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  1. Agreed. They have shown a capacity to not understand what a decent system looks like and what a decent system needs so at this point I wouldn't put it past them to implement an "auction house" that fails as an auction house and makes things worse due to their lack of understanding such things....
  2. I am acutely aware the the current rendition of crowfall is probably not long for this world lol. I personally am at a point where I can't bring myself to log in to play. I would how ever make the case that its NOT because they developed a half ways decent crafting system. Crowfall has failed on MANY fronts. Like most things in life, its not an either or argument.
  3. Remove Timers for starters. I'm really starting to feel like timers are a big problem. Like others have said, remove the timers. Everything should be attackable at all times for a start. I did like the idea of plant a bane tree seed and start a 30 min timer until attack ( the time it takes the tree to grow and mature).
  4. I agree fully with this. My reference point is EVE. Never played the other games. Death in Eve was brutal. You grind out a few billion (or what eve the going rate is) for a macharial, jump into a lvl 4/5 mission or try to run it through a low sec system to a high sec island or decide to run some null secs sites, maybe take it into a wormhole cause your a moron and you get jumped by hostiles, web, scrammed and your new shiny ship is now a pile of rubble. Good luck getting back to the wreck if its still there. The point, In EVE there is an unlimited amount of content one could do. Get hot dropped and wiped and you look to local and you see nothing but hostiles in system, go somewhere else and do something else until the heat has died down. In Crowfall there isn't much in the way of content and what is there is really beginning to feel like work to me, NOT fun. Humans need purpose and in crowfall I feel no purpose. This hunger thing, are we winning? are we successfully pushing it back? is there a chance for us to win against the hunger? If not, what's the point of fighting? Crowfall needs more, Much more real meaningful purpose. I'm leaning towards more actual pve content that is actually tied into the pvp content. I know, I know Blasphemy! this is a pvp game! give me a break. they already popped that cherry with the introduction of wartribes and such. Might as well grow it. Eve is a pvp game with a significant, deep, and meaningful pve side. It shouldn't be an either or. There is a way to meld the two so that both are more meaningful and more impactful. But first, before all this, fix all the basic poorly made dergs we've all been harping on for ever now!!
  5. amen. This is where I've landed. I personally don't want to see new stuff introduced to the game until such time as all the basic poorly made dergs that should have happened pre-launch is fixed.
  6. It doesn't look terrible. I also have an issue with timers though. Timers aren't fun. I don't want a clock telling me its time to go do something. I played Eve for many years. There was a significant portion of that game population (contrary to popular belief apparently lol ) who resided in high sec and basically didn't PVP but there was a significant number of us who lived in low sec, wormholes, etc and engaged daily in PVP. The only timer that i remember that game having was if someone attacked your POS and they beat down your shields, the thing would go into a mode and have a timer where it would come off timer so you knew to be ready to defend it then. I may be butchering an accurate description because its been awhile since I played and the details are a little fuzzy, you understand. I was ok with that timer because 1, someone had to actually attack you and 2, they had to actually get through your shields and you were then given an opportunity to rally a defense but as far as ANYTHING else goes, no timers. Jump into a system, anyone running missions?? D-scan, Anyone mining?? D-scan, etc etc. gate camping, no timers, station camping, no timers, etc etc. You get the point. Why are you people so hung up on this timer BS?? Its just terrible and I'm really starting to agree wit those rallying against timers. That said, there is a slew of basic stuff people are actively complaining of and advocating a change on. Basic game play and QL, etc but ya'll keep posting things talking about new stuff. Why?? This is why with each of these posts, my heart sinks a little lower with the thought "these people really don't get it. Don't put in new stuff until the basic stuff is resolved and better." But hay, maybe I'm a moron and am clueless lol Rock on folks When is new world releasing again???? lol
  7. your comment makes no sense. If your tying to imply that I'm copying you, than where is the second D in my name? At any rate, this distracts from the point of the thread and when you play such games, it simply highlights that you don't have a solid argument to be made and have to resort to this. Lets get this back on topic.
  8. Is this the part where we start to name drop to prove our importance? "I'm important, I know things, I know important people, important people know me, listen to me" You don't win discussions if this is where you go and people actually begin to doubt what your saying. Smart people prove they are right with facts, logic, and reason NOT who they know, or allegedly know. just an fyi. I know important people to and they know me but I'll never name drop to attempt to prove my point. Facts and logic friend.
  9. Indeed, honorable profession. Someone has to clean up the poo. lol
  10. oh, I agree. I never said its ideal or efficient by any stretch of the imagination. It is indeed cumbersome as hell. I merely said its done. alt tab between windows, using the auto run feature etc and if one gets ganked, alt tab ulimate (for stealthy), alt tab ulimate and hope the gankers don't have stealth detection. But ya, just cause a few found ways to make a terrible system work doesn't make the terrible system less terrible. The more I talk on this group harvest topic, the more on board I'm getting with doing away with locking mins and gems behind group play. Again, very much doubt crowfall will change this.
  11. Well.. that specific day I'm thinking of was some time ago on a game that shall remain nameless and yes, technically it's their right but I vehemently disagree with the practice but its good when these games do this because it lets me see the character of those running it and I can then choose NOT to support them. lol and yes, it did drive people from their game that had such potential and now.... well.... That day has not yet arrived with crowfall, to my knowledge and with any luck (and if these people have a semblance of intelligence) it won't. lol P.S. It wasn't me nor was it friends of mine. I was merely an observer of the events. That was the nail in the coffin for me with that game and I was like, "well, time to move on."
  12. awe yes, the vaunted shadowbane. I always get a kick out of this one. Shadowbane this and shadowbane that. Such an amazing game that shadowbane...... You are aware, that game failed right???? Just an idea, maybe take an approach to things different than a game that failed... Just an idea, and also maybe look to games that are still alive and kicking for ideas of what works. lol My second favorite thing people do, quoting meaningless statistics. "90% of people I talk to..." and if you only talk to 5 people? 10 people? 20 people? In the grand scheme of things regarding what percentage of actual players like vs dislike the crafting, that 90% is kinda meaningless... just saying. I will however accept that you and a percentage of your friends don't like it. Fair enough but overall, I don't know, a lot seem to like it...
  13. No, I'm not mistaking that. I understand the point being made. I'm just coming at this from my own perspective and just never found the motherlode and locking mins and gems behind a group activity to be a game breaker but you may have a point. There is not a lot of people that like to harvest/mine/resource gather/ what ever name it's called based on the game. One of the worse details to be on in eve online was guarding miners. Even worse was sitting in a belt with your own miner. Akin to gouging your eyes out with a rusty spoon. There are people that like this though and I can see that if you place them in a spot where they have to force others to do things with them that others are not fond of, Not a winning plan. These people are good with the words and the power point showing all the things they want to do. This seems to be a go to for many game people and I'm always confused that they actually think it works as opposed to hard actions, no words or power-points. Maybe this does work for the lemmings of the world and maybe that's why they all do it. At any rate, I suspect the motherlode thing won't change and maybe none of these other things people are complaining of will change. Seen it before. Devs speak the words and show the power points but nothing ever changes and the pop gets lower and lower. Sure, there are cultist who will play as there always are but keeping the cultist playing is not a sign of success. And then the day comes where the devs start banning people from their forums who are critical of the game. Yup, seen that. That will definitely convince people to play your game.....NOT lol
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