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  1. 5.110.0 build on test-live is not giving me 3440X1440 resolution. No idea why, I removed and re-installed entire game and still not showing up. Any idea what I am missing?
  2. Thanks - when I try to place anything on a farm, woodland creek or hill - I never get anything other then … "you do not have permission to use placeable deeds in this parcel" The only parcel I can get that screen to show up on is the shire parcel. And on that parcel it is nothing but slope error for me. My question is , are farm parcels supposed to be able to handle cottages, keeps, gates and walls. If not, then it seams pretty silly to include the farm parcel in the founder packages that come with cottages and keeps. if it is something they glossed over and didn't think about in 5.6 then fair enough , it should eventually get fixed. -Bolt
  3. I get messages on parcels that say "buildings not allowed". Which maybe I could understand if the amber package didn't come with all farm parcels, a fort and a cottage. The farm parcels wont let me place any of the items that are part of the package, that just seems like something went wrong. Next issue is one from 5.5, even when I get the building to go blue the system gives me the "slope" error. I have spent the last hour trying every little trick and can not get any thing to take. Little more EK love please. -Bolt
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