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  1. Thanks, for hint... I saw the additives just did not know how to use them in Necromancy. Have to check with belt. That was my main aim.. give the Necromancy a "choice" Let wait and see what stat update in 6.400 will bring to Necromancy..
  2. I have in mind influencing output when I'm creating legs, hands, torso and head. Basicaly infuence statistic value / ratio. I'm creating Head.. I can use "default" setting a have it as it is... just click experimentation click click... ... But let say add brain as additive for better Inteligence vs. Spirit ratio add something (according lore) to add better Spirit vs. Inteligence ratio Creating legs.. have muscles for strenght, tendons for dexterity, "better" bone for constitution... Hands - again muscles for strenght, tendons for dexterity Torso - muscles for strenght, "bet
  3. Hi, did not pay much attention in past to any crafting. I did not want to "spoiler" it too early, also I expected several changes will come anyway... But now 6.1 -> 6.2 on test.. and I did look how crafting is look like. Particulary for me very interesting Necromancy... And I'm kind a disapointed... I will take leg/hand/head/torso and ambrosia (from Alchemy), click click click... repeat several times... combine it click clik click... and... Done... I tried Blacksmithing for comparison.. here you chose Ores to have impact on severel different stats/resist/dmg... with impa
  4. Can't make Ambrosia - can't add Ground Halite and Cinnabar
  5. Využijte 20% slevy do 23.8. - připojte se k Veteránům.
  6. Same issue as guys. Happening on Firefox (PC), Opera (Laptop), Safary (iPad and iPhone)... always help to remove History (I expect cookies)
  7. Kdo má zájem sledovat novinky, diskutovat o hře, popřípadě vstoupit do guildy a zajít si něco vyzkoušet - nebojte se připojit na Veterans Discord, nebo mě kontaktovat.
  8. I was not able to react fast and make screenshot, but during harvesting spruce (happed just once) all resources stays somewhere in the air without possibility to collect them.
  9. Hi, Opinion: I like the new interface - Once it will be possible to scale it (down in my case) and change position of GUI elements. (I hope it will be) I personally will have nothing to complain [29.3] Drop from NPC - personally I will let them have just white and Green items. Blue one left for crafters. [29.3] Problems (?): Performance - I'm pretty sure you are aware of it, but for completeness I'm mentioning it. On best setting in temple I was limited by VSync, outside starting location 50-60FPS, Marconia map drop to 10FPS. I had to change to the lowest
  10. Hi to all guys from KDS. I'm also looking forward to have you on list of EU player base - Ether as fine allies or honorable foes. So again thanks for kind wishes @KDSProm. I hope that once my small guild will eventually stop playing I will be still welcomed on your side...
  11. Tak konecne sem se dostal k nastaveni Discordu: Discord channel
  12. Ahoj, Jen pro info, neváhejte podat si přihlášku - sami nebo s kamarády. Momentálně neřeším nabor nějak systematicky... Prostě vás vezmu a až bude známo kdy, co a jak.. začnem to nějak řesit... budu jen chtít abyste se představili na našem Foru, abych měl přehled, kdo to myslí aspoň trochu vážně... Poté by proběhla případná čistka. Iniciativě se samozřejmě meze nekladou, takže kdyby kdokoli chtěl cokoli stačí se jen domluvit...
  13. May I ask for deleting this and previous post. Thanks Nevermind
  14. Hello folks, We are Czech and Slovak speaking community guild. Currently we are more or less waiting how the things are gonna to happend... But we are planning to play this very interesting game... if everything will goes well... Once the thing will start be actual.. I hope we will let you know about us in game.. and maybe even here.. See you around.
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