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  1. Harvest basic materials for what? No use for them. Crafting is only at mid- to high tiers interesting when there are different stats involved (finally a reason to collect some stuff to make severall tries). To get to this point you not only need to passive level your crafting skills, but you gathering skills too or you wont ever get a single drop to even start experimenting with crafting. Which POIs? know every corner of the map. No need to grind for Vessel levelup... got to 30 within a day. I´m stuck nowhere, got 100% on two entire trees for classes, 100% on 2 different weapons, exploration and 2 subtrees 100%, same for crafting. The point of this thread is not being bad oder too stupid to figure things.... the point is, that i just did nothing and still benefit from it, but on the other hand people that join severall month later will never have a chance to catch up. How should they make money at all, they don´t even get much dust (that all the crafters need), they have to skill to more advanced stuff in exploration and into runemaking since they don´t have money to buy some good gathering tools yet. They can only gather a tiny amount of basic materials, that no one needs at all or veterans can gather within a short amount of time with a lot of other stuff they drop too. The entire system is flawed and needs a lot of adjustments and some alternatives to gain skillpoints for new players.... just take off your rose-coloured glasses. @the guy who said the devs only want to develop "their" game.... sorry to disappoint you, but the main reason to develop a game is to make money in the end and if you only cater to 100 players total instead of severall thousands, then it wont work and the game has to be shutdown realy fast (happened a lot in the past 2 years where it started the exact same way... and allways some diehard fans defended them and their vision, that usually got influenced by that minority into the wrong direction)
  2. Since the passive Skilling got introduced i only played some hours the first days to realize i couldn´t do much at all without skilling to a specific point in the skilltrees. After 1-2 Weeks logging in daily for 2 minutes just to spent the overtime i collected, i tried to play again and just realized i have to even spent more time doing this daily login stuff without even playing once. In total i now logged in daily for severall weeks just to spent the overtime and i never actually played the game during that time since i don´t see a single reason to do it because i wouldn´t make any progress at all. The only way to make progress is to not play the game?! We don´t even have a faster timer while you´re playing or faster skillgain on things you do, like woodcutting to make progress in woodcutting, crafting bows to make progress in woodworking. I know where they´re comming from with their idea, but it will seperate the old players from newer ones even more... the later they join the worse they´re behind without a single chance to compensate it like grinding a little more on a specific task or making money with materials to buy their equip (they can´t since they need to skill it first to even get the stuff the crafters realy need). Passive skillgaining works in EVE:Online, but i don´t think it´ll work here. And i don´t accept the comment from some diehard fans like "it´s a niche game"... well, if you you want to keep playing your niche game, you need atleast a reasonable amount of audience to keep the servers running and devs getting their dishes on their table so they can keep developing instead of getting severall other jobs (they need to make money... gameproduction isn´t cheap nor free). This game needs a mixup of passive and active skillgaining to please everyone. With the current system (and even a slower timer) i see no point to play this game for atleast a month where you level up some skills for atleast one single task.
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