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  1. Our little family seems to be growing exponentially. Hello to all the new folks!
  2. That's the issue though- we don't need more warnings that this game is early access, that's what's plastered all over the place. The issue is that the term early access has been used as a cop out of releasing slightly-buggy betas. That's again, not ACE's fault, but it's causing people to lump CF in with the likes of PUBG and ARK. That is clearly not the state of things. Saying "It isn't done yet, it's not the same as the finished game" is really understating the amount of work that's still ahead for the development team. I recently bought the game myself, but if I had not gone poking into more information on the forums, I would have assumed it was in a state similar to ARK. That's the vibe it gives off. Yes, it is ultimately on those people to do that footwork and research what they're buying! But we do not live in an ideal world, and these disgruntled folk are really harshin' our vibe here.
  3. Who needs ingame content when you have ridiculously high-quality forum memes?
  4. Hah, yes I totally understand. I'd like it to be just a good description rather than another word that really changes based on context, but condensing that into a blurb that can fit on all the areas they have "EARLY ACCESS" pasted is not super easy. Although a button with tiny font reading "Click here to gain access to our limited content test server wherein you can get a general gist of how the game is going but you're essentially playing a trial version of the full game but with the potential for gamebreaking bugs and inconsistent uptime." would be hilarious.
  5. Aye, this is the problem entirely. Thankfully this person is doing some digging, but it really shouldn't be necessary.
  6. I disagree with your opinion, but that's not really the point I'm trying to get at here - I'm not trying to defend or justify why Crowfall is in the state it is. This isn't aimed at people dissatisfied with the progress made - that's a personal viewpoint, and to each their own. This is about people who will rapidly buy the game, pop into the test server, and then immediately fill the global chat or forums with salt and bitterness. If you've been keeping up, and you know what you're getting into, then this is not aimed at you at all. This is just for bright-eyed new folk.
  7. This community is great, and there's been a lot of people coming here recently to check out the state of development when is suuuuper duper. HOWEVER, there is a very loud subset of people who do not understand that this game is in pre-Alpha. Yes, I know it says that in many areas - but the front page, and store buttons, and package details all say in big shiny letters "Early access" - which sorta leads people who don't dig much to think that the current available server is just a slightly buggy game. Please, beat people over the head with big, obnoxious, flashing signs that say "TESTING - THIS IS A TEST. DEAR GOD, PLEASE DON'T GO IN EXPECTING A FLUFFY BETA." The people who do not do the digging to see the current state are getting upset (and yes, they should have done more digging. That's on them.) BUT their frustration is spilling over into the rest of the community. Folks feel baited into buying a full game that's just rough around the edges. They are wrong, of course - there really isn't a lot of alluding to that at all. But the wording should be MUCH clearer, because sometimes you have to hold peoples hands and explain things to them with small words and a pandering tone. "Early access" has become synonymous with "eh, we have to work on some more polish but it's basically done" - wrongly so, but that's the state of things. The faithful, patient, and level-headed players don't mind. The loud, upset, and frustrated players do - and their behaviors and opinions are being shaped by this inaccurate assumption. Please let the squeaky, impatient wheel get a little grease, and spoon-feed people a very blatant warning of what the state of things are. The salty folk upset that they don't have the lovably buggy beta they were hoping for are really putting a dark cloud over the community. TL;DR: People are expecting early access to mean somewhat-buggy, and they're throwing fits that they paid for an alpha test. Please roll your eyes painfully hard, take a drink of something strong, and then type out a condescending tagline that says explicitly "We're currently in Alpha. Alpha means glorified proof of concept. Please exercise patience and don't bark angrily about a lack of content."
  8. I'm getting really tired of writing this but It's not even in alpha testing. We're in pre-alpha. We're pre-tech-testing-testing. We're not even in the class-balance point. We're not even in the skill-whittling point. We're in the "HOW DOES HITTING A TREE WORK?!" point, and that's being generous. Please don't compare a fully released, massively funded, landmark game with a behind-the-scenes testing of an indie MMO. The issue here is you "Tried to play" the "game". We're testing. We're not playing. You're testing gameplay. This is not the same as... playing gameplay. This is not yet a game, it's the scaffolding of one.
  9. I would like this embellished, emblazoned on the forums, and stamped onto each page of the store. The team hasn't been subtle in saying that it will be buggy, but I don't think the point is really being driven home. People think it's a buggy beta, not - as you said - a testing environment.
