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  1. I'm against flying, though I think ArcheAge did a pretty good job with gliding. It certainly made exploration a lot of fun. If you got hit whilst gliding in pvp you would dismount and take fall damage too.
  2. City of heroes, best community I've ever had the pleasure of being apart of. Edit: This may have been better in off-topic
  3. Most likely there will be one king for each world/realm I'd have thought, looking from that fealty chart at least.
  4. If what I understand is correct, each world will be hosted on its own server. In an ideal scenario, all of the worlds would be on one server, but the technology isn't there yet. This doesn't mean that the worlds are instanced in the traditional sense, sure there may be a loading screen between worlds but we can still see everyone/interact with them. EVE has a similar system, instead of worlds EVE has solar systems. Generally the most busy systems have to be on their own server due to the amount of calculations being processed, this means when you jump from one system to a neighbouring system you are swapping servers (in most cases). Now this used to incur a loading screen for obvious reasons, but the architecture EVE was built on is 10 years old now. Even they have managed to remove the loading screen or mask it I should say to keep the universe feeling connected. In terms of art assets, in EVE all you really had to load was the immediate surroundings, other players, occasional jump gate/station. Crowfall on the other hand is going to have to load in a LOT more when you jump between worlds, so I'd still expect loading screens. But it will still be one universe, regardless.
  5. Might not be fun but it solves your problem. No matter what happens, information will be leaked or data-mined regardless. You can't stop people sharing knowledge for either monetary gain or otherwise.
  6. Sort of sounds like the awards kids get at school for "taking part". No... if you want to be rewarded you will just have to try harder next time!
  7. I believe it's unconfirmed at this point in time. Though I'm sure if the amount of players using a mac justifies the development cost of porting it, then yeah why not. Though I doubt that will be the case.
  8. I think auction houses are boring if I'm honest. What you describe sounds awesome, having never played UO I assume that owning a house like that would be end-game material for the best merchants. Personally I'd like to see player stalls, getting the chance to walk around and see the best deals on a day-by-day basis, get to know who is selling what etc It would be a good way of broadcasting what you have for sale and you never know it might just catch the eye of someone passing by.
  9. I was thinking in regards to selling items, be it crafted gear or things you've looted from other players. Do you want a more traditional auction house where you can list what you want to sell with an auctioneer? Or would you prefer a more market place feel where you can set up a stall and advertise your goods publicly to passers by? Maybe the player could be the one behind the stall, or proficient crafters/traders etc can hire an npc to stand there for them even when offline would be awesome. or something completely different? What would you like to see?
  10. I wonder if character/guild names will be unique as Todd said the way the worlds/server will work will be more like EVE. Also in regards to character names what do you guys think of first names and (optional) last names to help with the inevitable "sorry that name is already in use" problem that will eventually occur.
  11. Woo! Thanks for clearing up, that's what I had gathered from the illustration as well. It's just what I read after that that confused me "We still have distinct servers" because EVE doesn't in that sense.
  12. I don't play a full loot game, my only experience is EVE. If you get killed in EVE some of your gear is blown up, some remains to be looted. I mean you still end up losing everything you had if you die, (unless of course you go back and scavenge what was left) just the person who killed you isn't guaranteed everything you had. Which is a good system, speaking from experience.
  13. Alright haha I think I've made this more complicated than intended. All I want to know is will it be like WoW or will it be like EVE. What you've just said leads me to think it will be more like WoW as you don't pick a server in EVE, everyone is part of the same persistent world.
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