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  1. Tyranny is 1/3 of a cell! @Tinnis do you really think a cell is big?
  2. @DustFinger No bro. Continents will be linked by moon gates but remember that CF is a pvp game so ppl will just camper the moon spots to gank ppl. This will kill the game like happend for other games. An open big world with multy connected regions (without a loading screen) is the best choice.
  3. Tyranny should be a 1/3 of a region of a continent not a 1/3 of a continent! It's really small imho
  4. @weebles Do you know that we are playing on 1/3 of a cell? So 40x40 should be enough to manage 2 islands
  5. if a continent map is 40x40 cells (26.21 km2 ) they could make one or two big islands for each continent map and use moon gate to communicate between Islands
  6. red arrow means loading screen? Or may I swim side to side?
  7. We should try to summon a Dev to get some explanation
  8. @SoberSoul do you have problems with italians? I think that was a good point to argue about! None were trolling around
  9. Nice meme, instanced mean a loading thing. Thats all. I would like to know what's the plan. I just hope to not see loading screens while crossing zones (cells)
  10. So cells will be instanced? Don't make me laugh
  11. Wow vanilla was running the year 2004. No instanced regions.
  12. Instanced zones for real? It's 2018 imho.. buy more resources or stop make games.
  13. Is the same as battlerite..if you want to see the camera of fractured try it! It s a F2P moba on Steam
  14. @APE action combat is wasd + mouse.. if you take a look at battlerite you will see the same camera as Fractured