  10. It's uh.. Well, testing. Like, legitimately testing. I personally enjoy testing and bughunting - but I also enjoy tedious work related to software and games. I'm sorry that you don't find it exciting, but in reality it's not supposed to be. The (pre)alpha servers aren't supposed to be an engaging and thrilling game, they're supposed to be a framework for us to poke and prod and find holes in, while getting a peek at what's to come. If you were hoping for a gamey-game-funzies experience, you should wait for the beta at the earliest. They aren't advertising the alpha as being phenomenal, because that's not the purpose it serves. QA/Bugtesting is expensive, and time consuming. Alpha tests like this are a nice way to bridge the gap and get them "free" (save the cost of maintaining the servers) bug testing and stress testing, while letting people who are excited about the game get a peek into the innerworkings and behind-the-scenes. Behind-the-scenes is rarely pretty. Alphas are rarely riveting gameplay. Testing is only fun if you enjoy it.
  11. I personally dislike games that use cash shops for anything other than selling aesthetics or account services (name change / server change / etc) - BUT, in the way this game is aimed towards working, the difference between a fresh, clean-slate, no-training character and a decked out one is rather minimal. The advantage is based far more on skill and race/class combo. I personally am skeeved out by the idea of money being entwined with skill progression, but that's not exactly offering an advantage - it's just speeding along the process. You're essentially paying for convenience and time-saving, which is a pretty common and safe microtransaction system and is not a "game killer". It peeves off freebie players, but freebie players will find reasons to be peeved regardless. I'm not a huge fan, buttt I don't think it is really deserving as much hyperbole and panic as stated. It is not going to "kill" the game. What will kill the game is people over-reacting and polarizing every issue so the community is split. Share your opinion, definitely, but please don't speak in angry absolutes. Absolutes are rather uninviting to productive discussion. These differences of opinion are a spectrum, not a binary option. There is a lot of middle ground between this extremist view of "Give 29.99, become an unstoppable tyrant" and "We don't have a cash shop because profiting as a business is for meanies, and our devs can live just fine off top ramen".
  12. I've only been in the guild for a short while, but everyone is pretty darn dandy- if you're on the fence about applying, take the plunge! <:
  13. Awwh, I like that idea a lot too. A devoted wifey whose prayers are answered and she... gets turned into a sentient ungulate. Romance. Also I don't know how much one should discuss theoretical-video-game-lore-interspecies-nookie before ending up on a watchlist, but it would be pretty interesting to know what would happen if there was some hybrid deerbro/human or deerbro/elf... or deerbro/guinecean. Oh my god, TINY BURROWING ELK.
  14. Modifier keys! Oh, god I never thought I'd get so excited about being able to use my shift key more freely. This feels like it's going to be a huge QOL improvement. yaaaaaaay. :3
  15. So romantic~ Although I don't know how much one would want to go chasing over the sword-wielding variety of deer. Why thankya!
  16. The Elken are described as being men cursed for treading too far into the deepest forests (assuming with malicious intent to hunt) - but what of the women? I propose my convoluted and unnecessarily angsty theory for the cursed damsels, and some fanart to go along with it: ~~ Though there were stories and tales to warn folk of the dangers that lurk in the deepwoods, men would enter led by curiosity and thrill. Naught a one would return. Lives were quickly rendered beneath the claw or maw of massive beasts that lurk within, or at the touch of Gaea should their foolhardiness lead them further onward. But, not all who dare enter do so out of greed or pride. Those who vanish within often left families behind. Wives, children, friends and family would brave the depths to try and find their loved ones. These wayward souls would rarely survive to see the terrible beasts that guarded Gaea's cursed wood, and surely would never make it far enough to trespass upon her ground. However... Dedication, grief, love, and loss are powerful forces. The innocent souls that manage to step into the deepwoods had escaped death, but they would not escape the curse. Their bodies were twisted into beasts, like countless others before them - but Gaea gave them a small mercy. They were allowed to keep shred of their humanity, a shadow of a memory. They do not remember their lives before the curse, but they remember the feeling of loss and despair that drove them to their fate. They do not remember the face of those they lost, but they feel the hollowness and the sweet agony of being helpless to save the ones they love. The heartbroken Elken are not unlike their kin of darker origin. They retain their intelligence, they stay mute and reserved, and they are driven by the passion that brought them to the depths of the wood. But where the transformed hunters are compelled to hunt, they are compelled to protect. Some of the heartbroken Elken spend their lives wandering the fringes of the darker woods that they were reborn within. They try to deter the fools who venture, or save those who are helpless - but often, they are only able to return the bodies to their families. The pangs of loss never wane, and their dedication never falters. ~~ I haven't really done any fanfic-y stuff like this before, so critique is welcome!
