of his own strenght and his own family. Gaius is the 9th chosen in his FAMILY He doesn't say if all those 9 chosen were only males. And we don't know how big is the Red Brigade. Indeed, he "tamed" his wife, but if we take her title in the other way, "She Who Could Not Be Tamed", that
  15. That's what I was thinking, with her Frost Powers, she is what is closest to Hunger and its ice corruption
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