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  1. Good to see this thread still alive. Hello to FoE as well. Guess I'll post another SWG Bria moment. This time...cloner camping during a player guild war.
  2. I could name one the systems like others, but I feel it is more fitting to say this, as the best feature of Star Wars Galaxies was the fact the players drove mostly everything that occured. Each of the systems worked in harmoney, albeit dsyfunctional at times due to the nature that was SWG. Every aspect the game connected to one another. Everyone from the hardcore PvPer to a casual dancer in the cantina were connected and interacted in some way.
  3. Operation Ring Around the Carebear
  4. I feel the need to start this. I demand the drama of Bria. I demand it! I know some you jerkfaces are around here and will eventually be around here. Anywho, I guess we better start out with who we are. I am Stevo/Sylkie/PEAR and was apart of ATO during SWG.
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