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  1. The button is un-clickable. In the previous screenshot it even shows it as being Grey Out. Non-interactable Picture showing greyed out. The unlock/lock works, but I cannot target the top of the window so I cant drag it down. (Maybe allow us to drag windows by clicking anywhere on them when they are in the unlocked state)
  2. I'm trying to loot a chest, (The mill i think?) but I cant see the top of the chest's contents Playing in 1920x1240 resolution. Any ideas?
  3. Hunger Bug My hunger bar reached 1/2 of 1 bar remaining. My char was knocked out. I began eating apples to refill my hunger bar, however the hunger bar is stuck at 3 &1/2 and is will not gain any more. Eating more apples, consumes the apples but doesnt fill my hunger bar. Relogging doesnt fix this. My character is permanently stuck at 3 & 1/2 hunger bars. This was all in my EK
  4. While starting up my EK the Enter world button doesnt resfresh. When clicking the Button "START UP KINGDOM", text appears under it saying "WAKING" but the button sometimes doesnt Refresh to "ENTER WORLD". You can Either click Kingdoms or go to favorites and it will repopulate the button. (After its finished waking)
  5. Is nothing available now?
  6. Gamescom Stream Q&A Summary #1 (23.08.)

    Thank you for this.
  7. How accurate is this? Correct me please. FF is limited to, anyone in your current "party" will not be affected by your Damage skills if you were to target them, and anyone outside of that is considered "enemy" even if in the same guild,/clan? (Obviously rules will depend on the CW you're playing in at release, but presently?) I have not partied with anyone since the forced PvP groups test a year or so ago. Thanks
  8. Yes. As others have mentioned, the skill training (both amount of skills and real world hours) required to be proficient in ONE type of resource is obscene. The current gathering process to obtain those resources (doobers) directly impacts the fun level of the overall game, which is presently very low.
  9. Can we add a Toggle on a Single Launcher that we can CHOOSE which server we want to log into? Thank you
  10. High ping questions

    Thanks for the advice. Testing on US West, when available, delay issue still occurs. I'm jealous of your NZ friend as ~130ms is still high, but managable. Can you ask him if his gathering is delayed at all, of if he's just accustomed to the 100+ ping after a lifetime of gaming in that enviornment.
  11. Hello, Just an open ended question on the state of ping and its involvement in the game. I've moved to Australia from US-Midwest and have on avg 180-230ping to the test servers (US/US-E). Having played in both low and high ping the gameplay has changed DRASTICALLY. The game is largely unplayable due to HIGH delay on everything, crafting/harvesting/skill usage/etc. Its a game of patience now I'm attributing the delay to a number of factors which I'm hoping ArtCraft can clear up for me; 1) (I'm assuming) The game is sending large amounts of debug info in its packets causing the extreme delays 1.1) This delay is most noticeable when harvesting a node. While playing in US, you can 'time' the final swing of a node and pre-start (<0.5ms) moving your character away from it just before the final hit takes place to begin gathering the items it drops. When playing on 180ms+ you have to wait (+/- 1.5s) AFTER the final swing before movement can begin, I'm assuming the packet to be RETURNED from the servers with a confirmation of hit, thus depleting the node. This delay occurs after every hit while harvesting a node, meaning while harvesting with a low ping the time to deplete an entire node is drastically reduced compared to a high ping, which requires the extra 'confirmation' to be returned. Will harvesting be 'smoother' with a higher ping come later stages of development? I would like to add that the delay has only increased with the TEST client compared to previous testing I've done on the other clients (Pre patch v5) 2) Hit registration is all over the place 2.1) When firing a shot in an FPS game you have to 'lead' the shot and account for the ping difference after 80+ ping, leading more when reaching the upper area of 200+ ping, after 300, its generally unplayable. In Crowfall, the 'leading' is not always accurate as you can shoot the same shot twice at the same place with the target moving at the same pace and it might be a hit or a miss. 3) Will there be a 'ping limit' once the game is released thus limiting players to their regions or will it be open? (I think it was mentioned that it will be open to any server but I cant seem to find that quote) 4) What is the current trend or pattern of testing different server locations as everytime I log into the client you hardly ever see Sing/Aus/Japan/etc. Can we update the playtest-schedule/ to reflect server locations? Or is it just willy nilly since uploading the new patchs to far places takes forever, which I understand. Thanks everyone and have a great day!
  12. What does that even mean? Gathering/harvesting are the engines that drive crafting. To be a harvester/gatherer and/or crafter does not need to be a one to one relatsionship, so you yourself do not need to be a crafter. However providing harvesting options across the board to the player, on some scale, can provide fuel to the crafter, weather that be your own or an external source. Limiting harvesting to a specific character is rather dull as that toon will be an automated robot sitting in EKs all day as they will be unable to defend themselves in a campaign. Not to mention harvesting is technically the first thing everyone will be doing come release/wipe as they need to craft their basic gear sets. (Unless of course the player choses to gather chests [not Sure if fixed, haven't played in forever].) Now why limit that ability as the game progresses endgame, sure maybe add a few pips/skills for top end gathering but leave that option open, as I mentioned in my previous post.
  13. Maybe give everyone harvesting but make the top tier nodes a skill you need to train. (Fighting,/main chars will get it but at a different point in time) If, for example, there are rare nodes that spawn in the campaigns they retroactively create fighting points "hotspots" that the winners can then claim. But I don't see any winners if the crafters trying to secure those locations have 0 fight skills as they will be of course dumping their pips/skillpoints into craft skills and not fighting skills. They won't be able to contest those points, and the winner with the figjing points won't be able to use said nodes because their not crafters /haven't trained for harvesting. On that note, it promotes more alt accounts then because you need to fight for said point on your "main" and drag along your pack mule to vacuum up the nodes afterward, pending they don't die in the fray. Just going on theory here, as UO iirc everyone could harvest, but the success chance was lower with 0 skill. But again, UO rare ores spawned in specific points and you would have your alt hidden while your fighter cleared out the area for that rare ore spawn. Extra levels of tedium. There were a few "mage miners" who could do the same but you always lacked Spell Resist or something important, hence why you needed a true PvP char.
  14. If I pledge to kick starter now, do I get all previous backer rewards? Or did I have to be pledged when we passed those atretch goals? As in; I'll get a free month of VIP/statue if I pledge for backer status I'll get a mount figurine/1month/statue if I pledge 100+ more? Thanks all