  17. C'mon, tell some internet strangers your annual aspirations. Resolutions, goals, or pipedreams - be them game-related, or actual real-lifey shenanigans. I'm personally hoping to either lessen my caffeine addiction, or alternatively find a way to hook up a caffeinated IV to cart around so I can cut out the middleman. What about you? <:
  18. Kee


    Thank you! :3 It's good to be here amongst my fellow Murder...ians. (Murderites? Crowbros? Corvidudes? I give up.)
  19. Kee


    Underhanded! Sneaky! Vile! ... I love it.
  20. Kee


    The game is still in a very early state, but it seems consistently populated with at least several dozen folks on during the really weird late hours. I don't know what it's like during peak, but if it's that steady at 3am I wager it's alright during the more active times. Keep in mind though, again, were not even in beta yet. The progress is going to be rolled back and wiped. You can make this a great hobby but unless you have a passion for testing, this is not going to satiate your want for a singular game to play.
  21. Does this mean Santa delivers to the Eternal Kingdoms?! ... Brb, finding a way to craft a chimney.
  22. Guild criteria: Region: North America Atmosphere: Laid-back, sociable, and supportive. A mix of PvP and non-PvP interested players is a plus. Lore nerds / RPers / cosplayers / crafters / artists are a huuuge plus. (I want guildies that can appreciate a dumb crocheted Guinecean plushie, or a lofty lore theory.) Casual/Hardcore?: Mediumcore? I'm not a flighty carebear, but I am not interested in tyrannical leaders who demand extensive training and mandatory daily activity. Size: Whatever works! So long as there are enough active folks to have someone to talk to most hours of the day, I'm happy. Play-Style: #allthethings . PvP wise I'm a huge fan of GvG/Siege combat, but my true love is in small-group incursions causing trouble for enemies away from the frontlines. PvE wise, crafting seems really interesting in this game - I need to learn more about it before I commit to it, but the idea of building extensive trade and resource lines seems fun. Commitment: I can commit to a few hours every other day or so, maybe a good chunk of time on my days off - but my schedule is bonkers (fulltime student w/ a job, and an occasional need to sleep. send help.) - I'm punctual though. If there's a guild event that falls within my availability, I'll be there with bells on. Miscellaneous: Membership must be 18+, and the members must be okay with really, really bad terrible awful no-good puns. Experience: ~10 years of crippling MMO addictions, most of which being in a PvP atmosphere. I wont name all the games, but the notable loves would be Shadowbane, Vindictus, Perfect World, 2Moons/Dekaron, WoW (much to my chagrin), Wildstar, FFXIV, and ESO. Guild leadership / officer role experience, usually in charge of very exciting guild duties like conflict resolution and website maint. (Sexy, sexy HR responsibilities.) Voice-Chat services: -Discord, ideally. The app makes it pretty easy for me to keep in touch when I'm away from the sanctuary of my computer desk. I can jive with any other voice-chat though. I may wiggle my nose at anyone still utilizing Ventrilo, but I'll use it nevertheless. Aaand Merry Christmas (eve) everyone!
  23. There aren't any ingame right now, but there will be eventually. Or at least, I assume there will be - what with the mount skins you can buy in the game store. ... I wonder if we'll be able to ride the centaurs, too. Hmmmmm. <.<
  24. Kee


    I had already posted in the newbie forums in their big ol' intro sticky, but I had no idea there was an entire sub-forum dedicated to it. So, naturally, I have to double-dip and squeeze the most I can out of this whole nubcake-status. So far this game and community seem excellent, and I'm really excited to get in and try to chip in my paltry testing experience to help edge the game to the finish line. There's just so much potential here, I'm really trying hard not to go into absurd frothing-at-the-mouth-fangirl mode - but hot damn. Soo, if any of you are looking for a buddy to drag along, hit me up! I'm on the hunt for a group/guild/ragtag band of misfits to play with. And an early-ish Merry Christmas to all of ya. :3
  25. I agree it's important for there to be things that let a solo player putz around and not be entirely bored and/or overwhelmed by enemies, but it's definitely more important for there to be a way to get solo player X to find a group of buddies - even if their usual crowd isn't on. A group-finder, or a LFG chat, or something to that measure would probably help bridge that gap. Perhaps the ability to flag yourself as a solo player looking to buddy up so that passers-by can see that you're longing for some company?
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