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  1. Dummies in Earth Temple are friendly. Moon faction can't hit them. There isn't even a Barracks in the training area of The Lunarium for us to hit dummies at.
  2. Some way to identify different stakes on the power bar at a glance would be nice. Having them all look exactly the same is not that sweet.
  3. Lord of the Forest major discipline gives Protection Stake which states that it gives 0% Personal Damage Modifier. Protection Stake may have that same problem in all instances.
  4. 10 outpost captures for Outposts Galore! quest is too damn many outposts. Takes forever.
  5. Lunarium gate in Sky Point is killing friendlies again. Check my debuff and the other unfortunate crows.
  6. This message comes before any mention of hunting animals for the quest It feels like it has no context. I think it's better suited to come AFTER this one:
  7. Practice fort capture in Lunarium is able to be captured from the top of the ramp, way outside the marked ring
  8. As a member of Moon faction, every NPC in the tutorial has a red health bar
  9. Seems like it would make sense for the tutorial character that introduces players to the PvP zones would be the same faction as the zone they're in
  10. Master Fiamma in Moon Temple has misplaced quest marker
  11. Ultimate has activation animation triggered by mounting
  12. Getting the message that I can no longer return to the statue I'm bound to so I'm returning to Temple. I've never bound this character to a statue so I should return to Temple anyway.
  13. Spent my points from hitting level 3 but Con wants more than I have
  14. Does it do a thing? It doesn't matter, I still want it.
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