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  1. What he means is a small screen will be filled up while a large screen won’t even use one full line. 3 inch screen will have the same text size as a 30 inch screen.... fill up a line will be a difference of 25+ inches (the whole diagonal thing). Even if you said.... XXX characters.... on a phone that could be a page and a half while on a desktop it’s half a line.
  2. I do have to say I get 5-10 dust per slag/stone.... I don’t go farm dust much though as I don’t see it as an item I’m deficient in yet...
  3. I’m not disinclined to make discs a skinning biproduct... by the time we see all this, we will also hopefully see the doober loot owner changes too...... crossing fingers... be interesting to see if they make it where only the killer can skin the mob as they roll out boss/motherloads like mobs.
  4. Like I had said, it’s probably an agreed to disagree topic. There’s a lot going on with all this. We never even talked about XP..... albeit, not skinning, but it’s a biproduct. So for the original post, I’ll step away from this as srathors focusing on the actual leathers I think.
  5. Yeah, it kinda would be nice, but I see more value in not giving everything to everybody. It drives economic exchange etc etc. Maybe it’s easier to do it in numbers...example: skinning has 4 items in its loot table. Mining has 3 items(4 from motherloads, 3 from slag). Considering you can’t do one solo.... we can make an argument mining actually gets less than skinning and we could be asking for items from skinning added to the loot table.
  6. I like where you are going with that. I wonder if that’s the intent behind cutting grit. We know how much end game players love mining slag...
  7. I hear ya, and yes, dust is a component....but bloods also a component, and bones also a component, and shards are also a component.... so, skinning contributes to blacksmithing (handles and shards, 2 separate aspects ), alchemy, jewelcraft, leatherworking(main component btw) are bones used in necromancy? .... I think we can say skinning is right up there with the others, and isn’t any less involved. The part about it all is we desire what we don’t have. I sure as hell “desire” for hunger shards to fly out of rocks and ore.. but it doesn’t.. so I trade what I do have for them...
  8. Definitely agree with srathor on amounts/quality difference between cats and boars. As far as dust going back to a drop table...dont think its a a necessary change.... it’s a pitfall of choices have consequences type deal. Economy will evolve and worms will be sold/traded for dust and vice versa. If it’s an agree to disagree... I follow up with.... WTB blood worms, blood, and bones from mining/quarry...... and I didn’t ask for shards cuz that’s comparable to gems and minerals specific to the skill/trade/resource. Maybe I could ask for blacksmith skills cuz I chose jewe
  9. Looking to see what the differences there were in the bow types. I don’t plan to play a ranger, but as a crafter I’d like to know what to advise friends to equip. I see the requirements but looking to see if they have different attributes and things like that. Like does one have more range while other has faster rate of fire, things like that. thanks in advance
  10. Off topic probably: Mmmm..... how much durability does villein save you? Knowing this % could determine what actually saves you more durability. Doing 200-300% (with crit) damage could save you just as much durability as villein... I use survivalist on mining and quarry as well. It’s a 2 fold solution for me... saves weapon durability and speeds up my farm process, and for skinning/logging I get bonus mats... my personal opinion is that survivalist > villein once you consider both.
  11. Little humor, duelists and what we can do, or think we can do! WTB some procs from pistols. A blead or some form of a dot would be swell.... think pistols is one of the few weapons out there that doesn’t have an option for a bleed or a dot of some sort. I could see a burn being a viable option as pepperbox or salt peter sound possible, adding it to our buff could work too.
  12. Great info! Did you notice scaling differences depending on class/race? Or scaling differences on that final combine based off the first point selection? I’m seeing this like how resists work. Raising 30% of 10 will give you a lot better return than 30% of 1.
  13. SCIENCE! the algebra on this one should be interesting once we start to see scaling in vessel quality.
  14. I have played around with hunger shards just enough to know I need more info/help.... that being said... my understanding is that shards don’t necessarily “add” stats, they replace a stat with the one one the shard... or how it seemed to appear when I made a few things.... am I off on this? if that’s accurate, is it a sheen that’s replaced? Or can somebody please provide guidance on the finer details of how it plays out in the crafting process? thanks in advance your friendly ankle bitting guine.
  15. WTB fourth stat / conformity on this one as well.
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