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  1. Hmm... could this be hinting at there being guild-owned EKs (in addition to and separate from player-owned kingdoms), or just referring to the way we currently know it works (with guild EKs just being the EK of the guild leader with other members owning land in it)?
  2. Absolutely agreed... I never played Shadowbane or SWG, but I have experienced an MMO shutdown, and regardless of the game, when all that's left are memories, nothing can fill the void.
  3. Ayakii


    They plan to enable that, but there's a technical reason for why it's not possible right now.
  4. Having communication be limited by in-game elements seems like an interesting idea, but it doesn't take into account the fact that many players/guilds/alliances will be planning to use 3rd-party chat/VoIP software for coordination, which would make those limits ineffective.
  5. The developers are not sure yet what their plans will be for distribution and servers outside of North America, but they have posted information about that: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3299-022715-distributionhosting-outside-of-north-america-for-crowfall/ As for backing the game without going through Kickstarter: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3332-paypal-coming-particularly-for-our-european-customers/
  6. I've also never heard of them until now, but they sound delicious... If I ever come across a place here in the US that sells them (seems that they were sold in Target stores at some time?), I should probably try one someday
  7. Whoa, we're growing fast! Welcome to all the new members
  8. *emerges from the quiet shadows* I know I haven't been very talkative lately, but I've still been around, reading our posts here as well as keeping up with all the Crowfall updates. Though the end of the wild speculation game is near, this is only the beginning for Crowfall and The Lantern Watch... Looking forward to discovering what happens next! (Also, hello and welcome to all the new members )
  9. I've got TERA installed, but I still need to create a character and get in there! Maybe this weekend...
  10. I do - out of the archetypes that have been revealed so far, those two seem to be the most intriguing to me.
  11. That's a local/private IP address (as it starts with 192.168.*.*), and it won't be accessible outside your local network.
  12. Go to the main crowfall.com site and look under Account (when you're logged in). It'll probably show you your beta group number there.
  13. A dev confirmed that it'll probably be premade parts:
  14. Ooh, today's update! I was not expecting that they'd be using a voxel-based world... It'll be exciting to see the kinds of gameplay this enables. Being able to "Blast holes in walls. Collapse towers on your opponent. Dig a tunnel beneath a castle wall, so that you can dig your way up into the courtyard and siege from within."... hehe, very intriguing! This definitely increases my anticipation for Crowfall so much... can't wait to find out what they tell us next!
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