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  1. https://www.crowfall.com/en/playtest-schedule/
  2. How accurate is this? Correct me please. FF is limited to, anyone in your current "party" will not be affected by your Damage skills if you were to target them, and anyone outside of that is considered "enemy" even if in the same guild,/clan? (Obviously rules will depend on the CW you're playing in at release, but presently?) I have not partied with anyone since the forced PvP groups test a year or so ago. Thanks
  3. Yes. As others have mentioned, the skill training (both amount of skills and real world hours) required to be proficient in ONE type of resource is obscene. The current gathering process to obtain those resources (doobers) directly impacts the fun level of the overall game, which is presently very low.
  4. Hi, Please host an Oceanic/SEA server to test on Regards, CB
  5. Relogging and switching characters is now wiping items, intended?
  6. Please add an AutoRun hotkey. Allow us to use the crafting/inventory/etc screens while moving/autorunning. Presently when you have ANY screen open and you move, it auto-closes them. I want to be able to multi task (read new recipes etc) while I'm moving from Node to Node. Thank you!
  7. Please add an AutoRun hotkey. Allow us to use the crafting/inventory/etc screens while moving/autorunning
  8. If I pledge to kick starter now, do I get all previous backer rewards? Or did I have to be pledged when we passed those atretch goals? As in; I'll get a free month of VIP/statue if I pledge for backer status I'll get a mount figurine/1month/statue if I pledge 100+ more? Thanks all
  9. What is wrong with FPS aiming? Why are Dev's so afraid of it? Why does Twitch = bad?
  10. FPS aiming or bust. Sorry but I'm putting on my haterade pants right now. A few things: Animation locks kill gameplay. Sure you have to time things, but it makes the gameplay feel cheesy and as if its 'playing itself' I cannot believe the FAQ says "we have to make sure the game doesn’t get too “twitchy” (i.e. require lightning fast reflexes or too much button-mashing)." >>What are we trying to create here? Watching the KS video, I understand Gordon might be getting a little bit older and wants to play his brain-child game too but seriously come'on. What is wrong with
  11. Excuse me but is this the same L-C from sinister? L-C you're bad and should feel bad
  12. SSDs are the bees knees Everyone should own one and run their Operating system from it
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