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  1. I remember those skills. You make some valid points and I agree the training progression could be longer. This issue with limiting professions to train 1 at a time even though it would bring it more in line with eve ( one skill train at time) is it would simply cause people to buy more alts ( like eve) in order to do all they want to do. I guess its debatable if that's a bad thing. It would bring in more revenue for the crowfall team.
  2. I don't mind the tome idea and I didn't mind the skill injectors in eve but I reject the notion that we need a catch up mechanic. Eve operated for many years successfully without the injectors or any catch up mechanic. When they were implemented they became more a tool for veteran players to redistribute points to other toon to really streamline them than a thing for new players specially since they cost so darn much. They were a good way to bring in revenue for eve via plex sales so humm, pay to win maybe???
  3. I feel your pain. all I am saying is I never had to do it once. I run a I7:7700k, 16gb ram, gtx 1070 etc etc so not a new rig but still haven't had to do it so maybe the problem is not on the crowfall side, or maybe it is. I hear the unity engine is quite the crappy engine to work with and other games that use it have had issues with it as well so maybe the problem lies there. regardless I am sure they are working themselves ragged to fix it so patience people. this game is still PRE-alpha.
  4. I have not had to do that once so maybe your issue is not on the crowfalls end so much as a computer or internet connection on yours. I am not kidding. I have literally never had it crash or freeze once.
  5. I wouldn't call it unplayable. I have been enjoying myself and am glad we have a mini campaign. Its nice having somewhere to go and play other than gods reach.
  6. Hi. quick question. I see an item needed for crafting weapons called molds but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get one. I have heard people say they are in vendors in keeps/forts but unless they are named something totally unexpected with an icon I don't recognize as what a mold would look like, I don't see them. Any help in this area would be very much appreciated. thanks
  7. Not all of use play the way your saying. Some of us take a more solo approach most times, others play with just one or two close friends. We should not all be required to become a cog in your massive corporate conglomerate to enjoy the game. You need all of is if you want this game to succeed and if you do things to drive the rest of us off, good luck succeeding. I can point directly at another game that took the approach of catering to their base hard core players and drove many of the casual and solo off and they are not doing so well now. They are trying to reverse direction but it maybe to little to late... Just a word of warning....
  8. I agree. That was very unprofessional to that developer. She was just trying to be full disclosure and she was completely shot down.... and then the stream was derailed to NON vessel related things. I like the other lady. she was quite the professional ok edited. just reached another part of the stream where the young lady was just explaining the gold situation which we have been asking for for a while and then pann interrupted her and basically talked down to her and basically told her she should only be saying things that are positive. I will be honest. if all you telling me is the positive and your not being real with me, I stop trusting you and what you have to say because I start to feel like all your doing is spinning things to make yourself look better. once again. that other dev was doing a great job and was treated very disrespectfully........
  9. So I have to take issue with something that was said early in the live stream. Pann made the claim that you "never" need a vessel if you don't want one. While technically that is true in the sense that the game doesn't "require" you to make a vessel to log in and play but that's not really the full story and its disingenuous to make that claim in my opinion. If you want to be even mildly competitive against well quite frankly anything, rank 10 npc, players, etc you "need" to a vessel. the standard default one isn't really viable beyond maybe the initial learning phase in my opinion and this is coming from someone who doesn't have a vessel and is using the standard default one and its quite frankly painful but I don't have access to vessels for reasons at this time so it is what it is....... just my opinion
  10. There are indeed places to put up vendors be it the faction temple or free city or EK. I believe I saw a skill to train to reduce the cost of having a vendor up to though I could be mistaken on that account. I am confident all this will get fleshed out in the final product. Don't forget this is the testing and development phase of game development. I have every intention when this game goes though final wipe to build up quite the market EK where I will sell to Anybody who wants to buy from me. Sell to all sides and sit back, count my gold, and watch them duke it out and laugh. lol Seriously though, I am sure the large guilds and others will be able to supply themselves but there will always be the new players who are just starting and haven't trained things up and don't want to become another cog in one of the big guilds or smaller groups who needs supplies. should be fun can't wait for the game to get done
  11. So issue with my EK as well. In my purchases tab, it shows my supporter bundle, the one I had already claimed in game to use on my EK. When I go into my ek and open the map, all I see is the place you log in at but no parcels which makes sense if the supporter bundle is actually in the purchases tab but In the actual world itself, I see all my parcels laid out and the walls and buildings in their proper places and I can move around freely in it so whats the deal???? have I been given a second supporter bundle???? (which I would be perfectly fine with fyi ) I suspect this is not the case.
  12. A person doesn't have to participate to have an opinion. A person can sit back, watch and develops and opinion. I also don't believe their is much skill involved in these large group battles. I have watched as well as participated in large to very large battles in many games well beyond CF and it always feels like a hamster running across the keyboard would have the same impact on the battle as me..
  13. I already submitted this to crowfall support but I found this so I figured, why not, put it here When I log into my cleric, my holy avenger discipline doesn't work. the skills and passives don't show. Have logged out and back in and what not and no change. don't know what to do to fix it and since it was so hard getting the one discipline, I am concerned that if I destroy it or can't use it again than I won't be able to get another....... I took a screen shot but I don't see how to insert image into this thread. I am sure I am missing something cause I have seen images in these things before
  14. neither. those scenarios and this one are not the same. In the above the baker only has to cater to the one person who orders said cake or maybe the small group of friends who orders said cake. For the game, they have to satisfy the original backers at first of course as best they can but they also have to create a game that draws in even more people. People who never backed the original game. Those people may well have ideas of fun that are not the same as what the backers originally wanted but if the game wants to survive and grow, they have to evolve into something that satisfies the larger group of people. That would be people other than the original backers. Like I have said before to others about kickstarter games, the original backers help the game to get started but to give a game legs to last, that won't come from the backers, that will be due to all the new blood they bring in as the game progresses so ya, I stand by my original statement and this is coming from a backer of this game fyi.
  15. I didn't say harvesting shouldn't have pvp in it. I said guarding those who harvest is boring and something I wouldn't do. There is still pvp involved in it with the ganks and what not and no I don't buy the idea "people who refuse to fight over resources are going to do poorly" I never fight over resources and so far I am doing fine. I simply look for the best way to acquire what I want without fighting. occasionally I get ganked. all part of the game
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