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  1. A number of assassin powers do not appear to be working correctly timing wise. This was seen when fighting bears, a number of times I would be knocked down yet I had just used Kidney Shot or Dirty Tricks. Both of these skills should have applied CC to the enemy, yet they were not effected and the cooldown timer was displayed on my bar as if the skill went off. It did not appear that the damage from these hits occurred, which should not have set the cooldown timer. This may be an issue with the timing of these related to the recent change regarding when assassin powers hit.
  2. What could have made Crowfall different was the world building. The making a city a home for a guild. That is gone. There is no sense of home that is developed like in Shadowbane or Darkfall. You know what these had that CF doesnt? space. Until we get 100 holdings, this game is going to be a small impact, 1 zerg game on each campaign. Guilds want to be able to build their home, establish their identity. Right now, that is stifled.
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