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  1. lol x2 lol ============================= mine is already on your forum due to individuals ACE pushes the game. Not bad, though. and people just simply asked for a trial version of the game (and I think that the offline version) to start the game to check whether his iron will pull this game.
  2. What's stopping you also allocate all resources have an accounts? or that interferes do the same "guild squad" resource? By the way, in AA we had two staff, one of the West, the second in the East, the total number of our players was just over 3000. Guild squad of just over 40 people cope well with their responsibilities.
  3. Camelot have no PvE content, so Crowfall goes to the second place of my ranking.
  4. I don`t know about you, but for me it is not necessary to stuff the game useless content.
  5. Maybe will be Ranger, if I not look minstrel
  6. well, Russian server will, I hope it will be in Russian language or gibberish?
  7. Yes, of course, right now our Russian bring to the OBT and all the chat will be scored "pendosnya ebanaya" well, or something like that.
  8. Тащите своих русскоговорящих сюды
  9. 20 days for finished campaign...$2,000,000 - Crowfall is F2P and localize in anywhere in the world 13 days for finished campaign...$3,000,000 - ACE,CF, everyone knows these cuts. Young people no longer play games while waiting Crowfall. 7 days for finished campaign...$4,000,000 - DotA 2 and LoL closed. Crowfall added to Steam. 3 days for finished campaign...$5,000,000 - Gordon becomes as famous as Brad Pitt, Vladimir Putin and Mark Zuckerberg. ... after a while ... 24 December 2016 - Start OBT Crowfall. People massively fired from their jobs in the world. Apple closes. Other MM
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